1. Alex

    DS106-Phake Tweets


    @SteveJobs comments:   “Why join the Navy when you can become a pirate?”

    twister link                        @LayzLay24 comments: Why graduate college, when you can become rich without a degree?   @MuhammadAli comments:   “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” Twister link                          @LayzLay24 comments: Why float like a butterfly, when you can sting…
  2. Alex

    DS106-Phake Tweets


    @SteveJobs comments:   “Why join the Navy when you can become a pirate?”

    twister link                        @LayzLay24 comments: Why graduate college, when you can become rich without a degree?   @MuhammadAli comments:   “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” Twister link                          @LayzLay24 comments: Why float like a butterfly, when you can sting…
  3. Ren Isozaki

    Vice online


    I would like to write about Vice online as a extra investigation.

    I am going to focus on the Internet bullying and addiction, and my experience.
    This is the article which directly connected with both bullying and addiction.

    According to the article, in Japan, 96% of high school students have …

  4. Novotny

    Privacy Arms Race


    Google, Twitter and Facebook are mining our data. Our data is taken and sold to advertising companies who then can create highly specialized advertisements based on our personal interests as suggested by the contents of your online accounts. This information can range from email addresses in your gmail account …

  5. hung

    Propaganda- Extream Prespectives on 2012 Kony


    The video which has been discussed intensely now is viewed more than 79,277,982 times on YouTube. The video is about the military use of children in Africa. The warlord, Joseph Knoy, kidnaps a large number of children, and forces boys to fight against his enemies and girls to be sex …

  6. Clio

    Extraordinary Picture!


    Hello! This is my 4th Ds106 assignment for this section. I decided to finish this section off with a visual assignment because it is my favorite category! The directions read…
    Take a friend and turn him/her from a normal looking person to an extraordinary looking. Put the shots side by …

  7. Ren Isozaki

    Google Maps Story


    This is the assignment taken from Web assignment.

    Instruction says: “Use Google Maps to tell a story! It can be the story of a trip you took, a trip you would like to take, a strange occurrence, a war, anything you like! The only rules are that you have to …

  8. Ren Isozaki

    Splash The Color


    I decided to do “Splash The Color” from Visual Assignment.

    Instruction says: “Color splash is a technique to emphasize details- you remove all color from a photo, and then restore original color to a single object, e.g. a green apple on a table. Think of the Girl in …

  9. Clio

    Movie in a Picture


    For this section I decided to do a Fanfic Assignment because it was new to me. I chose this assignment because other students in my class did this as well and thought it would be a great chance for me to use GIMP.

    The Directions read:

    Take the name or …

  10. Ren Isozaki

    CopyRight and Wrong


    March 14, I have done with short presentation about CopyRight and the Internet.
    I made a power point based on This web page.

    The important points of my presentation are what is copyright and how it is violated.

    one thing I wondered is the first copyright law showed up in …

  11. Danae

    Actually, why CAN’T I copy money?


    Amidst all of the controversy over copyright and censorship, I think it’s important to look at the arguments FOR copyright–for example breaking down this argument for SOPA/PIPA:

    …99% of the world does not have the time, the inclination, or the technological capacity to counterfeit money. By creating those techniques, …

  12. Takuji Kobayashi

    Copyright and Wrong



    What is the Copyright ?

    England created in 1709 It is a some form of intellectual property law. It is a way of protecting intellectual creations. ?©?is a symbol mark of copyright.

    The symbol protect the tangible form, such as a book, piece of recorded music, computer program, screenplay, …

  13. Clio

    Guess The Songs!


    Hey I thought doing an assignment from the audio section would be fun for me because I love music. I decided to do the assignment called A Contest Nobody Could Win by procsilas. The instructions read…Take six very short fragments (less than one second each) from six different songs and …

  14. Novotny

    Sprawl City


    I like this image. It’s suggesting that if you take suburban sprawl into account, then US cities are more massive than is popularly believed. I think it’s really cool. I like the idea of a gigantic mega city spanning from Boston to Atlanta. The setting in the Gibson book Neuromancer …

  15. Ren Isozaki

    Think about new Google privacy and policy


    From March 1, Google has been staring a new privacy and policy.
    This is a bit complicating for me to understand every single theory of new privacy and policy.
    I guess all people who have gmail account have received e-mail from Google service before a new Google privacy and policy …

  16. Eri Funahashi

    Internet addiction: Why you need to disconnect


    Do you ever feel like your
    online life is more real than your offline life? If your answer is YES, you might be addicted to Internet.

    Some SNS sites emphasize that connection with others is very important. For example, Facebook’s social mission is “to make the world more open and …

  17. Novotny

    Old Kansai


    Caption – “Ronin mercenaries track down known cattle russler T. Wright Hickens. He was arrested  on charges of kidnapping, extortion, russlin cattle and uncivilized barbarism.”

    This is the Culture Clash assignment where you show how two cultures would mix. I thought it would be funny to do a picture with …

  18. Clio

    Cooking with Clio!


    Hi guys! This is my first DS106 assignment for the 3rd section. This time I looked through the video section and came across an assignment  called the Cooking Show by Jaymie. Although I can’t really cook, I thought it would be a lot of fun making a cooking show so …

  19. Danae

    Design your Dream


    The assignment I chose to do today prompts us to–

    Take a recent dream or nightmare you’ve had and make a visual representation of it for others to see.

    This is actually not based on my dream, but one that a friend had about me.

    The process was time-consuming, but …

  20. Takuji Kobayashi

    DS106 A Sunset


    I chose the ds106 assignment, A Sunset. It says “Take a picture of a beautiful sunset. Nothing fancy, just a nice picture “.

     I took the photo around 5:00 pm. And when I play the futsal with my friend at park, I saw the such a beutifu landscape, and …

  21. Takuji Kobayashi

    Support the Northeast Japan…


    Last year, we had huge earthquake, and it influenced hude impact on northeast Japan. They got “Tsunami” which destroyed evrything. Even though we will pass one year almost, in the actual place, there are still a raw wound. Nowadays, many company and government start to support the northeast to revive. …

  22. Takuji Kobayashi

    Computer Virus


    Today’s class, we had the small presentation which discuss about computer virus. And most of students explain about what the virus is and how it influences on computer. They said the virus has negative influenses such as stealing the password and various code, and the virus spread out those of …