1. B Short

    Storytelling 101: The end of the animal


    The rest of Jonathan Gottschall’s book The Storytelling Animal is concerned with providing evidence for the argument that he started in the beginning of the book—that all storytelling emanates from our need to practice problem-solving, and that this relationship to imaginative—and imagined—conflict is what separates us from the rest of …

  2. B Short

    Week in Review Feb. 10-14


    from newpublicaffairs.com?

    This was the first week of my ongoing, poorly-defined “Storytelling 101” project, where I try to break down what storytelling is so that I can highlight—hopefully?—the connections between the history of storytelling and storytelling technology and the explosion of digital story-making tools available to the citizen storyteller.

    This …

  3. B Short

    Storytelling 101: Non-stop Story People [video]


    Again, going from 50+ Ways to Tell a Story master list, I chose Animoto to make my second video on storytelling issues, mostly stuff inspired by re-reading Jonathan Gottschall’s The Storytelling Animal.

    This is something that I think about a lot, especially working as a writer and social media whatever-the-word-is-for-people-who-do-social-media …

  4. B Short

    Storytelling 101: Story IS the tech [audio slideshow]


    I was reading J. Gottschall’s The Storytelling Animal (like I’m doing all week), and I got to thinking about what the definition of story is. And it’s basically impossible to define. Gottschall doesn’t spend much time defining except by giving examples, but there are problems, I think, with comparing movies …

  5. B Short

    Storytelling 101: A Survey of the Literature 1.1.1


    In The Storytelling Animal, Jonathan Gottschall’s argument seems to be something like “Stories are powerful, complicated stories are uniquely human, and there are all kinds of reasons for why that might be.”

    We read a portion of the book for the Digital Storytelling class I taught at U-M’s Residential …

  6. B Short

    Storytelling 101: In the Beginning


    I’ve been thinking a lot about stories and storytelling, what stories are, why we like them. I’m not sure there’s a good definition out there, honestly. Narrative Theory—note the capital letters—seems interested in the effects that stories have on us and how we construct them, but that method of defining …

  7. B Short

    August is the time to gif!!!!



    Okay, so I just barely got this one out. Better late than never, though, I suppose.

    So, first I took the phrase “August is the best time to” and typed it into Google, then did a screenshot of every answer option screen I got up until “J,” which was …

  8. B Short



    So I had all kinds of thoughts about how I should break the news to you.

    The news, the news you’ve all been waiting for, is the I–Brian Short–aka The Bagman–is, in fact, Talky Tina, the banner-awarding doll from H-E-double hockey sticks who has been terrorizing DS106zoners from before the …

  9. kmof1992

    We Check Out the iOS 7 Beta for the iPhone


    A new vlog is up! Last week we were horrible, horrible people and didn’t get around to uploading a new vlog, but this week’s is up and it’s about iOS 7! I’ll admit it, I’m an Apple Fanboy. I tune in to all of the conferences Apple has had over …

  10. B Short

    To Serve Learners teaser trailer


    Don’t worry, you’ll be delicious

    Sorry, everybody, I just couldn’t resist.

    After Cogdog sent out an advanced preview of the first bit of “To Serve Learners,” the satirical radio play for Ds106zone’s audio week, I went ahead and grabbed a few scenes from the original episode that the play is …

  11. B Short

    When your eyes are bigger than your stomach, face


    I made this, so shut up

    This is a more personal post, a little serious. Caveat emptor you muppets.

    Earlier this summer (anything after the semester finishes is summer) I did a slew of blog posts that had no writing or very little writing in them. They consisted almost entirely …

  12. B Short

    “That moonglow gave me you”


    “That moonglow gave me you…”

    Man, this was fun to make.

    First I grabbed the audio from the Twilight Zone episode “It’s a Good Life,” just the last 8 minutes or so.

    Then, I grabbed a couple of my favorite quotes to move around.

    Then, I went onto Soundcloud, looking …

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