1. prisamack

    Potential for photo essay


    I live this picture that I took of my two friends after a spring ski trip. It was only the three of us and I wanted to take a picture I them being themselves. Even though I was behind the camera you can still see me in one of their …

  2. bridghi

    Possible first photo for Photo Essay

    This is a photo I am considering using for my Photo Essay. It was taken over Spring Break (if only it were actually that beautiful outside), and it captures something about my grandparents that I can’t really explain. I’ve decided I am going to make all photos in the essay…
  3. thirstytony

    Picture for Photo Essay (maybe?)


    I am considering adding this picture to my final photo essay. I just think the moment that is captured in it (this was in NYC last weekend) is very powerful. You see a street artist posing for an old man who kept taking pictures. Of course, this is done with …

  4. thirstytony



    These are three photographs of my own creation with wildly different compositions and styles but with similar rhetorical purposes. I tried to show natural and unnatural patterns that occur in different places around us.

  5. pborisov

    Weekly Update: Photography

    How did the week go?

    An example animation typical of a single panel of Homestuck. The style is simple and repetitive, and used to emphasize comic effect.

    Pretty well. Despite some technical issues, I tried some news things and cranked out some content. But first, the bad part. I had …

  6. courtneejay0128

    Sundae Summary


    CC Flickr Krissy

    So basically after this week I think I’m a photographer! Can I have that? Probably not! But any who, this week in photography was very fun!

    In class we worked on our class project and apparently I creeped Brian out before I “minimalized” his actual beard.

    Outside …

  7. denardr0016

    Weekly Summary


    I was absent this week but I was told that I was assigned to the Minimalist Poster group for the class project. I was able to do the Daily Shoot assignment and it was very cool. I found myself looking at things with a photographic eye. 

  8. hfaley

    Weekly Summary


    My photos for the week are here. I went back and forth between Ann Arbor and my parents’ home this week, so I wasn’t able to use photoshop or even a computer for a lot of my time here, which made it challenging to come up with a good …

  9. hfaley

    “Take a photo that communicates a universal theme; name…


    “Take a photo that communicates a universal theme; name the picture with that theme.”

    This is a photo of property that my parents own in Manchester, and to me the barren landscape and silence that surrounds it just puts the word “oblivion” into my head – after the horizon, is …

  10. hfaley

    1. Take a photo with strong contrasts—technical (lighting,…


    1. Take a photo with strong contrasts—technical (lighting, coloring), physical (size, distance), conceptual (new and old, present and past).

    2. Take a portrait. Meet my father.

    3. Take a self-portrait (I cheated with this one and had my roommate use her nice camera last week).

    4. An extreme close-up of …

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