1. pborisov



    Taken for the “universal themes” assignment of a digital storytelling class at the U of M.

  2. tpcm

    daily s h o o t : selfie


    Took this picture with my Polaroid, and then took a picture of that since I don’t have a scanner. It’s a little (completely) blown out but I kinda love it

  3. bridghi

    Response to Masters of Photography

    CC flickr J. Scott 2

    My first reaction: woah, Diane’s daughter, nice hair. I realize that was the style in 1972, but I couldn’t help but laugh just a little. Once I got past that, I thought it interesting that this was a video, about photography, put together from visuals …

UMich RCCORE 334

The Spring 2013 class the University of Michigan Residential College taught by Brian Short..

RCCORE 334: Digital Storytelling examines, interrogates, and explores the current digital landscape by reading the work of great digital and analogue thinkers and by using freely accessible technology to make art. more information....

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