1. kmof1992

    Weekly Summary: Digital Storytelling


    This week in class we started working on our final in-class projects. I’m working on a documentary video that follows the rest of the class as they work on their own in-class final projects. It’s going pretty well, I’ve got some good footage.

    Outside of class, I did the seven …

  2. kmof1992

    Response to "Masters of Photography" documentary


    Holy crazy hair Batman.

    I really enjoyed looking at all the photographs in this documentary, most of them pictures of people, while hearing quotes from Diane Arbus, as well as hearing other people talk about her who knew her.

    One thing in particular that stood out was Marvin Israel talking …

  3. ajaweston

    Response to "Masters of Photography: Diane Arbus"

    Photograph of Diane Arbus, CC Allan Arbus/The Estate of Diane Arbus, LLC

    Although I was overall not very impressed with this video about Diane Arbus, I think there are a few interesting points worth talking about:

    According to the video, technique comes from choices deep down inside, and a lot…
  4. bsosnik

    Weekly Summary


    CC Paul Reynolds

    This week has been an interesting and fun week of photography.  Taking pictures and analyzing photos and images has been thought provoking and brought out some more of my creative side.  I’ve always enjoying picture taking and trying to capture the right moments, saving the emotion and …

UMich RCCORE 334

The Spring 2013 class the University of Michigan Residential College taught by Brian Short..

RCCORE 334: Digital Storytelling examines, interrogates, and explores the current digital landscape by reading the work of great digital and analogue thinkers and by using freely accessible technology to make art. more information....

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