1. prisamack

    Response- “Masters of Photography:Diane Arbus”


    Diane Arbus and “The Boy with a Toy Grenade in Central Park”

    Diane Arbus’ method of photography was very interesting to learn about. Her photographs are all in black and white and all of people. I liked how the film used narration of Diane’s actual words over her photographs.

    For …

  2. B Short

    Dovima with Elephants, Richard Avedon, 1955


    Dovima with Elephants, Richard Avedon, 1955

    Again, directional elements abound, the curves of the elephants heads, bodies, and legs; the seemingly elongated limbs of the model; the white sash (is that a sash?) and belt of the Dior dress. Also, the way that the elephant’s trunk seems to be an …

  3. thirstytony

    Minimalist Poster (Final Project)


    I decided to replicate an iconic moment of this class as part of my final project! Brian imitating Anchorman, trying out the tongue twister and all! I even replicated his glasses using a screen shot of one of his videos and paint!
    Here is the video that shows the moment

  4. B Short

    Highboard, Peter Keetman, 1957


    Highboard, Peter Keetman, 1957

    This is the photo that I can’t stop looking at today.

    There are all kinds of great directional elements–the tumult of pipes and gazes, the spear of negative space over the diver’s head.

    What’s the diver diving into?

    What’s the lifeguard (is that what he is?) …

  5. arianaln

    Response To “Masters Of Photography”


    cc Luis Mateo Doblado

    First off, the lady speaking at the beginning’s afro really distracted me from listening to what she was actually saying. So did her glasses because they took up half of her face. Some of the cinematography was awkward and strange, like the random shot of her …

  6. hfaley

    Candid Camera


    This article interested me with its talk of candid photos, so yesterday I decided to see if I could capture a candid camera moment. It’s not easy! I took a lot of photos before capturing this one, which neither guy thought I was taking, since I used my phone. I …

  7. eitantal



    After exploring Cambridge in Colour I decided I wanted to try a panorama photo.  Digital photo stitching allows for the photographer to take a wider angle view than the lens would normally allow.  To do this I downloaded the Photosynth app by Microsoft. The app was very easy to use and …

  8. bridghi

    What is a portrait?


    The next aspect of photography I chose to learn more about is portraits. That’s because to be honest I have no idea what makes a photo a portrait, or what photographs would qualify as portraits. Or if it even matters.

    A portrait I snapped of my grandfather last summer. It…
  9. tpcm

    windows & doors & doors & windows


    For this “new thing to create or explore” through photography, I had to look up some interesting photography project ideas. A lot of them were what you might expect – 365 projects, working with black and white, etc., but I liked the ideas that had you work on a project …

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