1. mis-tery

    Isabella’s Story

    by Rudy Abate

    For my final project I want my subject focus to be on a hopeless romantic girl named Isabella, who loves cliché chick flick movies sooo much that she hopes and dreams to live in one. Therefore, I want to get all my favorite love stories and give …

  2. Anapaula Ojeda

    The end is here :(


    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  The moment we’ve all been dreading is here.  This is the last summary blog post as a ds106 student, and as a UMW student.  This summary is the last thing I have to turn in before I’m officially done – if i never turn it in does it mean …

  3. estotz

    Archer Meets Spock


    The gang finally gets up into space. Woohoo! Their training ended up being entirely inadequate, as Archer is incapable of doing anything anyone tells him to do. However, while up there, they stumble upon, you wouldn’t believe it, Spock himself. Spock drops some knowledge on Archer. Archer doesn’t really understand …

  4. Anapaula Ojeda



    I’ve made an advice video for future ds106 students.   I filmed the video on my photo booth app, so my mouth movements don’t go according the my voice! I hope that future students really listen to the advice I’ve given.  It’s so important for them not to procrastinate and …

  5. beauty_b_

    Youtube it Your Way! Tutorial


    To begin this assignment first go on Youtube and choose the video page that you want to alter. Next go to this webpage and follow the directions on how to add and use X-ray Goggles on your computer. (This is the tool that will help you alter the webpage):


  6. beauty_b_

    Hit It! Tutorial


    To begin this assignment you must first choose a image that you think will be situable for this assignment. Make sure that image is saved on your computer.Remember that if you choose to use an image off the internet make sure that it has no text already on it! Here …

  7. crystalrose0784

    Patrick’s Second Try


    As another part of my Final Project, I decided to give Patrick a second try at cheering Spongebob up (not being allowed to go to work is horrifically depressing for the best fry cook of all time).

    So to do this, I used the Onomatopoeias! Audio Assignment, and it was …

  8. Isaac Whalen

    Tutorials Round Up


    Here now I will round-up and explain my tutorials. The first tutorial I did was for one of my own assignments, the trickier of the two called Vicarious Graffiti. I did a tutorial for this one because for a long time I myself didn’t know how to make a …

  9. ksimonpi

    Week 15 Summary




    Final Project

    For my final project I wanted to try and tell Snow White’s story through a realistic lens. I attempted to blend key aspects of the story with real life scenarios as well as creatively and successfully tell the story through a series of media. Its a …

  10. sgillis

    Final Summary Post


    Here is my final project. I really enjoyed it and focused on revisiting some assignments I had enjoyed in the past. I may have taken the “story” aspect a bit too liter

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    ally but by picking a silent-era actor this was the only way I felt I could …

  11. ksimonpi

    Advice to Future ds106ers


    I wanted to share with future ds106ers some advice I wish I had taken. It would’ve saved me a lot of stress and sleep. I chose posters because its something people can just look at, they aren’t real time commitments and people are more likely to take the couple seconds …

  12. Matt Meyer

    Final Project


    Due to an unfortunate inability to obtain the required materials in time to do my original project, I had to change gears mid stride. My gaming group is starting up a major American Civil War game next year so I … Continue reading →

  13. Clemon Yueh

    The Final Countdown


    So my friend recently introduced me to a restaurant, and I thought I’d share a bit about it.  He actually managed to find it through a missing persons poster of all things.   He took a picture of it, and lo and behold, a few days later, he spotted a woman …

  14. ppatel2

    Best Advice to Future Students


    Here is the best advice I can give to you all that will be taking this course next semester or in the coming semesters. It is a fun course but demanding! So stay on top of the work and do not get behind or there will be CONSEQUENCES!! Good luck …

  15. sdivitot

    Final Post Summary!!


    FINAL PROJECT: I did my Final Project on Remy the rat from ratatouille. I originally wrote up my plan for Happy Feet, but thinking about it more, after seeing an Ad for Ratatouille, I got inspired and its still one of my favorite movies. I enjoyed doing this because I …

  16. sdivitot

    Advice to Future Students


    I really enjoyed this class. The whole experience of learning new things in this digital era was so cool. You can use these skills you learn in the class for so many things. I hope my video below gives you an insight into this class. #1 tip is don’t leave …

  17. Anapaula Ojeda

    Ready or not, here they come


    Day 235 of the zombie apocalypse
    The diary of a lone survivor – here to help

    Hello world,

    My name has been long forgotten, but I still exist and I’m still here.  My location will not be disclosed, but if you are reading this than I am most certain that …

  18. estotz

    Paying it Forward


    A bit of advice for you future DS106 students:

    On top of that, expect to learn a lot about media on the web in general, and expect to have a lot of fun in learning it–it’s more challenging than you think, but very hands-on and engaging.…

  19. estotz

    Tutorial Mania


    I did two tutorials for ds106, and I choose to do the tutorials for the two assignments I created– “How to_______” and “The Best Of“. I figured this would be helpful in getting people to complete the assignment correctly, and get the stars-worth. I owe the …

  20. estotz

    “The Best Of” Tutorial


    To complete “The Best Of” video assignment, follow these steps.

    The first step is to pick your favorite tv show (the assignment repository says you can do your least favorite as well, but I recommend doing your favorite, you will see why in the next step). Think deep …

  21. Matt Meyer



    Alright here it is, the FINAL weekly summary! FINAL PROJECT It wasn’t what I was expecting but I’m quite happy with the final results. I like the time period and I got to do a little research (historians love research, … Continue reading →

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