1. ppatel2

    Winnie The Pooh Goes Around the World


    My final story is that  Winnie the Pooh goes on this long extravagant journey to search for some good honey. He travels around the world in search of it and after trying the different honey he bring back some for his friends Tigger, Piglet, Rabbit, and Eeyore. So after his …

  2. Isaac Whalen

    Whalen-made Assignment #1


    That’s right kid-os I made an assingment. Its called Vicarious Graffiti.

    Unfortunately I messed up the post a little bit and the example photo does not appear. What follows will be a tutorial of sorts for how to accomplish this assignment, in which I will describe how I made …

  3. Clemon Yueh

    Philosicat Returns


    So remember that post Master made about a cat video a week or two ago?  It’s finally up on YouTube.  I thought you might want to know, so you can finally hear this cat talk about…something that isn’t in my programming at all.…

  4. Clemon Yueh

    Grim and Frostbitten Kingdoms


    I’m honestly not sure what the heck this is.  Master mumbled something about a documentary and gave me this link, so I can only assume he made it for this assignment, but I don’t really remember that assignment being there the last time I checked…maybe he made it himself, …

  5. ksimonpi

    Created Assignments Summary


    When thinking about what assignments I wanted to create I thought back to what assignments I enjoyed the most. I loved the design and visual assignments so I knew I wanted to create assignments for those categories.

    For my Colorize it assignment I came up with the idea after finding …

  6. ksimonpi

    PSA Billboard Tutorial


    Tutorial for PSA Billboard and the PSA Billboard assignment.

    First: Decide on an idea, then Open Gimp. Once you have Gimp open go to File -> New. The Create a New Image window will pop up. For image size change width to 680 and it should automatically scale the height …

  7. Anapaula Ojeda

    Outer Space


    OuterSpacing It

    I decided to make my new assignment about aliens. We all tend to have either seen, read, or heard things about out neighbors from outer space.  In movies aliens are portrayed in a million different ways; some are robots, some are people, some are green, and some look …

  8. Clemon Yueh

    Motivational Poster


    So for the first assignment I made, I made something very simple: the assignment is to make a motivational poster.  Not a demotivational poster–the original: the MOTIVATIONAL poster.

    And so, without further ado, I have made this motivational poster.  May it inspire you to greatness forever.

    Deep, huh?…

  9. ksimonpi

    PSA Billboard


    Is there something about society, people, the world, or just anything that really bugs you and you want the world to know it? Then create a PSA billboard!

  10. Matt Meyer

    Ideas Post


    Ideas: Historical Figure Alternate History I decided to stick with what I’m good at and create writing/fanfic (such a broad term) assignments around history. I find this kind of enterprise fun, but I doubt thats true for most!…

  11. Matt Meyer

    How To: Alternate History


    Writing alternate history is a great exercise in hopeful speculation. It also requires a solid knowledge of the period to write something believable, so do some reading online (and on UMW libraries database). Pick a single event that you want … Continue reading →

  12. Matt Meyer

    Alternate History


    August 1914: World War I begins, German armies sweep into Belgium and Holland while the smaller German 8th Army defends East Prussia from a massive Russian Invasion. At the end of the month, 8th Army defeats the Russian First Army … Continue reading →

  13. kmatthe2

    Assignment Idea #1


    Yes, I grew up on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. One of the local radio stations always had this thing called ‘Swap Shop’ where people would call in and sell their goodies or whatever. So I decided, HELLO! perfect assignment. I recorded myself in audacity as both the …

  14. Clemon Yueh

    How to: (be) Framed


    Well, since I’ve worked with this assignment so much, I suppose it’s time to teach others how to do it.  Teach a man to fish and…

    Well, I guess that isn’t applicable here.

    It’s actually quite simple to capture a frame from a video on YouTube or any other video …

  15. Matt Meyer

    Historical Figure


    My favorite historical figure is Otto von Bismark of the German Empire. Bismark served as the practical head of state of Prussia and then Germany at the end of the 19th century. I admire him for his political and military … Continue reading →

  16. dlefew

    Wanted! Assignment and tutorial


    For my final assignment idea and tutorial, I decided to go with something that is a little simpler than my other. A visual assignment creating a Wanted Poster for someone or something. I came up with this as an idea building off of my final project story for Rudolph. Tutorial …

  17. sgillis

    Weeky Summary#15


    Here are my assignments for this week, and I created them all by myself!

    I did the Budding Entrepreneur assignment I created here

    This stemmed out of my love of cooking up (literally and figuratively) different product idea’s, and, as per usual, the final product doesn’t exactly match up to …

  18. ksimonpi

    Black and White re imagined in Color


    Black and white photos are beautiful in their own way, but sometimes I wonder how color would change the the feel of a photo. So my assignment is to recolor a black and white imagine how you would imagine it looked during the time it was taken or how you …

  19. sgillis

    Peanut Butter BBQ Sauce


    I know what you’re thinking based on that title: DELICIOUS. It is something I am ashamed to say I have tried to concoct in my kitchen (Thai food has changed my perspective on peanut butter). And now, I am selling the idea for mill

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    ions! Below you’ll …

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