1. ppatel2

    Tutorial Summary


    I created two tutorials, one of them I had done in the semester and the other one I made it now. I did a Draw it tutorial and in the post I explain exactly how you can make this assignment possible to do. The other tutorial is on King of …

  2. ppatel2

    Draw it Tutorial


    So for this tutorial all you have to do is pick a picture that you would like to change so it looks like some one drew it. First select a regular picture. Then in your search engine type in the following:   http://www.dumpr.net/. Here is the link to that website dumpr

  3. ppatel2

    Creating Assignments Summary


    I created two assignments one visual assignment and the other is a design assignment. I rated both assignments and the visual one is 3 stars and the design one is two stars. I thought it was interesting being the one to create the assignment instead of being the one to …

  4. sdivitot

    Tutorial Summary


    I created two tutorials. One I had done awhile back, and the other I completed just recently. I completed a tutorial on the assignment Splash color Effect and the other tutorial is on the Actor Transformation Assignment. I explain either where I find my own tutorial and what I did …

  5. ppatel2

    Make a Daytime Picture look like Night time


    I chose to make up a design assignment that I think is worth 2 stars. All you have to do is take a picture in the day time and use a program to change into a picture that looks like it was taken at night. Then put the two pictures …

  6. sdivitot

    Tutorial on Actor Transformation


    To complete this assignment I used Windows Movie Maker. First you have to go to youtube and select your videos you want to use for your project. (1) Once this is done, you want to save the video as an MP4. This can be done using the tab PwnYouTube. …

  7. Alex Spangler

    Paying It Forward


    I don’t want to spend too much time writing since I made a video, so here it is!

    I really think the information that I have provided in my video is going to help out any future students a lot.  It’s a short ~3 minute video, but well worth the …

  8. Alex Spangler

    Final Project – Giant Jackson


    So, for my final project, I decided to go with the video media focus rather than any of the other things that we’ve worked on this semester.  I went ahead and did two different things to make this as well rounded as possible.  The first is I edited an IMDB …

  9. ppatel2

    I Spy Minions


    I created a Visual Assignment that is worth three stars. The reason why I made it three stars is because making the background can take some time and become tedious. Also being able to use the correct tools to make the picture just right can take some thought and trial …

  10. sdivitot

    Save as Desktop Background


    I really like to make my own computer desktop wallpapers and so I use the program Paint to create mine. I created an assignment that allows you to create you own. I made this assignment 2 stars because it can be simple and just a good one of putting different …

  11. sdivitot

    Did our Mother’s Plan this


    I created my very own visual assignment. One day I was looking through my friends pictures and came across a baby picture that was similar to one I had taken when I was little too. This made us laugh so much, so for the assignment I thought it would be …

  12. afghanwoman

    My week 15 Summary


    My Final project

    A wish 

    Plot: This movie is based on true stories; happening in most of the third world countries like Afghanistan. Unfortunately, force marriages are really common on those countries. Young girls are forced to marry older men due to several issues such as financial problems and punishments.…

  13. afghanwoman

    The ADAAM’s Radio Show


    The ADAAM’s Radio Show

    The ADAAM’s radio show group consisted of five people Alex, Anapaula, Abbey, Dewitt and Me. we chose canvas, Twitter, Email and meeting in person as our communication tool; we used these tools to communicate and share our work process.

    We had two in person group meetings …

  14. mis-tery




    Watch the video above to see what photofunia is all about, it may help students in this class for the future and by doing this assignment, everyone will be sharing their favorite software that they use a lot and it will be like paying it forward, software edition …

  15. afghanwoman

    My definition of Digital Storytelling



    In my week 3 post I wrote the followings:

    Story telling is the act of entertaining, educating a particular group of audience. Story telling is something that has always been around. It was used for different purposes such us giving knowledge about something or sharing thoughts and opinions or …

  16. afghanwoman

    My Best work of DS 106


    I had organized my blog posts in their proper categories while creating them. Thus, it was really easy to find my best work. I knew my best works, so I just went to their categories and select them. I chose five items as my best works; which are from the …

  17. afghanwoman

    Advice for future Ds106ers


    For give advice to the future DS106 class; I used video as my media. I first created a poster for DS106 and a poster for my advice; I used pizap  and picmonkey  for editing the posters. I downloaded a 3d animated video from YouTue. The animated video was called my

  18. Isaac Whalen

    Team Zissou Radio Show Podcast


    Mr. Rabez asked me to post these posters. Both of them because he passed out before he could tell me which one he preferred.

    one with the official logo:

    and one without:

    New Episode Coming Soon!…

  19. afghanwoman

    My Final project


    A wish 

    Plot: This movie is based on true stories; happening in most of the third world countries like Afghanistan. Unfortunately, force marriages are really common on those countries. Young girls are forced to marry older men due to several issues such as financial problems and punishments.

    This movie is …

  20. Abigail Andrews

    The Best of ds106!


    My Best Work Category

    While organizing my blog posts in their proper categories, I found 6 assignments that fell into my best work for this course.  My best work includes assignments done during bootcamp, visual, design, and video units of ds106.  I know that I did not include best work …

  21. beauty_b_

    Where did you get that?! Creating my very own Remix Assignment


    For this assignment, we were asked to remix an existing ds106 assignment.My task was to interpret the assignment given to me by the Remix Generator and complete it.
    Two assignments:

    From the Remix Generator I was given Mainstream Chipmunkd’ [Remixed]: What’s The Prequel? Basically I was asked to take a …

  22. beauty_b_

    Hey! Ho! Recycle That Media Like Whoa!


    Assignment: For this assignment we were asked to mashup at least 7 different pieces of this media to make a new story, and use at least 2 different types (e.g. audio and image, and video).

    I honestly looked through all the media and just tried my best to come …

  23. kasmoore.com

    Gossip Girl


    Hello Upper East Sider’s I hope you enjoyed your summer. I certainly needed the break from snooping. I did a lot of traveling over break and as always made myself a playlist for the long car trips. I know that you are all curious about what Gossip Girl listens to …

  24. Abigail Andrews

    Advice for Future DS106 Students


    To give advice for future ds106 students I decided to design a poster that signified the 10 commandments of ds106.  If you believe in them or not I think that most people have at least heard of the 10 Commandments of the Bible.  These 10 commandments of ds106 offer advice …

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