1. mwatanab

    Aloha from the Office


    I’m in my second official week here at the Waialae Baptist Church office sitting in for a family friend.  Between casual conversations with the pastors and administrators of different ministries I get to sort through mail and email, file papers away, type on desktop keyboards (and typewriters), spin in a …

  2. cogdog

    Love and Boxing, GIFfed


    The eclectic Woody Allen has had many romantic encounters, on and off screen. How could he ever forget his lively yet draining down under love affair?

    I was going to make a new assignment for the #ds106 GIFfest, but sometimes it is more fun to make the GIF fit, in …

  3. waveridengal405

    Final reflection


    Well I talked about my thoughts and reflections on the class in several other post. I finished my final work so long ago I didn’t realize I had to do a separate post still! Oh goodness!

    Well this class was an adventure. Over all I would say it was quite …

  4. shenika1987

    Final Project


    My final project is about my son being a superhero and no one knows it.  This was a fun way that I was able to depict my son in a story I used the assignment repository to chose a few different genres of what we learned in class.  This was …

  5. shenika1987

    Create a music video


    For this assignment you are to recreate a 2 minute segment from your favorite music video. Be creative and try to imitate it as much as possible similar clothes, makeup, scenery, etc

    Step One:

    Set up webcam on computer so that it can capture your video

    Step Two:

    Start playing …

  6. shenika1987

    Week 15


    It so hard to say goodbye, it seems like only yesterday I was just starting DS106.  I have to say that this was my favorite and least stressful class that I chose to take this semester.  I am so glad that I was able to take this course and learn …

  7. shenika1987

    Assignments, Tutorials, and Daily Create


    It took me a while to figure out what ideas I could contribute to this course since there has been so many different and excellent ideas that have been presented already.  I was surprised that after I submitted my work that I was able to be posted on the ds106 …

  8. capnmarkish

    Ideas for Final Project


    I thought that last week we went over ideas for our final project, but as I am missing a grade for another ideas post, here is my post for my ideas. I evolved my idea on pirates and Christmas from one considering using suburban Christmas pirates in Fredericksburg, to one …

  9. capnmarkish

    Advice to Future DS106 Students


    First off, consider what you are wearing. I would advise that you not take too many pictures of yourself if what you’re wearing is some sort of fashion statement. Every year or so, fads go in and out of style, and what you are wearing now may look ridiculous. But …

  10. winenf

    The Long Way Home: The Final Summary for DS106


    It’s been one heck of a ride.  I’m going to really miss this class.  Despite doing a ton of last minute work, the work I’ve done for this class has been by far my most enjoyable of my college career.  With that being said, there’s no time to get misty …

  11. capnmarkish

    Bounty For the Dread Pirate Santa


    The Dread Pirate Santa is a wanted man, and if you have any information on the whereabouts of the man wanted for numerous copyright violations, a reward is now in place.

    This wanted poster was edited in Photoshop in an attempt to find this pirate and bring him to justice.…

  12. capnmarkish

    NORAD Tracks the Dread Pirate Santa!


    Here is the link! IT’S ALL TRUE!

    For years NORAD has tracked Santa for excited boys and girls on Christmas Eve, but after several company complains about copyright violations, NORAD will now track the “Dread Pirate Santa” in order to bring him to justice. The Dread Pirate Santa has illegally …

  13. asterne1

    Assignment/Tutorial 2 Created


    Assignment 2, create your own theme song!

    Piece together multiple songs in Audacity and make your own theme song! Can only be at most 1 minute long.

    The first thing you need to do is pick at least 3 songs that symbolize who you are. I’m going to be choosing …

  14. asterne1

    Final Project; Happy Hunger Games!


    I chose Haymitch Abernathy for my character to portray.

    Wikipedia describes him as ” “paunchy, middle-aged man” who was the victor of the 50th Hunger Games (the Second Quarter Quell), which occurred 24 years prior to the first book.[3] When he was 16, Haymitch was reaped for the Second Quarter …

  15. Paul Waltsak III

    Final Project: The Man. The Myth. The Paul.


    Have you ever experienced a person, an ENTITY, a being that was so out of this world?? For instance, a legend.. Someone, or something, that many people could speak of but never truly understand? How about the man, the myth? I’m sure you know of him. He has even pervaded …

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