1. dadams4

    Daily Creates: Week 11 & 12!


    Create 1: A look out on the bay. (TDC1032)

    Create 2: A baby banana made from tape! (TDC1033)

    Create 3: The create said to “make a picture”, so I put a Bald Eagle over the Capitol Building. (TDC1036)

    Create 4: My nerdy refrigerator poem.(TDC1037)


    Create 5: If I had …

  2. devangel426

    Family Guy Connected Clips!


    Original Assignment (4.5 Stars)

    The next video assignment I decided to work on is the “Connected Clips” one. This initially was tough for me because I had a hard time deciding what show to do that had a good amount of reoccurring themes. Then I realized the show “Family Guy” …

  3. kaileyck



    …In iMovie, that is.

    Seriously, though–this was definitely the hardest assignment for me this whole two weeks, and it’s because I made a simple mistake. Worse yet, the simple mistake is quite visible in the final product. Ugh. My perfectionist self is dismayed (but my kinder side is insisting that …

  4. hope

    60 second day


    4 stars

    I decided to do the 60 second day video, because I like the idea of having a documentation of my day. The assignment was to take 60 one second videos of your day. I chose it because I don’t have a lot of experience generating my own video …

  5. saratmcd

    That Bleeping Censor


    For one of my Video Assignments this week, I chose to do the Bleeping Censor Assignment (5 stars). For this assignment, I spent most of the time just trying to find a video with a lot of cursing in it. Unfortunately, the only ones I could find were South Park …

  6. amotley

    Sports intro video


    Sports pump it up video: For my video I chose to do a video on the Washington Capitals. Choosing the Caps do this project on was easy. I love following Washington sports teams. I really love baseball but hockey is the next best thing.

    I knew that I wanted to …

  7. thelaceman

    Do it for the Vine!


    I decided that it would be a cool idea to try out vine for one of my video assignments since I see a lot of funny videos from there but have never had an account myself or anything. So I tried the Vine it! assignment. I tried to capture a …

  8. jhempe

    Vine of My Sunday! – (3 Stars)


    When I saw this assignment, I knew I wanted to do this one. I was already very familiar with Vine and how it works, I had an account that I made last summer. So I used it and video taped, using my phone, what my Sunday morning to the …

  9. mblack

    Weeks 11 & 12 Summary


    What an interesting two weeks it has been, working with video/editing. I thoroughly enjoyed all the video assignments I chose, minus the required “cloning” video. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool effect and all, but it was pure mayhem trying to perfect it. Other than that slight issue, I’m …

  10. amotley

    60-second day


    For my first assignment this week I chose to do the sixty-second day project. I chose to do Saturday as my day to life myself because it is usually my most hectic day. I run around, get errands done, work, and do my school work. I thought it would be …

  11. kaileyck

    2 seconds of beauty ft. Hope!


    This weekend was a blast, and this is why: before I came to UMW, I spent my freshman year at Sweet Briar College in Amherst, VA; the institution has gorgeous grounds and wonderful faculty, but the overall size was a bit too small for my taste. Regardless, during my time …

  12. hope

    Talking with myself


    5 stars

    Wow, this assignment was the absolute worst. I played around in iMovie for forever, but I couldn’t find a way to merge my two videos realistically at all. I saw on a classmate’s post that they used something called “Camtasia” so I checked it out. It …

  13. hope

    Silent Velociraptors


    4 1/2 stars

    For the silent film assignment, I decided to focus on Jurassic Park, as it is my favorite movie ever. I saw that someone had already made a trailer of it for this assignment, and I didn’t want to copy them, so instead I made an entire scene. …

  14. aalmberg

    Music Video – 5 stars


    This assignment like most of the assignments this week took a lot of work.  I am really proud of this video. So right now a 80’s workout video had Taylor Swifts Shake it off dubbed over top and it makes a pretty hilarious video. So I took this assignment and …

  15. aalmberg

    Its all about me! – 2 stars


    This is one of the assignments I said I would do last week. I was waiting until the “right” time to record it. I figured why not do this at midnight. I think the late night made it a bit easier to talk about myself. While this was only 2 …

  16. jhempe

    If Poets Wrote Tickets- Daily Create


    The Ticket:

    The Ticket November 16, 2014

    No parking in the firelane
    No parking by a sign to stop

    I’d like to keep on moving by
    But I’m the parking poet cop

    You cam to watch the
    game in eagle nation

    You parked illegally and
    have earned a parking citation…

  17. kbarnes2

    Weeks 11 and 12 Summary


    These past two weeks have been mostly enjoyable and not to stressful. I really enjoyed getting to pick video assignments, there were a lot to choose from, so I didn’t feel so limited, and could do assignments based on what I enjoyed. I used iMovie for all of my videos, …

  18. kbarnes2

    My First Tweet


    Daily Create writing assignment:

    My First Tweet:

    Was a quote from my boyfriend’s uncle.
    “Who the F* would call during the Super Bowl”
    I look back at my first tweet and laugh because I remember this moment so clearly.…

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