1. aalmberg

    Strip the music – 4 stars


    So this assignment was a lot of fun.  I had to strip the music out of one video and put new sounds on top. I decided to put a different song over top of it and create a new video. I took the band 1975’s song Chocolate and removed the …

  2. tmobaird

    Lets Go Bulls


    So the assignment that this post is dedicated to is the Sports Team Pump-Up Video assignment. The goal of this assignment is to essentially create a pump-up video for a sports team of our choice. A couple weeks ago we were assigned to do some pre-production for a couple of …

  3. jhempe

    Boston Celtics Hype Video – (4.5 Stars)


    In this assignment, we had to create a pump-up or hype video that would be played before the game. The process to create this was not to difficult but it did take a  while to put everything together. Putting everything together and adding background music was not difficult. Another challenging …

  4. kbarnes2

    That Bleeping Censor


    That bleeping Censor was a Video Assignment that involved taking a clip from a movie, and choosing a word that is used a lot to bleep out.   You could bleep it out by a sound or by a phrase. I choose to use the very annoying sound of an alarm.…

  5. kbarnes2

    God Gave Me You


    As soon as I read over this assignment I was so excited. It was a special person montage. You had to create a video about a special person, and write about them and why you choose them.

    Right away I knew who I would make my video on. This was …

  6. mblack

    Chipmunk Style (The Other Guys)


    Original Assignment (2.5 stars)

    For this assignment, we we asked to find a funny clip from a film and pitch up the audio, making the actors sound like chipmunks. There were so many clips I could have used, but ended up going with the whisper fight scene from the film, …

  7. mblack



    Original Assignment (4 stars)

    I rarely watch movies on mute with the stereo blasting. But whenever I see a good action/fight scene, I tend to think of background music that would fit accordingly. A film called The Grandmaster came to mind, and there was a crazy fight scene in the …

  8. cifax



    I’ve never been one to really attach myself to a specific number but I do have an affinity for the number 5. Maybe it was the result of my middle school basketball number or taking too many AP courses in high school. Anyways, I decided it would fit well in …

  9. jwhipple

    Be Careful How You Spell


    Today’s daily create was to create a meme inspired by mice. For my meme I poked fun on a play on words. I pointed out that with one forgotten letter someone could order a mouse at a restaurant, instead of the delicious dessert a mousse. I can’t resist a good …

  10. rjones6

    Sweden Montage


    This assignment was a montage of any place you wanted to go. Preferably a place we had never been to before. I choose Sweden. There was not anything in particular that drew me toward Sweden, I admired the way it was run, and one of my favorite Youtubers, Pewdiepie, lives …

  11. tmobaird

    Godzilla Vs. The Incredible Hulk


    Alright, so for my first Visual Assignment of the week, I decided to do the assignment Mash-Up Trailers. I chose this assignment, because I think it is a very cool thing to do, that requires a lot of creativity. Now, the hardest part for me in this assignment was …

  12. saratmcd

    Name That Book!


    For one of my video assignments I chose to do the Name That Book assignment: “For this assignment, use the app Vine to visually create a book title. Find objects, landmarks, or think of some other creative way to verbally or physically represent a book title. Then record them in …

  13. jhempe

    My Country’s Flag


    As you know I am a huge Celtics fan, so I decided to base my flag on the colors of the Boston Celtics and even the logo.

  14. cifax

    Those Bleeping Idiots!



    The task of this assignment was to do your best FCC impression by censoring a movie scene/clip. I searched for quite a while on what movie to do because it had to have a few great scenes with a lot of cursing. I ended up settling on the movie …

  15. jlundberg

    Having a small conversation with myself


    I cannot even begin to explain what a royal pain in the ass this project was for me. It took me a week of banging my head against the wall, viewing pre-teen’s tutorials on YouTube, and an afternoon in the Digital Knowledge Center to discover that my version of Sony …

  16. jlundberg

    A Message to My 16 Year Old Self


    If only this could really happen. Things would be a bit different for me. I would still have enlisted in the Marine Corps though. I could have made this video funny, and made jokes, but I decided to take it a bit seriously just in case some damn cosmic phenomena …

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