1. thelaceman

    The InterWebs


    For today’s daily create we had to make some magnetic poetry. I’m sure doing this brought everybody back to a time where they used to do this on their own fridge. Enjoy my creation!

  2. aalmberg

    Censored! – 5 stars


    So this assignment was a lot of fun! It also was probably the hardest one I have completed so far. Not only was the process hard to censor a word out but the creative process was hard too. It took me a few days trying to find the perfect video …

  3. cifax

    Chipmunks of the Dead


    After going through a few of the video assignments and weighing the difficulty levels and my inexperience, I decided it would be best to ease into these assignments. So, I started off by recreating a funny movie scene in the style of chipmunks. I personally can not stand the …

  4. jhempe

    Most Clutch Plays Mashup- (3.5 Stars)


    In this assignment we were suppose create a mashup or a highlight reel of what we thought were the greatest sports plays ever. The process to create this was fairly simple but very time consuming. It took me a while to find the videos I wanted but once I was …

  5. hope

    There She Goes


    3 stars

    For the “Where Do You Want To Go” assignment, I decided to put a spin on things. The assignment calls for a picture slideshow of the various places we would like to go in the world, but I decided to take it a step further and …

  6. thelaceman

    My Safe Haven


    Here is my safe haven. I come here to do homework, relax, play video games or even just get away for a bit. Its a nice little room …

  7. ashleighengels

    I am Me

    I Am Me! – 4.5 Stars


    I am not sure there will ever be enough pictures, videos, music and/or time to show the person I am and the things I like. With that said, I am a person who loves anything and everything and I am always up for …

  8. mblack

    That Bleeping Censor


    Original Assignment (5 stars)

    The objective for this assignment was to censor a movie scene/clip, using a sound effect. I chose a scene from the movie Casino, where Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro meet up in the desert. That guy Pesci sure does have a foul mouth, …

  9. ashleighengels

    Vine it!

    Vine it! for 3 stars

    For starters, I only knew about the Vine application because of my boyfriend and his friends when they always watch these videos. So when I saw this was an assignment, I jumped at it because I wanted to see what all the talk was about …

  10. thelaceman

    Online Course


    Hey everybody! I am a sociology major for those of you who don’t know and for one of my classes I had to create a survey in a group that my professor emailed to all of you. It would really help me out if you guys could do that survey …

  11. jlundberg

    Sports Team Pump Up Video- NY Yankees



    What could be better than tracking down highlight clips of the greatest sports team in the history of the world? That team of course would be the NY Yankees. They have won 27 world championships; that’s more than any other team in any other sport.

    Having said that, the …

  12. jlundberg

    That Bleeping Censor- Goodfellas



    I absolutely hate it when works of art are censored for “our own good”. But I felt this assignment would be relatively easy to complete especially since it is worth 5 stars. I chose to work with a scene in the Martin Scorcese classic “Goodfellas”. In this memorable scene, …

  13. jlundberg

    The Complete Package- Breaking Bad


    Breaking Bad was one of the finest series ever to grace our television screens. I could have easily made this trailer a few hours long but I have many other assignments to tackle this week. I used Wondershare to complete this assignment, and used www.savefromnet.com   to download the videos from …

  14. jappolack

    Week 11 & 12

    Making Movies

    You’ve read movies and done your pre-work. Now it’s time to make movies! Video is perhaps the most rich of storytelling forms, and over the next two weeks you will focus explicitly on video storytelling. The only assignments on your plate are to work on video assignments, …

  15. jlundberg

    Play By Play Tutorial


    I used Wonder Share Video Editor to create my very own play by play commentary for this assignment.

    First, I scoured YouTube for a football video that would work well. The video I chose was of the 1986 NFC Championship game between the NY Giants and the Washington Redskins. Since …

  16. jlundberg

    Play By Play Create My Own Assignment


    I created this assignment because I always wanted to be a sportscaster. I thought it would be a great way to make a living. Being able to travel around and see the games, and be part of the spectacle is something that would be both fun and rewarding. This particular …

  17. tmobaird

    Weekly Summary Numero Diez


    Damnnnnnnnnnnnn, I can’t believe the 10th week of the semester is already over. Senior year’s flyin by. But this week and the next few weeks are going to be focused on video assignments. The majority of this week was learning about video and film, and preparing our knowledge and tools …

  18. jwhipple

    Eberts Reading Movies


    When just watch the clip without sound:

    Noticed camera follows movement It focuses on who’s talking from the opposite person’s viewpoint Sometimes in POV style Camera zooms in on actions that would go unnoticed otherwise

    When just sound:

    Used lots of narration to explain story Excerpts of short diologue Music…
  19. jwhipple

    Review of Hampton’s Handyman


    I thought they did a really good job with their radio program! I listened in to Hampton’s Handyman, a radio broadcast about the rich hiring others to do their work around the house and recording the hijinks that ensue. I thought the sound quality was really well done. It was …

  20. amandamotley

    Weekly Summaries: Week 10


    Listening to others radio show:

     The radio show that I listened to was “United Tales.” The group set up interviews with questions based on spring. It also dove into why people chose Mary Washington. It was an interesting topic. Each interview told about someone experience here at UMW and why …

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