1. jhempe

    Weekly Summaries 13 & 14


    These past two weeks really taught me about remixes and mashups. I was very familiar with what a remix was before these assignments, but only when it came to music and movies. However, these past two weeks have taught that pretty much anything digital can be remade and almost everything …

  2. thelaceman

    Killswitch Engage Mashup


    I was looking through Mashup Assignments and saw the 10 Second Song Mashup. I thought this would be great. Unfortunately my laptop has been running very poorly since we did all the work with video assignments so I had to use my sister’s laptop to download audacity and give …

  3. jhempe

    What is Remix?


    For this assignment we had to create and audio track or video, of a discussion between us and someone else talking about what a remix and mashups are. I decided to do an audio track and I was able to convince my little sister Alexi to have a conversation with …

  4. jwhipple

    Movie Poster MashUp


    For my MashUp Assignment requirement I chose the Movie Mashup (4 1/2 stars). The basis of the assignment was to take two movies which have been compared to one another and mix them together into one movie poster. Here’s my submission:

    To complete the assignment I took several pictures off …

  5. thelaceman

    Remixes vs Mashups


    Since I was home for Thanksgiving Break I decided that it would be a good idea to talk to my sister about remixes and mashups. We both felt pretty unclear on what remixes were going into it. We each thought that we knew what it was but then we check …

  6. cifax

    Will Smith Transformation



    For my final Mashup Assignment, I decided to venture into video after making the other two using photoshop. I went with an assignment called Actor Transformation which showed the transition of actors from earlier in their careers to the present day.

    I went with Will Smith who has been …

  7. cifax

    Rocky Fight Club


    For my second mashup assignment, I decided to jump into the world of photoshop and complete a Movie Mashup in the form of a poster. I thought for quite a while on this one and made a mashup using Fight Club and the movie Rocky. While the plots of the …

  8. jhempe

    Created Video Assignment!


    The first assignment that I have created this week is a video assignment. The title of the assignment is “Favorite Actor/Actress Highlight Reel.” For the assignment students are suppose to create a 30 to 60 second highlight reel of their actor or actress’s favorite scenes from movies. I rated this …

  9. jhempe

    Shia LaBeouf Transformation! – (4 Stars)


    For this assignment, we had to take movie clips of one actor/actress and put them together to show the transformation the actor/actress went through their life and career. Creating this video was not very difficult but time consuming. It was difficult to find the right movie clips in order to …

  10. cifax

    Sports Bird Mashup


    For one of my Mashup Assignments, I chose to do Your Favorite Teams Mashup. Being a big sports fan this one was right up my alley, so I knew what I wanted to go with ahead of time. I decided to mashup my two favorite football teams, with one …

  11. aalmberg

    Super Mash Bros- 4 stars


    This assignment was kinda of difficult. I had to really use my creative juices. I thought I was very creative for this assignment and I hope it looks as cool to everyone else as I think it does. I took the Super Smash Bros Brawl theme song and I imposed …

  12. jhempe

    Music Mash!! – (3 Stars)


    When I saw this assignment, I knew wanted to do this one. We had to put different clips of music and sound effects together. The process to create this was fun and simple, I am very familiar with Audacity, and it was fun to play around with the music …

  13. hope

    Viking Dubstep Cat


    For the first of my mash up assignments, I decided to do the Techno Viking Music Video assignment. We were asked to take one video with music in it, and place a clip of a dancing guy inside it. It seems easy, but the real trick was to make sure …

  14. jhempe

    Remixing a DS106 Assignment!


    For this assignment, we had to take an original assignment and using one of the remix cards create a new assignment with it. The assignment that I had to do was take emojis and find actual pictures that look like them and create a story. Then remix it by …

  15. ashleighengels

    What is Remix?


    I had a short conversation with my sister on what I thought about the words remix and mash up. The reason it didn’t last that long was because to me, everything is a remix and/or a mash up. She even had asked a great question about my boyfriend Chris working …

  16. kbarnes2

    Remix vs. Mashup


    What is the difference between a mashup and a remix?

    A mashup is a song or composition created by blending two or more pre-recorded songs, usually by overlaying the vocal track of one song seamlessly over the instrumental track of another. A remix is more like alternate versions of work, …

  17. kbarnes2

    4 Songs 1 Track


    Can you guess the Songs or Artists?

    Four Songs in one track. The inspiration behind all the songs comes from my favorite genre of music, Country. I created the soundtrack using Audacity.

    I took the four songs I wanted to use, trimmed them to roughly 4 seconds each, and then …

  18. kbarnes2

    Sandra Bullock Mashup


    Actor Transformation: Okay so we all watch actors change roles and character. It’s crazy to see what they were like in the beginning of their career compared to now. Find a actor or actress and use film clips to show a metamorphous.

    One of my favorite actresses is Sandra …

  19. kbarnes2

    Movie Mashup!


    Harry Potter vs. Twilight, Movie Mashup

    Take a movie that you really like, Now take a movie that has been compared to it, and now make a new movie poster that incorporates the two.

    I choose to do my poster on Harry Potter and Twilight. When the twilight series first …

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