1. Maura Monahan



    My freshman year dorm room is now the equipment room for the building’s elevator. When I first realized this, after “sneaking” into the building when I visited campus for the first time after graduation a few weeks ago, I was a little sad. The more I think about it now …

  2. Maura Monahan

    What One Semester of Grad School Taught Me


    Sometimes your first impression of a person will be dead on. Other times you will be surprised that they are not the individual you thought they were at orientation. So as Oprah says, trust your intuition. And as life goes, don’t assume too much. There will come a time when …

  3. Maura Monahan



    Monday night I realized while brushing my teeth that I was also listening to music on Pandora, carrying on a conversation via text with a friend, perusing Pinterest and scrolling through Instagram. And that’s when I realized I’d gone crazy. … Continue reading →

  4. Maura Monahan

    Friday Friend-day


    Perhaps the third time is the charm – I’ve deleted this post twice now, so perhaps version three will actually make it to that taunting “Publish” button on WordPress. Earlier tonight a very good friend of mine told me, “Next … Continue reading →

  5. Maura Monahan

    K is for Karl


    I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking, your thoughts become your reality, you get what you give, yada yada yada, you know what I mean. Today when I woke up, I thought to myself “Today, I … Continue reading →

  6. Linda McKenna

    Moving on…


    Hmmm…. I guess the blog has finally come to a dead end for me, though it has been berry berry good to me. Things are now happening elsewhere. Ciao!   […]…

  7. Linda McKenna

    New Direction


    So… here I am.  It’s nice to come back to this familiar place that is my very own in the big www (thanks to DS106).   My job, which was […]…

  8. Michael Walter

    Forming Michael Island


    I want to pass something on when I die. Something I am known for. Stories are passed along for only so long, and I want something more concrete.

    So I have decided to form Michael Island. Its too expensive to buy an already existing island, and I can’t exactly go …

  9. Michael Walter

    Spading America


    I think that if you want a child you have to make a certain amount of money or have a job past 2 kids. Say you want a third kid you should have to have a combined income of 30000. Now that is not a lot at all, but it …

  10. Linda McKenna

    Another Update


    Just a few things: I started work on Monday, and it’s been the longest week I’ve had in a while. (However, I still got my 3 workouts in this week! […]…

  11. Linda McKenna

    A Few Bullets…


    I don’t know what has happened to my brain, but it’s been very difficult for me to write.  I can’t seem to put a coherent paragraph together lately.  So instead […]…

  12. Maura Monahan

    Beauty in My Backyard


    I remember flying over Ireland and realizing it was quite possibly the most beautiful place on earth. I remember driving through Colorado and having trouble catching my breath – so much beauty…so much altitude. I remember wishing I could live … Continue reading →

  13. Gray Kemmey

    O Ruby Where Art Thou?


    I love Ruby. I have a feeling this is a theme I will visit again from time to time. I don’t mean to downplay the importance of C, but I hate coding in it.

    I took a class on parallel computing and the culminating project in that class is to …

  14. Linda McKenna

    Insanity Challenge – Month2 Week1 Finished!


    It came.  The week that I’d been dreading…  and I survived!!

    Actually, it was not as awful as I had feared.  I got through the workouts okay.  Of course, I had to still modify some of the movements, especially a lot of the plank and upper body work; but I …