1. Gray Kemmey

    The Mind Behind Gray Matter


    In case you haven’t figured it out, my name is Gray. It’s not short for anything, it’s not a nickname, that’s exactly what is written on my birth certificate. I know what you’re thinking, “Where did that name come from?” and if you’re a particular breed of unoriginal asshole “What …

  2. Linda McKenna

    Insanity Challenge – Fit Test #3 (Holy Crap!)


    I just HAD TO brag about my fit test today.

    I still can’t do the push-up jacks that I’m supposed to do for #7 because my upper body strength is weak, but I’ve been modifying it with women’s push-ups instead.   I know I wrote in my last post that I’m …

  3. Linda McKenna

    Insanity Challenge – Week 5 Finished!


    Yesterday, I finished the recovery week of Insanity, which consisted of the “Core Cardio and Balance” workout everyday.  That in itself was challenging at first, but by the end of the week, I felt pretty good all the way through the workout.

    I still have not lost any weight, although …

  4. Maura Monahan

    Power Ten


    I miss rowing.  I miss everything about it. Camaraderie.  Rowing is the ultimate team sport.  You move together.  Every thing you do affects each individual in your boat.  You win together.  You lose together.  You work together.  If you don’t, … Continue reading →

  5. Linda McKenna

    Insanity Challenge – Week 4 Finished!


    Hmm… Actually, I didn’t get the last day in, but since I’ve done so well for the first four weeks, I’ve decided to let myself off. We were out of town over the weekend, and it would have been extremely difficult to get my workout in on Saturday. Oh well. …

  6. Linda McKenna

    Confessions of a Tweener


    I am hanging.  …trying to relax while zillions of paperwork, including security checks, have to be done before I can finally start work.  I think I will be starting around mid November.  But I cannot sit still.  I wish I could be a sloth for these last few weeks of …

  7. Michael Walter



    Lettuce is beyond a doubt one of the most useless foods out there. It brings absolutely nothing to the table besides wasting room in the mouth. I always prefer lettuce and I think it’s just out of habit. …

  8. Michael Walter

    Ah smartphones


    Call me an idiot. Call me a late mover but I am god damn in love with smartphones. The Samsung galaxy 3 is without a doubt the coolest phone for anyone who doesn’t strongly care about status. The Google version if the app store is called Google play which is …

  9. Linda McKenna

    Insanity Challenge – Week 2 Finished!


    I finished the second week of Insanity workout, and I’m still alive!!

    For two weeks now, doing my Insanity workout has been the main event of each day.  Everything I do revolves around it — eating, drinking, sleeping… as well as scheduling anything else during the day.

    Physically, the second …

  10. Linda McKenna

    Web Design Project #4


    My next web design project:  A Thai (and sushi) restaurant in Newport News, VA.

    I just got back from taking photos of the restaurant and will be starting the project in the next couple of days, but I thought I’d first share what I captured:



    Ken is a …

  11. Linda McKenna

    Insanity Challenge


    Ok.  Here we go.  I’ve committed to 60 days of hell; and by writing that just now, I’ve committed myself even more.  No turning back.  I will keep track of my progress here to keep me honest.

    Have you heard of the Insanity Workout?  My daughter told me about …

  12. Linda McKenna

    Web Design Project #3


    My third small business website project was for a dental office.  My friend is an employee there, and when she mentioned that they don’t have a website, I insisted that I could make one for them.  Now, this situation was a little different, because I was the one who pushed …

  13. Linda McKenna

    Wine Label Design Project


    I was recently asked to design a wine label for a contest.

    Someone in my husband’s office has friends in Croatia who own a restaurant and a vinyard.  The owners have decided to hold a label-making contest for their wine.  The prize for the winning design will be a case …

  14. Linda McKenna

    Web Design Project #2


    It’s been crazy here in the last month with all the projects I’ve roped myself into, as well as moving the kids into college.  With two kids in college now (one at UVA and the other one at VT), my husband only has one kid (me!) left at home. Ha!…

  15. Maura Monahan

    “Refuse to Grow Up”


    I look like I am about sixteen years old.  Eighteen on a good day when eyeliner is involved.  Whenever I tell people I graduated in the spring they reply, “Are you going to college in the fall?”.  And of course when I explain that I graduated from college they never …

  16. Linda McKenna

    Web Design Project #1


    First of all, remember that job interview I mentioned in the last post?  Well, it went very very well.  Looks like I’ll be starting within a few months.  I’ll have to work fast to finish all the websites I had in mind…

    So… For my first web design project, I …

  17. Michael Walter

    Thinking More Positively


    I am a large believer in positive thinking. If you think your days going to suck, its going to have to be pretty incredible for it not to suck, but if you wake up with a positive mind set, theres almost no problem that can’t be solved. After listening to …

  18. Michael Walter

    Trading Future Earnings For An Education


    I like this. This is a real investment. What if instead of having to pay for college, you could get it all paid for in return for 5% of your future gross earnings. This would allow you to better concentrate on college, which would lead to a better job. There …

  19. Linda McKenna

    Web Design Adventure… etc.



    Here it is the post I promised — what I’ve been doing with the skills I’ve learned in DS106:

    I’ve been helping small businesses newly establish or revamp their websites.  Now, I cannot claim to know completely what I’m doing.  That would be far from the truth.  I didn’t …