1. mbutlerr

    Finally Final


    This is the officially last blog post for ds106, at least grade-wise. HMM, lets take a moment and a round of applause for all that Spring 2013 has completed this semester…done? Great, me too! Well I made it! This is it…this is my final summary post. Wooo! It feels good, …

  2. mbutlerr

    Tangled (the not so damsel in distress version)


    Story Introduction: Once upon a time/ Not too long ago,

    Lived a baby princess cute as a bow/ she was the heir who knew nothing but love/ who wouldn’t hurt a dove/ she had caring parents and flynn the best friend/the one who would care until they very end/  but …

  3. mbutlerr

    FINALE (part 2 of 2!)


    For the final part of my final project I did a design assignment (4 stars; I know, shocker, I did something other than video!). To hand in hand with the finale part 1, I created a PSA Billboard to further announce the princess’s return home! I found the picture on…

  4. Ms. Parker

    It’s all over! Oh noooo

    Digital Storytelling

    Way back in Week 3 of DS106, I wrote about what I thought was digital storytelling in a post titled “This is Meta-hard.

    While most of what I said is rather hum-drum, “yea I know that”–one quote stands out:

    I think that’s what digital storytelling is. …

  5. mbutlerr

    FINALE (part 1 of 2!)


    To wrap up this wonderful final project, I used the Public Service Announcement (5 stars=ahh! i’m sorry, i just lovveee video!) to show people what Rapunzel decided, which was her family. See my final story post to see what happened with Mother Gothel but I used a PSA video to …

  6. mbutlerr

    Climax to the maximum


    For the ultimate climax of the entire story, I decided to make my own Video Assignment because i felt like none of them really covered the idea i had in my mind, and as always, we’re encouraged to make some new assignments. The assignment I submitted (3 stars!) was to …

  7. confusedeasily

    The end is here!!


    Back in Week 3 I was talking about what storytelling was to me. I think that I knew some of what storytelling was but not the whole thing, I had a lot of the right ideas in my mind but none of them really were fully there. I think that …

  8. confusedeasily

    Poca Who?


    Hello, my name is Pocahontas and I have something to say, Disney got my story all wrong first of all I do not stay back in lame old America but I went to England with John Smith because we were so much in love. I would do anything for him …

  9. confusedeasily

    Anger Pocahontas


    I made Pocahontas get mad and it was the easiest thing. i just got a picture of her with a straight face and then mad her get redder and redder in different layers of GIMP and turned it into a GIF nothing really hard there.

  10. confusedeasily

    Is it truee *tear* *tear*


    In had to make John Smith die in my story I know it was sad but it had to be done to bcause I needed to put emphasis on the story line. For this I took a still picture of John Smith when he got injured in Pocahontas and I …

  11. Girl Without A Net

    Week In Review | Would I Do It Again?




    Heck yes I would.

    This semester was a great test in creativity, time management, and listening to myself.  Am I exhausted?  Yes.  Did I fail in some aspects? Yes.  Did I succeed in others? Resoundingly, YES.

    I learned so many things I probably wouldn’t have ever tried on …

  12. Girl Without A Net

    My 2 Cents Worth


    Dear ds106 Universe,

    It’s over.

    I’m done.

    BUT!  You have not heard the last from me.

    The over arching theme of this semester in ds106 is

    “Holy Crap, how am I going to finish all of this!”

    No, really.  I worked every minute I had available for this class and …

  13. mbutlerr

    Back to the basics! (part 1)


    For the first part of my final project, I wanted to tell a story but try to be creative with it. I also decided to do two birds with one stone and use some audio in this assignment. This was a recent change because I had plans to do a …

  14. confusedeasily

    A baby so real


    Babies are so cute so I made Pocahontas and John Smith have a baby together by morphing their faces together.  The website that I used, because I am not familiar with making a baby and what features to put together, made it simple I just had to add a photo …

  15. Ms. Parker

    Alice, Interrupted


    When she was a child, she had followed a little white rabbit wearing a small, colorful coat into his hole and found herself in a world called Wonderland. She had told her family and friends these fanciful dreams for years. But now she was 23, and these imaginary worlds were …

  16. mbutlerr

    The end is…

    THE END IS..finally here!

    IT’S THE END; how bittersweet. Incredibly awkward, confusing, and inspiring is exactly how I would chose to explain this class. Frustrating at times, yes, without a doubt, however in the same way it was amazing it was also very rewarding. I know it sounds like I’m …

  17. confusedeasily

    Pinning is my world


    I am normally on Pinterest 24/7 and it has not gotten any slower from there I am always on it looking for new thing to find. Therefore I thought that incorporating my final project with something that I love to do was a must. I made a list of some …

  18. klamb912

    The End is Nigh



    In week three of DS106, I guessed/created a definition of digital storytelling.  Having now completed the course, I have to say:  I’m pretty impressed with my January-self.

    “Digital Storytelling:  (course, noun, verb)  Employing the use of multiple forms of visual, audio, and perhaps even tactile/the-scent-version-of-these-words media for the purposes …

  19. Oh My Gott

    Honest Abe Explores Times Square


    On April 14th, 1865 President Abraham Lincoln arrived at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C. This day lives in infamy. President Lincoln watched “Our American Cousin” in amusement from his balcony seat, and halfway through act two, when the crowd erupted with laughter, he was time warped and transported to Time …

  20. Oh My Gott

    Abe Lincoln – Master of Karaoke


    For my final piece of media to be used in the final project, I have created an audio clip. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find “pretend to be a former president and sing karaoke” in the audio assignment repository. My goal was to close out ds106 with something light and fun, so …

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