1. Cole's DS106 Blog

    My Final Character’s Story


    For my final project, I will be working on the character Mario, for several reasons.  First, Mario is my theme for my website.  Second, Mario is a very popular character and branches out to many different forms of adventures, be it sports, in space, or prescribing pills to people…

    For …

  2. foxylee13

    Artificial Intelligence


    In an age where artificial intelligence is becoming more and more prominent, we must become weary of those who walk among us. Who is real, and who is a machine? As the decades go by, it will become more difficult to answer this question. Your best friend could be a …

  3. klamb912

    Ron Burgundy



    Ron Burgundy is the ultimate 1970′s man’s man.  He drinks obsessively, thinks little of women, and constantly shows off his masculinity.  His relatively low level of intelligence, his horrible social skills, and his incredibly inflated sense of ego are all good starting points for a character who needs to …

  4. Oh My Gott

    Final Project Gameplan


    I had a lot of trouble deciding on a character to use for the final project. It seemed as though each character I chose I could find a a problem with. Eventually I decided on Abraham Lincoln, with a twist, in that he will be living in modern society. There …

  5. Girl Without A Net

    Final Project Thinking


    Two ideas for my final story — a little something like this:


    I really enjoyed working on the audio story that involved the diary entries—->  I Found Your Diary

    I have been reading through many many entries and have been trying to weave one story from many different entries …

  6. Casey

    First Draft


    I am planning to center my final project around Rapunzel (specifically the one from the Disney movie Tangled)

    The story I am going to tell is Rapunzel’s plan to leave the tower in hows of seeing the “lights that fill the night sky” on her birthday each year.  This will …

  7. brittanydray

    Final Project Idea!


    First off I cannot believe that we already at the point of the semester to be talking about final assignments.  Where did this semester go (and where did my four years of college go).  While it’s hard to believe it’s time to start planning for finals, we are at that …

  8. mbutlerr



    A proposal for how my final should be proposed. Does that make sense? Well hopefully it will by the end of this post!

    Step 1: After lots of searching, and going through my favorite movies, ranging anywhere from Rango to Moulin Rouge until I settled on the ever beautiful Disney …

  9. confusedeasily

    Final Project planning


    For my final project I was thinking on doing a remake of a Disney classic movie, I do not think that I should call it a classic movie though because I do not think it would end up like that. For my character I am going to pick Pocahontas because …

  10. foxylee13

    Living the Dream (Final Project Idea)


    After 3 days of thinking this week, I’ve finally discovered what I wanted to do for the final project! Throughout my 13 weeks of being apart of this class, I believe I’ve mentioned something My Little Pony related a good number of times. I’ve decided that this final project will …

  11. Fandom Princess

    Dancing With the Fairies


    In the early days of the their courting, The Prince and the Fandom Princess would spend many a nights together. There was one specific night that the Princess cherished in her memories. It happened during her second year at Mercury. The Prince was visiting her for the moon cycle, and …

  12. Fandom Princess

    Adventures with Ghost: The Terrorizer


    One night, while the Fandom Princess was asleep in her chambers, she heard a noise that made her turn in her slumber. This noise also caught the attention of Ghost, who was curled up comfortably next to her on the bed. The Princess turned to go back to sleep, but …

  13. Fandom Princess

    The Golden Eggs


    “How odd!” The Fandom Princess exclaimed as she looked down at the Prince’s hands.

    “Aren’t they exquisite?” The Prince asked, a smile plastered on his handsome face.

    The Princess nodded. “That they are.” Her gave remained looking down at the Prince’s hands, in which he held three large eggs. The …

  14. klasalata

    I Can Transform Ya


    For remix/mashup week, we had to remix an already existing piece of media from a DS assignment and use a remix card to make it our own. To remix it. In order to do this, you have to click the remix it button on the website.

    So when I generated …

  15. klasalata

    Island of Misfit Toys


    One assignment we had to do this week was the Recycle the Media. This assignment did not count towards our six stars of mashup/remix that we need for these two weeks.

    A couple of weeks ago, each DSer had to submit three pieces of media that they had but …

  16. cogdog

    I’m as MOOCed as Hell and…


    UPDATE APR 18, 2013: The archive lives! Watch the insanity!

    A bit of shtick I used in today’s TCC World Online Conference keynote was an idea that settled in my noggin and would not shake loose. The session was billed as:

    Dim the lights, cue the music, roll the …

  17. foxylee13

    Recycled Media Mashup


    Reduce, Reuse, RECYCLE!

    I’ve taken 5 pieces of unused media from the Ds106 junked media bucket and created this…I don’t know what it is, but it seems like an awesome party to be invited to!! I mean penguin suits?? Sign me up!

    This video was created for the Recycle the

  18. klasalata

    The Sweet Escape


    One tool that was suggested to us when remixing and mash-uping was Mozilla Popcorn Maker. In order to experiment with this, Alan created a video for us to remix. He left spaces open where we could add new media. Here is the video:

    Yeah. I know, funny.

    I was …

  19. klamb912

    Err…weekly summary. Finally.


    Last week was a major embarrassment for me and I completely forgot to work on this stuff over the weekend.  So I’m really not sure if I will be getting credit for anything I post today, but I’m posting anyway.

    We had to complete 16 stars worth of assignments from …

  20. klamb912

    SuperCut it!


    This week I made a ‘supercut it‘ video featuring Agent Ziva from the television show NCIS.  Her character is originally from Israel and English is her second language.  She is constantly trying to use American idioms and butchering them.  I haven’t seen this show in ages but used …

  21. klamb912

    Rugby rugby rugby


    This was the first assignment I did on moviemaker, and so it’s a little rough.  I chose to do the sports mashup, which involved piecing together clips of great sports plays, but they were supposed to also tell a story.  I picked rugby as my sport, even though I …

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