1. Cole's DS106 Blog

    Burger King!


    I can honeslty say this was my least favorite thing I’ve had to do all semester because it relied entirely on an online editor that happened to break down and only work in parts the entire time I worked on it.  It was also very frustrating trying to line up …

  2. brittanydray

    Remixing Assignments


    For one of our assignments this week we had to take remix a previous ds106 assignment.  To find an a a remix assignment we had to us this page.  I’m not going to lie it took me 7 or 8 times to find an assignment that I was happy with …

  3. Oh My Gott

    Remix Explained


    After watching parts 1 and 3 of everything is a remix, I felt much more knowledgeable on the subject of remixes. While my prior understanding of remix was just the audio version in which artists would come out with new versions of a song, this series expanded my mind …

  4. brittanydray

    My Tutorials


    Part of our final wrap up for ds106 is doing two tutorials for ds106 assignments.  Here are my two that I did:

    1. A Place I’ve Never Been.  This is a design assignment worth two stars.

    I did this assignment a while ago (back in design week) and absolutely loved …

  5. confusedeasily

    Remix Your Vacation


    For the remix your vacation with the Popcorn maker first let me tell you that the Popcorn maker was being very difficult with me and my computer because every time I would try to rewind and replay a part it will still go from where it was. I think it …

  6. Girl Without A Net

    Recycled Media


    Using discarded media, I made this little nugget.

    It is the story of a simple, fun day in the sun, shared between two people.



    I enjoyed this exercise.  What is the saying?  “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”…

  7. Ms. Parker

    Popcorn Tutoring


    Tutorial using Popcorn Maker

    1. Find your media!

    I used the DS106 media bin. I looked around for a few minutes and tried to connect pieces. If you’re limited in your media, like I was, I would try looking for the sounds/video clips first since those will usually be …

  8. Kaitlyn

    Remix Summary


    Whew! This past couple weeks have been kinda crazy.
    I have to saw that Remix was definitely not one of my favorite weeks. But thankfully I survived… now on to the final project.

    But before I get going with that, let me recap my work for Remix week. I’ve been …

  9. Ms. Parker

    Evil Twilight – ????


    Another assignment that just… spoke to me: Movie Trailer Mashup.

    Take your favorite movie trailer and mash it up with a different trailer to completely change the meaning of the original trailer. For example, if you have a funny movie trailer, give it the sound of a terrifying movie; …

  10. Kaitlyn

    Here’s how it’s done


    This semester we had two create two tutorials of DS106 assignments.

    My first tutorial was of the Valentine’s day card we had to make during Visual/Photography week in February. You can read all the details and see the tutorial here.

    The tutorial will teach you how to make this:…

  11. Kaitlyn

    My masterpieces


    In addition to two tutorials, we had to create two brand new assignments to share with DS106.

    The first assignment I created is called “Dear sixteen year old, me“! I feel very official having a DS106 assignment out there with my name on it! Basically all you do …

  12. brittanydray

    Selena is that you?


    For my second star assignment I choose Actor Transformation. This assignment was to pick an actor and put to together different clips from through out their career to show how much they have changed over the years.

    I immediately knew that I wanted to do a child actor.  They …

  13. Cole's DS106 Blog

    The Baby’s Revenge


    A woman walks down aisle seven in the grocery store.  She scans the items on the shelves, looking for a bottle of Gerber peas for her new baby boy.  She finds them, goes home, and prepares them for little Joey that night.  But Joey didn’t like those peas…  The rest …

  14. Casey

    Second Edition (Remix)


    After going to the Remix Generator and refreshing a few times I settled on a project.  The original project The Freudian Alphabet.  The Remix was to add in Waldo!

    I chose a letter that was not part of my name and was not overly or underly used…  If that makes …

  15. brittanydray



    A couple of weeks ago we all had to submit old, unused media to this website.  At time we didn’t really know why we were doing it, we were just told it was going to come back up later.  Well it turns out that later is now and that …

  16. Princess Karissa

    The Student Becomes the Master


    Okay, maybe not a master but still. Teaching is what I like doing, so of course doing tutorials just seemed natural for me. I really enjoy using the Print Screen button on my computer, so tutorials is seriously perfect for me. It’s a shame that I learned about screencasts in …

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