1. Princess Karissa

    Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up


    Not going to lie, I’m not sure why I decided to tweet that. But it just seemed appropriate. I guess it’s because that’s how I felt when originally working on my radio show with my group and meeting for the first time in person. The group was using twitter in …

  2. Princess Karissa

    Wild Thang


    Probably the best way to describe me is wild. I’m not talking girls gone wild or something like that (especially since my parents and professors are the the only people who read this), but it is certainly me. I have a very unique personality to me and I can pull …

  3. Princess Karissa

    This Is My Princess Diary


    Yes I just had this realization, and it probably has been way too late for this, but I guess I could call this my princess diary. I mean I am a princess, and I am writing. It’s just a very public diary that I tweet about a lot, typical diary …

  4. mbutlerr

    Movie Trailer funfunFUN


    This assignment involves picking two movies, and changing their meaning around by switching up the audio with the a totally different video for whatever reason. Here’s what I decided to do:

    I went through different Youtube trailers to find just the right two videos. I settled on Insidious and The
  5. mbutlerr

    How To:


    This is my how to guide! On today’s listing for how to’s, we’re gonna learn how to do the Actor Transformation assignment!

    Find someone you want to do your assignment on. The example showed Lizzie McGuire. For today’s intents and purposes, I’m going to use Dakota Fanning! Use Youtube like…
  6. mbutlerr

    Assignment Wizard


    Apart of this week’s work was to also finish out our contributions to the class and really make our marks! An essential way that we had to do this was through creating assignments for future classes, which was way more exciting than I thought it would be! Actually, my first …

  7. mbutlerr

    Pretty within the Webby Work


    Remix wouldn’t be quite remix unless we had to do some craaazy stuff involving the assignment bank and that pretty little remix button that has been sitting there all semester. One of our assignments this week was to press and press that button until we found an assignment that we …

  8. mbutlerr

    No One Ignores Paul


    Apart of this week’s work was to make use of the recycled media that we submitted in week 9 named Recycle the Media! It seemed pretty cut and dry: take some old media, mash it up..However, if anything was that simple in DS106, then it wouldn’t be that much …

  9. mbutlerr

    Remix vs. Mash Up vs…Recut?

    What it do? Remixin’!

    Mash up, mix up, remix, re-doin it all up. That’s what these past two weeks have been all about! These weeks have been quite the whirlwind, but like every week, they brought something new and fun to learn! In order to get my toes wet, I …

  10. brittanydray

    Vacation of a Lifetime


    For this assignment our professor decided that he was tried and needed a vacation to celebrate the end of the semester (how is it already the end of the semester?).  For this assignment we had to use Mozilla Popcorn Maker.  This is a web based video editor that allows …

  11. Cole's DS106 Blog

    Hitler likes My Django Remix


    For this assignment, I made a remix inside of a remix.  We were supposed to make a movie where someone was watching a movie so I had Hitler from Inglorious Basterds watching Django.  But, Django was watching something he wasn’t supposed to be watching.  I did all my work …

  12. Fandom Princess

    Sunspots on the Water


    Weeks after the Fandom Prince had presented the Fandom Princess with the Golden Eggs, they finally began to move. The Princess squealed in happiness as she sent for the Prince to come to her chambers on the morning that she heard the rustling of the eggs.

    “William, look!” She said, …

  13. Lara Hampson

    What is a ReReRemix?


    To begin the two weeks of remixing and mashing, we had to review two references and three examples of what a remix is.  I wanted a clearer understanding of what a remix was, and I wanted to know if other people thought the same as I did, so this was …

  14. Fandom Princess

    The Rainbow Substance


    As they approached the fourth floor, Bryson took the Fandom Princess and Harold down past the various classrooms and students all the way to the end of the corridor. There, he approached a large statue of a huge frog.

    “Should try going in there,” he said quietly.

    The Princess raised …

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