1. @vd678

    Let’s go on a Trip


    Cassie felt like she woke up mere minutes after she had fallen asleep. When she looked at her clock though, and saw it was 8:32, she knew it had been at least a few hours. In the city that never sleeps, it was easy to stay out late. Especially on …

  2. Andrew Brasher

    The Missing Hunter


    My name is Gareth, I am a Warlock of the Praxic Order. This log is for the records because I doubt anyone else would care.

    A missing guardian. Or rather, another missing guardian, because it’s not like a Hunter going missing was anything new. They are constantly going out and …

  3. @mikeyb1503

    Final Summary


    It has been an exciting yet, at times an exhausting five weeks in this course. Digital Storytelling has proven to be one of my favorite courses and this final project was certainly the cream of the crop and the most exciting part. I have included my tutorials as well for …

  4. @mikeyb1503

    Tutorials for Final Project


    For my various audio assignments, these were the quick and easy steps I took. I recorded my video’s on audacity and then went to upload on SoundCloud, where I did just that before saving them and submitting them to my blog.

    For my design assignment, I combined the use of …

  5. Rebecca

    It’s over. Go home!


    The past 4 days has been the longest 8 years of my life. It was a lot of work getting my final story done, and some of it (lookin’ at you, GIF) didn’t actually need to be done. I like to think it added to my story, though. I hope.…

  6. @mikeyb1503

    Final Project: The Fidget Spinner


    There is a story to be told here…a story about a courageous person. Whom on one day, was just your average soul and before they knew it, had risen to stardom. To go from your every day individual to fame, can be a whirlwind of emotion, both exciting and exhausting. …

  7. salukizim

    GW Zimmerman Week 5 Summary


    A long time ago in the magic Kingdom of Bahrain a super saluki was born. He was the son of champions. He was a true son of the sands. His ancestors were famous hunters sought after for their stamina and hunting prowess.

    Saiph was special. He, of all of his …

  8. @mikeyb1503

    Talking to 16-year old Fidget Spinner


    For this assignment, I had to talk to a 16 year old fidget spinner. The fidget spinner was created in 1993, so 16 year old fidget spinner would put it in 2009. So, here in the year 2017, the fidget spinner would be 24. In the video I did, I …

  9. salukizim

    Saiph – Welcome to America


    Saiph the Super Saluki’s Personal Story.


    This 3 Star assignment was lots of fun.

    The primary program I used was MovieMaker on my Sony Laptop. Using my photo and video gallery on OneDrive, where I had uploaded all of my photos and video from my iPhone, I spent a …

  10. salukizim

    SALUKIZIM Productions


    SALUKIZIM Productions needed a snazzy logo.






    For this 3 Star assignment I downloaded a saluki sketch from online, placed it into a PowerPoint, added Text and saved it as a JPG.…

  11. salukizim

    Saiph Missing at Dulles Airport


    Wouldn’t you know it, Lufthansa misplaced Saiph’s crate and he was missing for 1/2 an hour.






    For this 3 1/2 star assignment I spun my wheels for 1/2 an hour trying to find a free missing person template on line. After seeing what was available …

  12. salukizim

    Saiph’s 24 Hour Day


    Saiph’s 24 hour trip to America.


    I started this 3 1/2 Star assignment first at http://freesounds.org and searched for sounds that would tell my story without vocals. I downloaded the files and then imported them into Audacity. After a bit of editing I was able to create a sound …

  13. @mikeyb1503

    My Favorite Thing to do: Spin


    For this assignment, I had to show off my favorite thing to do. As a fidget spinner, my favorite pastime is in fact spinning. In this video, I just demonstrate myself spinning in one place, but I often love to travel to different locations and spin there. This is a …

  14. @mikeyb1503

    10-Step Photo Challenge


    Fidget Spinner and I went for a walk, we took our 10-steps outside of the house towards the corner of the block. I took photos of the fidget spinner in all different directions, facing all different places. I then took the photos and placed them in my photo collage app …

  15. Rebecca

    The Secret World of Arriet-flea


    Let me start off by saying this: humans are dumb. They are so self-centered, they think that only they could be smart enough to be historians, or spies, or the great thinkers. I’m living, hopping proof that anyone can be brilliant. I’m a flea, and I’ve got a tiny conspiracy …

  16. salukizim

    Hello Bahrain


    A little coordination goes a long way especially when confirming overseas flights.


    For this 4 1/2 assignment I wrote a short script with me talking to the gentleman in Bahrain who was taking care of Saiph and was shipping him to the United States for me. I recorded the …

  17. salukizim

    Super Saluki Billboard


    Saiph was welcomed to the United States with a giant billboard:






    For this 4 star assignment I went online to the internet and found an image of a billboard and downloaded it and saved it to a PowerPoint slide. I opened another slide and created …

  18. de-norm

    One Final Story (The Story)

    Final Project – Stuck in the Gutter of Boredom

    This is yet another normal, boring day for Neil. Sitting in the gas station, sipping on something he grabbed from the back room that didn’t have a large sticker on it, and listening to the rain outside. It’s just Greenhill’s Red …

  19. @mikeyb1503

    When in doubt, Spin it out


    For this assignment, I had to create a t-shirt design. In doing that, I created a shirt with the Spinner picture on it and create a little slogan around it, “When in doubt, spin in out.” I created this on the photoshop app and then added the words on my …

  20. @mikeyb1503

    Interview with Fidget Spinner


    For this assignment, I sat down with Fidget Spinner and interviewed them on their life and asked them some questions about it. I asked them:

    What is it like to have this new found fame? 

    What are you dreams and aspirations? 

    What do you do in your free time? 

    are …

  21. @mikeyb1503

    Day in the life of Fidget


    A day in the life of Fidget. In this audio recording, which I did on audacity and then sent over to to sound cloud, where I uploaded it, I talk about what a do on my average day. I discuss my constant spinning that I do. I mention how I …

  22. @jwoodds106

    The World is Watching


    When The Jenna Show first aired in 1998 we weren’t sure how long it would last. The overarching attitudes toward the concept of the show were mixed. Some people loved it, some people hated, and some people didn’t care at all. The first few years saw ups and downs as …

  23. @jwoodds106

    The Hardest Five Weeks of My Life


    I took two online summer classes in this first five week semester. That was my first mistake. The first two to three weeks were stressful, especially because this class took up much more time every day than I had anticipated, more so at the beginning. I am grateful that this …

  24. @jwoodds106

    Year 19. Month 1. Day 21.


    I am the head of surveillance at The Jenna Show. This is the video report log for year 19-month 1-day 21 during the time slot 1942-2041 hours. I have many people under my department, and we have on of the most essential jobs at the show. We make sure that …

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