1. @KwameCovino

    One More Time!


    Today marks the end of my crazy five week journey. I’ve learned so much during this time! The class really made me work hard! I would be up until 5:30 am in the morning working on assignments. It was difficult to deal with at first, because I’m able to complete …

  2. @simplytelling

    – final reflection –


    Oh my god, we did it.

    We made it to the end…HOLY CRAP. I honestly didn’t think these 5 weeks would go by so fast, but D A N G. I’m a little emotional.

    So first off, let me just say that I thoroughly enjoyed this class. It was amazing …

  3. @simplytelling

    – long awaiting –


    It’s barely morning when she wakes up. The sounds of the outdoor world penetrating through her windows softly. She finds comfort within the confines of her house, away from the rustle and bustle of the city she sees from her window. Her daily routine she finds safety in all of …

  4. jbelodeau

    Week Five Summary


    This will be my final blog post that I make, seeing as the course is coming to an end. I found that this course was pretty challenging, and it was hard to keep up at times. Most of the assignments were very interesting but figuring out how to complete them …

  5. jbelodeau

    Tutorials for Hoop Dreams

    Highlight video

    Step One: Find clips off of Youtube.com.

    Step Two: Convert and download videos.

    Step Three: Add selected videos to iMovie to edit into tape.

    Step Four: Find audio track.

    Step Five: Download track and add to video.

    Step Six: Save and export as file.

    Step Seven: Upload to …

  6. jbelodeau

    Hoop Dreams: The Jack Belodeau Story


    Sometimes in life things don’t always go just as you plan, but that doesn’t mean that everything won’t work out in the end. This is the story of Jack Belodeau, a true underdog. Jack was an incredibly talented basketball player, he had set numerous records while playing basketball in high …

  7. @SMcSallyBlog

    Weekly Summary (Week 5)


    As this course comes to a close, I am here to do a little reflection. This course was rather difficult for me as I don’t classify myself as an overly creative person. However, this class did push me to get those creative juices flowing and put out some great content. …

  8. @SMcSallyBlog

    Behind the scenes of my final assignment


    This post is a tutorial for how I created all of the media for my final assignment. First, let’s start with the iPhone 8 billboard. The first step was to choose an image that someone made as a representation of what the iPhone 8 might look like. After that, use …

  9. @SMcSallyBlog

    The Life Of A Phone


    This story is told from the eyes of something that we take for granted every day. The humble smart phone. Most smart phones love their owners. The owners take them for walks, they feed them electricity, and they constantly play with them. They are constantly paraded around and being upgraded …

  10. @littlelamb0216

    Final Week Summary


    I learned so much about audacity, gimp, iMovie, and Movie Maker in the short 5 weeks of this class. I think I enjoyed audacity the most overall because it can be used the most for other classes. The Look, Listen, Analyze assignment was the most exciting because I really got …

  11. @littlelamb0216

    Final Project


    For this final project, I had to come up with a character and story that uses the media pieces I’ve learned about from ds106. With no money to spend and no crew to help, I definitely faced more challenges. In my head, it all flowed nicely like a movie, but …

  12. @KwameCovino

    The daily creates for week 4


    For this daily create, we made to create a picture that had something to do with the symmetry of the number 2017. The process to fulfill this assignment was very time consuming. I had to dig deep and think outside of the box to complete this task. For my picture, …

  13. @KwameCovino

    80% complete


    This week was very exciting. I had a great time completing the assignments. While they took some time, it was great to see that my hard work was paying dividends. I think that I learned a lot from this week.

    Part 1 videos:


  14. @KwameCovino

    Reading Movies with the sound off


    For this assignment, we had to evaluate what was going on in a movie scene. The scene of the movie I chose was Fight Club.  Growing up, Fight Club was one of my favorite movies. I personally think Edward Norton Jr. and Brad Pitt do a great job in this …

  15. @KwameCovino

    How to read a movie


    Reading Roger Ebert’s Reading Movies made me realize so much. I knew when I was going to learn a lot from the article, as Roger Ebert is one of the influential people in the movie critic industry. He was one of first movie critics. Many of the things he used …

  16. @viletroop_ds106

    Weekly Summary (Week 4)


    This week was probably the most challenging for me, as I do not have much prior experience working with videos or film. The workload was lighter, but what work there was was overall more intense than audio or graphics creation. For the daily creates I used GIMP to combine images, …

  17. @viletroop_ds106



    The scene opens up to two men walking, and the camera follows them. When they stop to converse, the camera begins to switch from person to person, back and forth. It switches between this, and getting shots of both men. As the scene progresses, the camera mainly shits to gauge …

  18. @SMcSallyBlog

    Weekly Summary (Week 4)


    This week was all about video. How to make video, how to watch video, anything you could imagine. So I started this week by learning all about video. First I looked at Roger Ebert’s “How to read a movie”. This was a very interesting article on how to look at …

  19. @viletroop_ds106

    Reading Film


    Creators of film use their unconscious to create scenes. There is no written guide to follow, but rather the individual’s aesthetic desires shape what is created. The same can be said of paintings or music. It’s mostly cultural influences that shape the unconscious mind. By stopping the film, we can …

  20. @viletroop_ds106

    Instant Replay


    After a show, and after some people had a little too much to drink, my band did an interview with a local music promotion group (Cult XLV on Facebook, check ’em out). The wipe-out was probably the best possible instant replay I could think of, so I replayed it sped …

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