1. Kavon Johnson

    Hey You


    Hey you. In the Red. Hey you in the red. Be tough not scared



    This cheer is repeated 3 times. The same moves will be used but we will change it to….

    Hey you. In the white. Hey you in the white. Stand up let’s fight. …

  2. Chanda Cowger

    The Value of My Experience at DS106


    As I write my final “letter home” or weekly reflection, I will share advice with future ds106 participants, especially students. Understand that I write this from the perspective of an adult student, in my mid-30′s, in the midst of a successful, demanding career, with a family and home to manage…all …

  3. Mohamed T. Moaz

    My Last 3 Daily Creates for Camp


    These will most definitely not be my last daily creates, but just for camp they will be.

    This first one was to draw a flower with my eyes closed…

    I think it looks pretty good, kinda abstract. I’m an artist what can I say lol

    For the second one we …

  4. Mohamed T. Moaz

    Week 10: Letter Home


    Hard to believe, but this is my final letter home. I made a video, so that I can remember this moment exactly. This week was really fun, and bittersweet.

    For my final digital story I decided to do like a hybrid format. At first I was thinking a video, but …

  5. Mohamed T. Moaz



    I created this assignment, for the Mash Up section. I would say this assignment is worth 3-4 stars. Go through all your DS106 videos and create a blooper reel!

    I went through the old unedited videos I had, and I had tons of mishaps and taken out parts. I put …

  6. Jasmine Anderson

    My Camp Story


    What you are about to see is based on a true story.
    It was Jasmine’s first time at camp, so she really didn’t know what to expect. Arriving at camp seemed normal enough, but she noticed a few of the counselors were acting a bit strange, but her counselor seemed …

  7. Jasmine Anderson

    Who’s Your Superhero?


    For my very first assignment creation I decided to be about superheros. The assignement is to upload apiture of your favorite superhero and tell why in 2-5 sentences. I choose (you guessed it) Cat Woman!!!!

    The reason that I choose Cat Woman, is because she is super sassy. She …

  8. Jasmine Anderson

    Weekly Letter 6 and 7


    Hey mom and dad, it has come to my attention that my letters may have gotten lost in the mail. So let me tell you a bit about those weeks. During my sixth week of camp, we dabbled in a lot of audio this week, as far as making sound …

  9. Jasmine Anderson

    The Final Letter Home!!!!


    Camp has finally come to an end although I am sad to go, I can’t wait to be at home in my own bed I can not believe how fast 10 weeks goes by, it only feels like yesterday that I was packing. I am truly sad to see …

  10. Kevin Murphy

    Final Letter Home


    Queridos Madre y Padre,
    (Dear Mom and Dad)

    When I first arrived at camp I had absolutly no idea what to expect I was going in completely blind. All I knew was that the entire course was to be online, and having never taken an online course before I could …

  11. Jasmine Anderson

    Jamming to the Radio


    As I am sitting here, I am here dreaming and listening to ds106 radio… Can you dig it? I am actually enjoying what I am hearing, the song that is playing right now is super relaxing. The some that has started playing now, has like a country, banjo thing …

  12. Kevin Murphy

    Week 10 Daily Creates


    My first daily create was to record a water sound so I was near a toilet so I was like thats easy and I recorded the sound of a empty toilet flushing.

    My next daily create was to draw a flower with my eyes closed. Now this was difficult because …

  13. Kevin Murphy

    Your Camp Collage


    I created this assignment because I was inspired to do something that had to do with a camp experience due to the fact that I was summarizing my Camp Magic MacGuffin experience all week. So I created my own which has a picture of a rope swing, canoe, and bunk …

  14. Kevin Murphy

    Mysterious Camp Magic MacGuffin


    Early this summer I embarked on my journey to Camp Magic McGuffin, I was pretty nervous I had no idea what to expect it had been years since I had been to a camp and I had no idea what to expect. But as camp began my fears began to …

  15. Marcey

    Class Participation Post


    “It is very important to us that you take time to reflect upon your contributions to the course and the work you’ve done. To that end, if you are unsure about where you stand in the class, and would like confirmation, the first step is for you to write your …

  16. Katie Douthitt

    Tutorial on Milestone Memories


    Tutorial on Milestone Memories


    Step 1

    Decide what your milestones have been throughout your life. Then find pictures that represent these milestones.


    Step 2

    Open Power Point and place each image on a slide in chronological order.


    Step 3

    Go to Insert at the tool bar then …

  17. Katie Douthitt

    Final Reflection/Letter Home/Advice?



    This is my final reflection of Camp Magic Macguffin.

    Below is advice that I give to future DS106 students. It’s all about time management seriously in my opinion that is what gets assignments done efficiently. Also look for tutorials and previous examples for other DS106 students. Manage your time …

  18. Marcey

    Week 9


    This letter was lost in the mail and is just now being sent. 

    Dear Mom, Dad, and sissies,

    This week, we are studying remix. Here is a video message of me talking about my time at camp this week.

    Love- Marcey