1. @ds106_aleonard

    Look. Listen. Analyze.


    I completed the look, listen, analyze assignment on the interview scene from Pursuit of Happyness.

    Notes taken during the three views:

    Analyze the camera work. Fade transition used between scenes. Time lapse used overnight. Camera cut a lot in beginning – seemed fast paced. Camera cuts back and forth between…
  2. @ds106_aleonard

    Reading Movies


    Disclaimer: When I watch a movie, I really am just focused on watching the movie. I am not super observant of the details and don’t really think about the process of filming or think about how all of the pieces fit together. With that being said, looking for the details …

  3. @flmngrose

    League moments


    Vimeo link   

    I originally prepared 12 minutes worth of content, uploading that much content, however, was a problem.  So I had to remove all but three of my games and clip out most of the spaces between action.  I chose the funnier moments to keep because it is moments like …

  4. @ds106_aleonard

    What made you happy today?


    I took my daycare kids on a field trip on Tuesday. We loaded up and ventured out to a place called Nature Zone and then spent the afternoon in a park. The weather was GREAT, we met a box turtle named Little Bit (ddi you know that if they have …

  5. @flmngrose

    My elbert response and video notes


    The act of stopping the film to take a closer look is appealing.  Doing so can reveal the emotion and passion of an actor; it may also reveal things that went unnoticed before, things in the background.  

    Right is usually the dominant side, even in films. Just as moving right …

  6. @lfrappao

    Week 1 Reflection


    So it is the end of week 1. This week really pushed me. I photoshopped something! 

    I feel I completed the assignments to the best of my ability. It was a struggle. I often had 20 tabs on chrome open at once. I would read what canvas said, then the …

  7. @lfrappao

    Daily Create #2 Hearing Double


    Weird Bird

    For my second Daily Create I first found a poem I would want to read. I wanted something short but also funny. I thought of Shel Silverstein first. I started reading his poems and came across Weird Bird. It was perfect, it fit both of my criteria. Next …

  8. @lfrappao

    Missing Lens


    I added my hockey photo to a 1962 photo of a hockey game Blackhawks verses Maple Leafs. During the game a player lost his contact lens and they stopped the game to look for it. I chose this because it is not your typical history picture and I have pictures …

  9. @joskamtav

    Separating your senses can give a new perspective


    The Pursuit of Happyness is a movie I’ve seen quite a few times, for this reason I decided to choose a scene from it for this assignment. I wanted to see how I would interpret the movie after learning about all of these techniques and effects. I was curious to …

  10. @joskamtav

    You want me to READ a MOVIE ?!


    I had never directly thought about reading a movie… not intentionally anyway. In the past I have found myself to critique angles or lighting used but never to pay them too much mind. Sort of like a quick mental note to myself. From reading Roger Ebert’s How to read a …

  11. @Emily_Juran

    A Day In My Life


    So, does anyone else get extremely awkward when recording themselves or am I the only one?? Looking through the video assignments this week was tough because a lot of the things were recording yourself and  I freaked out a little. I finally just came to the realization I needed to …

  12. @joskamtav

    How to make your own sign language video


    I’ve used iMovie in the past, maybe about 4 years ago. When I opened the application it was as if I’ve never used it… I was completely lost. After a few hours of playing around with it I finally semi figured it out. Here’s how I did it… Hopefully this …

  13. @joskamtav

    ….but I don’t even know sign language


    I have always wanted to learn sign language. At one point in life I was even trying to teach myself. The only sign I’ve managed to remember is the sign for bullish**… go figure haha. When I came across this video assignment I automatically knew I would give it a …

  14. @lfrappao

    Technology in the Classroom… Who is the Teacher?


    In reading Lankshear and Knobel’s first chapter several things went through my mind. The article discussed new literacies and different ways they are viewed. One of the first pieces that stood out to me was when @batcheloro responded to this quote from the article, “Understanding literacies from a sociocultural perspective …

  15. hshami17

    All Hail King Leo



    For the Highlight Reels assignment, I created the video above. It consists of some skills by the Argentinian Lionel Messi who plays for the club team FC Barcelona.

    Behind the Creation

    I am a huge soccer fan, or football whatever. I do not care what the hell you call …

  16. @Emily_Juran

    The Tranquil Life


    I decided to create a zen garden in the most peaceful place I could think of, my mom’s house. She lives in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of trees. Theres basically a little forest that backs up behind our house. If only this zen garden actually existed there!…

  17. @lfrappao

    Three Things That Made ME Happy


    The three things that made me happy are…

    A parent wrote a note to my principal telling her thank you for hiring such a wonderful teacher who pushed her daughter all year. She also said that her daughter loved school and and felt she had made a personal connection to…

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