1. Jessica Ledford

    Music Mash Up


    This is my first time using Audacity! I have never used this program before! It is pretty easy! I used Youtube and found 5 songs that I wanted to use I did a theme of someone growing up, to their parents having to let them go, then letting your loved …

  2. Jessica Ledford

    A funny emergency


    “I know this is 911! This is an EMERGENCY!! I just broke my only pair of glasses to read and I am the last person on this land! HELP ME! Bring me a pair of glasses! I HAVE to read! This is just not fair! You cannot leave me here …

  3. andrewthomas

    Scottlo reaction number 15


    Listen to today scottlo cast here 

    First off, almost 40 minuet long podcast min podcast? That is a bit longer than the regular sized podcast.

    I have been taking your advice on the star levels. I tend to focus on the lower number stars rather than the high star value …

  4. Reverend

    Week 3: Radio, Radio, Radio Show


    modified from cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo by Ayton: http://flickr.com/photos/ayton/136629036/

    Hey all you ds106zonies! It’s time to get serious in the 5th dimension of teaching and learning online. I have already laid the groundwork for week 3 in the pre-assignment post that sets up the radio …

  5. andrewthomas

    Where am I?


    So today’s daily create was to make a 20 second audio file and have people guess where I am in it. Listen to the file multiply times in order to guess where I am. While there is no prize for a right answer, you do get to feel good about …

  6. kshavala

    Reaction to Scott Lockman: Week 2


    Glad to see the groups are up for the Radio Show.  I am looking forward to getting started with the project.  This weeks tips for Soundcloud and Audacity were very helpful.  I played around in Garage Band a bunch and its a blast.  Theres another application similar to Garage Band …

  7. kshavala

    Week Two Write up


    This was a bit of a rough week for me because I was in South Carolina with a few friends all week and had a bit of trouble juggling my time to get all my assignments done.  Gladly this week is over and I am ready to be back in …

  8. Jessica Ledford

    Thats what that is used for?!


    Have you ever had that moment of thought how something was suppose to work? I know you have! I know when I was a kid and I still do, used to flick the top of a can of soda for fun! I thought that was what it was used for …

  9. Jessica Ledford

    The friends


    Today’s TDC is all about showing friendship! This picture captures more than friendship. This is a family. This was at Worlds 2011 with my team Maryland Marlins Tsunami. This was our pose after our last performance at the Cheerleading Worlds in Orlando, Florida. We had competed 4 times! That has …

  10. Jessica Ledford

    Color = Life


    Color gives the world life! It is what makes our world so alive! Imagine if we lived in a world with no color… We wouldnt have a world! These flowers were given to me by my mom after I competed at a cheer competition! I love the color choices that …

  11. Jessica Ledford

    Fill up the room


    People love to fill any white wall with something! I added a surf board self above my tv to add a little something to my wall. Its all about giving life to the room! Show who you are by using up space. Don’t be afraid to cover up the walls! …

  12. Jessica Ledford

    Where is the remote?


    Even with the slightest knowlege of what something is, the smallest of minds can distinguish what a symbol is telling us what it does. My family has known this couple for over 20 years. They have a little sone that is about a year now, and may not have known …

  13. Alopex

    Week 2 Summary


    Note all updates are in Navy Blue.

    Audio Assignments: 

    911 What’s your Emergency: 4 Stars, 4/15,  TWZ 4/8

    May I take your Order? Remixed: “Uncle Bob” 3 Stars, 7/15

    Puncuate Like Victor Borge: Remixed “Fox News” 5 stars, 12/15 TWZ 9/8

    Inflationary Language: 3 Stars 15/15


    Design Assignments:

    TWZ …

  14. Turn 2

    Creative Commons… What is it?


    The Creative Commons (CC) is a way that helps all of us share our work and knowledge with the rest of the world through any sort of sharing methods.  The Creative Commons allow you to gain support in legal and technical actions that make it so that you can using …

  15. Claire Patrick

    Week 2 Summary


    Huzzah! I made it to the end of Week 2 in ds106 and compared to where I was at the end of week 1 I’ve come a long long way.  If I was to grade myself on last week I would give myself a D maybe a D+ or C- …

  16. Turn 2

    TDC- 511 Sequel to Henry Bemis


    The sequel picks back up with poor Henry, back to the idea of ending his life. What did he have to live for? Alone…the world has been devastated, and the one thing he could ever want to spend his free time doing had been rendered impossible. After years and years …

  17. Rita Art

    To Fly


    The song Gabriel by Lamb is about a person who is very stable and self-sufficient but still wants more.  This woman has their “angel” Gabriel and wants them.  She doesn’t need Gabriel to get by, but she really wants him in her life.  As the song goes on she realizes …

  18. Rita Art



    Living in the NOVA area, it’s hard to get away from the political scene.  Everywhere you turn someone’s trying to campaign or push their agenda.  Every four years, it because unbearable.  Personally, I just try to avoid it and take care of what I can take care of.  I like …

  19. Rita Art

    Old People


    As we get older our bodies start to change for better or worse.  We may look different or something may not work quite like it used to.  For Poor Joe, his eyesight isn’t exactly up to par.  Poor Joe finds himself out in the shed one day and has mistaken …

  20. Rita Art

    Blink 182


    Blink 182 has been one of my favorite bands since high school.  I’ve always liked their music but also like the personality of the band.  They seem very fun and carefree. This really comes across in their music videos.  This little clip really sums up their attitude and approach to…
  21. Rita Art

    Dr Suess Meets Henry Bemis


    The Twilight Zone is always filled with ironic twists and turns.  Her you have a man who just wanted to read and read and read.  When he finally gets the chance, he blows it.  I think this is a very relatable story as several of us always wanted something only …

  22. Rita Art

    Take a walk in someone else’s shoes


    Donna Douglas was a very famous actress in her day.  Her most famous role was Elly May Clampett in the Beverly Hillbillies.  In the Beverly Hillbillies she was always viewed as the beautiful one, and it always seemed like she was too pretty to really be one of the hillbillies.    …

UMW Summer 2013 (Jim Groom)

The Summer 2013 class at University of Mary Washington taught by Jim Groom. There is a certain Twilight Zone feel to this class.

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