1. Claire Patrick

    Hallelujah there are four of me now!


    Well this was kind of an embarrassing/funny assignment to do – I recorded myself singing the same opening verse, from Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” 4 times.  I sang pretty much the same all four times (I’m no musical harmonizing sensation) but on one of the tracks I used the ‘deeper vocals’ …

  2. andrewthomas

    weekly summary for week 2


    I felt that this week was partly easier than the last week. This because I didn’t have to set up as many accounts as I did this week. Also there was no learning curve for software for the design assignments this week. I feel like I have a better flow …

  3. kchase27

    Guess that story!

    Sound Effects Story

    Tell a story using nothing but sound effects. There can be no verbal communication, only sound effects. Use at least five different sounds that you find online. The story can be no longer than 90 seconds. Another example (by a UMW student): https://ds106.us/wp-content/audio/audio_story.mp3

    I used GarageBand to …

  4. andrewthomas

    ds106zone LoDown 014 reaction


    Watch today’s scottlo cast here


    My reaction? good work today. Thanks for the tip about our upcoming radio show work. I hope that the radio show isn’t that much work as I have a busy week next week already. Hope you are feeling better and are still able to …

  5. kchase27

    Janet just got AutoTuned!

    Autotune Something

    You’ve heard Carl Sagan. You’ve heard Bed Intruder. You’ve even heard Gardner Campbell autotuned. Now it’s your turn. Take something not typically musical and autotune it.

    I decided to AutoTune my voicemail for Janet Tyler because I have lost my voice and I was worried that I wouldn’t …

  6. kriscorpus

    Missing Persons Poster


    I did a little deviating from the original assignment, which can be found here.

    This could be like a deleted scene of when the H-BOMB hits and Henry is search for his wife but retracts his search because he remembers how miserable she made him.

    Worth: 2 stars. …

  7. Claire Patrick

    The Contest You Might Be Able to Win


    So this assignment was called “The contest nobody could win” and we had to take 6 audio sound clips less than one second each.  So here are six song clips, some are pretty easy to guess but let’s see if you can guess all six??

    hint: they all have to …

  8. kchase27

    Who is up for a SAFARI?!


    For this assignment I chose to look at color, typography, balance, minimalism and function/purpose.

    This is a photo of the last remaining flower pen at the SAE Office. We originally had five pens and thought that such a vibrant color would help keep people for taking them. We …

  9. happyfuntimeblues

    Sound Story (Midnight Sun)


    For this assignment, I want to try and tackle a sound story. I have learned A LOT about audacity this week. I stalled for the first 3 days just trying to be able to figure out how to load music anything into the program at all- but I think as …

  10. kriscorpus

    Celebrity Life


    “Choose a celebrity (this doesn’t have to be a film-star or a rockstar!) or otherwise famous person who you admire. Photoshop your face onto their body in a picture of them doing whatever it is you admire about them. If you want to be a singer when you grow up, …

  11. Claire Patrick



    So for this assignment we were supposed to record a journal entry we wrote as a teenager (I was 19)  and really capture the mood of it through effects.

    I recorded my entry on Garage Band, I’m and audio noob so I didn’t do anythign too fancy but I …

  12. kchase27

    Are Lettuce Fries a Thing?!

    May I take your order?

    Using your best accent (whether it be Australian, British or southern, ect), pretend you are at McDondalds and order something off of their menu. Be picky! For example, a coke with no ice.

    This particular assignment makes me laugh for a few reasons:

    1. Over …

  13. happyfuntimeblues

    Reading Poster Assignment


    For this assignment, I made a reading poster. Although Mr. Beemis had already been used as the main example, I found this picture of him looking so cute and excited and decided I could pass it up.

    Now, this assignment was a *little* too easy for 3 stars, so I …

  14. Claire Patrick

    Calling Mrs.Bronson


    So in The Twilight Zone episode “The Midnight Sun” Mrs. Bronson goes completely cray because of the sweltering heat.  She takes one of Norma’s paintings of a waterfall claiming she can hear it and presses herself on to it.

    This assignment was to create a “bird call” for someone and, …

  15. kriscorpus

    Salesman vs. Henry Bemis


    “Welcome to the Swap Shop! Try to sell the most interesting item you can think of! Go on and on about it, be silly and have fun with it! Have a friend be the radio dj ready for the call in and ask you lots of questions about your item. …

  16. happyfuntimeblues

    Tornado Gifs


    I opted to switch out a Design Assignment for this Animated GIF Assignment that can be found here.

    I’ve always had a slight obsession with tornadoes and in a strange way, I look forward to tornado season every year because I know that it’s becoming an increasingly common occurrence …

  17. kriscorpus

    Sound Scapes


    “Compose a sound piece using only found sounds. Edit and mix the piece on any sound editing equipment and upload to soundcloud.”

    There are a lot of good sound bites in every episode of Twilight.

    Sound Scape assignment.

    Worth: 4 1/2 stars…

  18. Sean Placchetti

    Scott LoDown 013


    Well this episode is a lot of obvious computer tips for people who don’t understand how computer files work.”Your buddy can work on the .wav” lol, best quotes from this show. Wow that was short.…

  19. Sean Placchetti

    Scott LoDown 012


    That’s a pretty awesome opening to 012 LoDown. Well done, Scott. Anyhow, this sounds like it’s going to be a very productive episode. I’m excited. I’m a linux user! No one cares… Narrate my process? It’s kind of personal. How about I tell you about some of my process? I …

  20. Sean Placchetti

    Scott LoDown 011


    Whoa, this sounds different. Scott usually has this sort of deep, single toned voice, but today it’s a little lightweight and distant. Ha! he just himself droney. lol. Downloading is for suckers. I only stream. Jim Groom burn. I wonder if Scott Lo is getting paid for this? I feel …

  21. Sean Placchetti

    Scott LoDown 010


    Not much to say about this episode, it was kind of short and didn’t really go over very much. There was some talk about Obler, maybe I need to sleep and listen again in the morning. I’ll get back to it.…

  22. Sean Placchetti

    Scott LoDown 009


    Doctor Oblivion was/is/canbe Doc Groom? Yadontsay?! Flancy. Well, Scott, I agree that this is a lot of work for a 100 level course, but on the other hand, I’ve noticed that its very useful as a fast track to many ideas that take the average Liberal Arts student four years …

  23. Sean Placchetti

    Scott LoDown 008


    Okay, he’s going to clarify what he meant by forming groups to work on something with people in the course. He’s also going to go over the audio assignments one by one. And now, suddenly, it’s mario. And trance? That’s an assignment submission? Sound effects story… It’s a Doc Groom …

  24. Sean Placchetti

    Scott LoDown 007


    Scott Lo taught a loosely connected ds106 type class while he was teaching in Japan? Scott Lo taught in Japan? That’s pretty cool. Oh, now he wants us to pay attention to the open-online kids. Maybe, maybe, Scott Lo. At this point he’s planning a resource page. Scott! Why are …

  25. Sean Placchetti

    Scott LoDown 006


    I’m going to be honest, this episode was a bit of a ramble. A lot of talk of compression rates and types, stuff most people can learn from wikipedia in half the time. There was also a lot of background music, which can be a bad thing if it’s the …

  26. Sean Placchetti

    Scott LoDown 006


    I’m going to be honest, this episode was a bit of a ramble. A lot of talk of compression rates and types, stuff most people can learn from wikipedia in half the time. There was also a lot of background music, which can be a bad thing if it’s the …

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