1. Sean Placchetti

    Use the Voice


    So, I Used The Voice, which means I mimicked the voice of Don LaFontaine and created an alternate opening for The Twilight Zone. I simply took the actual script as written by Sterling and made a more epic version using some common tropes. I also tried to get a good …

  2. amcandre

    DS106 Radio Show


    On Wednesday, I met with my group and we did the radio show. For our radio show, we recreated the Twilight Zone episode, “Eye of the Beholder”. We changed it by changing some of the lines of the script to make it more modern. I played the part of the …

  3. kshavala

    Reaction to Scott Lockman: Episode 19, 20 & 21


    Haa i guess better late than never.  After this podcast I went through and checked to see if my sound levels were in the .5 to .8 range.  For the most part they were ok because I’ve been using the Amplify tool to balance the sound levels, as well as …

  4. andrewthomas

    Scottlo LoDown 21


    Watch it here!

    Interesting intro. I thought it was french at first and I had no idea it was Portuguese.

    So day for me today. Just tieing up some loose end for the work for the week. Basically all I need to do is the weekly summary.

    the radio project …

  5. andrewthomas

    reaction to scottlo


    Listen here

    glad to here your back.

    Yup I got to to to look out for a spike in sound better. Be careful we listening to you stuff when your computer volume is low. You will end up sound spikes like I did. Looking at the sound lines is a …

  6. Jessica Ledford

    Listen to our Radio Play!


    Here it is guys! This was such an amazing experience! I learned so much from this! I really got to understand how to use Audacity! I liked how I got to work with people! Honestly it was great! I loved how I got to meet 2 people in real life …

  7. kriscorpus

    Down with the Lo


    Lo Down 016

    Love the part about latency and why it might cause some to sound drunk…Scott droppin knowledge here.

    Lo Down 017

    This is evidence of how dynamic the Lo Downs can get, it was great to witness the chemistry between Rochelle and Amber of this Mother/ …

  8. Jessica Ledford

    Love Letters



    Todays tdc518: Write a love poem from one character to another from different Twilight Zone Episodes.

    I picked Janet from the Eye of the Beholder an Charlie from Monsters on Maple Street! For Janet I wrote hers with my eyes closed! I then got my boyfriend to write Charlies …

  9. Jessica Ledford

    Where am I?


    WOW! How Could I forget to blog one of my TDC?!?!

    tdc512: Challenge us to identify where you are, based only on a 20 sec audio clip.

    I know what I did! I recorded it on SoundCloud and then tweeted it and that was it! Wow! this is the …

  10. Jessica Ledford

    The Lo is back


    Episode #019

    Lol! Are we talking about Jello?! LOL!!! I love Jello! That was so cute! Loved it! That was a great intro! Don Wilson Loved it! So cute!

    Aw I am glad you got to enjoy yourself Scott!

    Glad your back!

    Um.. Your in the desert? Click your red …

  11. Jessica Ledford

    Smack on the Lo



    Oh gosh…. I am nervous for this episode.. I did one of those 911 audio assignments… I’m scared. I know he is about to call me out Let the show begin.

    AW!!! no way! Week 5 is going to be so awesome!

    Radio Groups! We do have to go …

  12. Jessica Ledford



    Wow! Once I sent Katy the diary entry she threw it all together and we finished our radio play! I think it honestly sounds amazing! I had a ton of fun doing this! I learned a lot! I would have never have done anything like this if I was not …

  13. Jessica Ledford



    My group for this radio play started out using a Google Doc! But after we got some thoughts down it kinda just stopped there. lol. I was the one to step up and suggest us to go meet at Mary Wash for us to do the recording for the show! …

  14. Jessica Ledford

    what did I do today?


    Last night I went to Prom! It was so much fun! gosh I honestly had a blast so today I needed to refocus back to my group with our radio play! I recorded a diary entry of the nurse and the leader (the Characters in the Twilight Episode: The Eye …

  15. Jessica Ledford

    Rethink before you speak


    This challenge made me think long and hard. I wanted to pick the perfect quote. This challenge was about picking a quote and just simply reading it. It sound really easy. But I wanted to find one that I had liked on someones Instagram that hit home for me. So …

  16. Jessica Ledford

    Dinner on Maple Street


    Cant you just picture a dinner with either your friends or family that you can never forget?! Well this is what this challenge is all about! Recreate that memory that you have from a night at diner! I decided to do a dinner scene with the characters from the Twilight …

  17. Jessica Ledford

    Listen to the Reading Rainbow!


    S/O to my girl Katy for making this a challenge!

    This challenge was so much fun! All you have to do is create a commercial and include music that plays in the background! Now for this commercial I used Jim Groom’s studio! It was so cool! I used Audacity to …

  18. kchase27

    Watch out it’s a drive by!!

    Scott Lo The Driveby Show Interactive Audio Contribution

    Scott is asking you, the ds106radio community listener, for short, potentially interactive .mp3 audio files that he can incorporate into his broadcast. He’s looking for fun and original items and elements that will serve to engage both himself and his listeners in …

  19. kriscorpus

    Twilight Zone Nightmare 911 Call


    I thought I would take a shot at this 911 call assignment everybody has been doing.

    The explanation of the dream is from a bit that Donald Glover did in his stand up when featured on Comedy Central Presents. Which can be watched in it’s entirety here. *All rights …

  20. kriscorpus

    Audio Dream Stories


    I was responsible for the audio drama in my group’s radio show so why not apply it to the required audio assignments for the week. Unfortunately the assignment criteria is a max of two minutes so ya’ll (you pick up this word if you have lived in Virginia long enough) …

UMW Summer 2013 (Jim Groom)

The Summer 2013 class at University of Mary Washington taught by Jim Groom. There is a certain Twilight Zone feel to this class.

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