1. kriscorpus



    I was in need of a sound clip of a jet ski and I couldn’t find anything without violating copyright or creative commons so I had to go to “pay-for-play” route, so to speak.

    I found sounddogs.com and they had a slew of sound clips for jet ski sound clips.…

  2. andrewthomas

    If I had time enough like Henry Bemis


    What would I do with all that time alone? Well assuming I had electricity I would fill it with video games. Nothing better to Kill time with eh? See the picture below

    No I don’t keep my video games on the floor like that, I posed them for the camera …

  3. kriscorpus

    Recording day


    We’re here in the campus library recording our radio play. Yay! It’s early but it’s crunch time. We have three days left.…

  4. Jessica Ledford

    Comic Day


    tdc515: Draw a representation of your perfect day as a comic. Use metaphors/symbols no text.

    Can you guess what my ideal day would be?! This was really fun writing my ideal day! Simple but yet this hardly happens! I am a busy girl! What can I say?! Try and …

  5. Alopex

    Radio Show Progress


    I’m excited to have the bumpers done for radio show! Hopefully we’ll be done recording come tonight. This way we have Friday to edit and Saturday to do some finishing touches and finalization. I’ve gotten more used to Audacity so I’ve gotten a few ideas for the assignments this week …

  6. Sean Placchetti



    I tried to listen to the ds106radio last night, but failed miserably. Thankfully everyone witnessed this spectacle and I don’t think anybody would say I didn’t try to listen to ds106 radio. I’ll try again tonight. But I’ve heard nothing about how they’re planning on fixing the stream issues. It …

  7. Sean Placchetti

    The Radio Show


    Well, I gave a listen to my group’s radio show so far. It’s not bad. I see a lot of room for processing. The need for music and effects. If we had the time I’d like re-record the show to slow it down a little. I feel like it lacks …

  8. andrewthomas

    Guest speakers on the scottlo, my reactions.


    First off, good works guys. I didn’t do the story by sound effects assignment so it was interesting to hear about it. I also don’t think we are doing audio assignments next week so I might never get a chance to do it again (I already finished this weeks audio …

  9. kshavala

    I meet Consuela



    For this cartoon daily create i decided my perfect day as a comic would be meeting Consuela.  So I cut and pasted myself into a Family Guy episode.


  10. kriscorpus

    Newly created audio assignment: Teezee Reference


    I’m sitting here with my girlfriend as she recovers from her wisdom teeth extraction watching her favorite show, Everybody Loves Raymond, and we hear this…

    She looks at me and I look at her, and she says, “Ohhhhhh!” and I get the idea to create a new audio assignment.

    The …

  11. kshavala

    Inflate The Twilight Zone



    I incorporated the Twilight Zone theme song into my punctuate assignment.  I read an excerpt from one of Professor Grooms posts and added the Twilight Zone sounds in Audacity.  I am getting the hang of Audacity, just in time to put together our radio show!

    Here is a link …

  12. kriscorpus

    Tracking comments on wordpress


    So when I comment on other people’s blog using my twitter account, how do I properly track all my comments. I don’t know how to find old comments without backtracking to every single blog I have visited.…

UMW Summer 2013 (Jim Groom)

The Summer 2013 class at University of Mary Washington taught by Jim Groom. There is a certain Twilight Zone feel to this class.

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