1. andrewthomas

    Radio Show update


    Got my commercial done! Was trying to get it finished last night but i ended up not having time. So what did I do? I decided to make an advertisement for scottlo’s podcast. Here it is by its self.

    I think it turned out pretty good. Going to do …

  2. kriscorpus

    Radio Show progress


    I have been in a time crunch since Tuesday because my girlfriend got her wisdom teeth taken out, and she was in need of a acting nurse. Regardless, no excuses. Our ideas have been narrowed down and structured so plan to crank out this thing tonight. Like Scott Lo’s analogy …

  3. kshavala

    Reaction to Scott Lockman: Episode 16 & 17


    I’m getting started making my own bumper so it was good to hear a few examples from Scottlo.  Our guest appearances in episode 17 were a great preparation for this weeks radio show assignment as well.  I learned some valuable lessons about creating bumpers that are audience appropriate.

    Heres a …

  4. Jessica Ledford



    WE FINISHED!!! Come at us!! Our radio play is complete! All we need to do is our bumpers which Sean will do! It’s perfect! Y’all are going to laugh so hard!!…

  5. Jessica Ledford

    How is it going?


    We are still recording our play!! We are cruising right along!! This is so funny all of us doing different voices and just having fun with it!!

    We are about a little more than halfway!
    Katy is Janet Tyler! And I am playing the nurses and the leader! Ahaha…

  6. kwisbaue

    Radio show wednesday


    Today, Rita and I wrote the script for our radio show. Kevin and Mark both did a commercial each and they are both doing the bumper. Rita is also doing the slate at the begining. I am excited to see how our audio turns out tomorrow. Everything should be recorded …

  7. Jessica Ledford

    Reading Rainbow


    What’s up guys?! I am in DuPont 310 right now with my group! We are using Jim Grooms radio center and it is kick butt! We are recording our radio play! As we speak!

    I just recorded my commercial! You have to listen to it!

    Commercial 2

    All I did …

  8. kchase27

    Are you BLIND?!

    DS106 Radio Commercial

    Create a commercial featuring an item that you have invented that would be extremely useful to your favorite movie or TV Show character. Try to be as creative and abstract as possible. Must include sound effects or background music and be at least 20 seconds in length.…

  9. kshavala

    Radio Progress


    Everyone in my group has been on top of their work and our script is coming together well.  So far we have planned out everyones tasks and selected our characters.  I have completed one of our commercials already.  Take a look!

  10. andrewthomas

    Progress on the radio show


    So we did some work on our radio show today. We plan on finishing recording the show tomorrow so we have a lot of time to edit. I have my radio bumper for the show recorded and edited and I plan to record a commercial tonight. I think I am …

  11. andrewthomas

    Haiku about the Twilight Zone


    So today’s daily create was to make a Haiku about the twilight zone and film myself reading it.

    Here is the result

    Here is the haiku in written words for those of you without sound on your computers

    In the Twilight Zone

    Things can get pretty strange very fast

    Be …

  12. kwisbaue

    Twilight zone Haiku


    For this daily create (tdc.ds106.us/) , we were first supposed to write our own haiku that had to do with the twilight zone and then do a dramatic reading of the poem. A Haiku is a poem where in the first and 3rd line there are 5 syllables …

  13. Alopex

    Creative Commons


    Creative commons is essentially a relaxed copyright. Instead of having full control over every use of your creation, you waive some rights for your work to be used elsewhere given certain conditions of the license. Well what does it mean when you have a regular copyright on your original work? …

  14. Jessica Ledford

    The Progress


    We have a plan! My group and I are getting together tomorrow at 5 at Mary Wash! This is going to be so interesting! I am so nervous! We will be at Jim Grooms radio area, I don’t even know how to even call it! Lol! A radio place? lol …

  15. Jessica Ledford

    Whats happening this week?


    This week ds106 as split into groups of 4′s! Why you may ask? We are creating a radio show! We have to create a 30 min show with 3 commercials and 3 bumpers! Its going to be really awesome! This is what the plan is this week, besides the tdc …

  16. Alopex

    Digital Safari


    Hello and welcome to my Digital Safari. Today we will be exploring four elements of design that I have found simply by walking around. Now I know there are 10 main groups but we will be looking explicitly at four. Keep in mind that even though I’m only focusing on …

  17. andrewthomas

    Scott cast 16


    Listen to it here.

    I haven’t done a bumper yet, I need to get on that in order for the radio show. Going to do that to day. Those were some nice examples you played today. Gives me an idea on what to do.

    I agree with you, time …

  18. kshavala

    Consuela Answers


    I decided to incorporate Consuela from Family Guy into my answering machine assignment.  I used an answering machine jingle from a Family Guy episode and had Consuela interrupt my message.

    This is the youtube video that I used most of the dialogue from and the assignment can be found here

UMW Summer 2013 (Jim Groom)

The Summer 2013 class at University of Mary Washington taught by Jim Groom. There is a certain Twilight Zone feel to this class.

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