1. omaraminzay

    Week Three Summary


    Final Summary For Week Three: 

    This week has been mixed to say the least. I was excited that we got to participate in the sound part of the course. Given that I had few problems with sound-cloud, I wasn’t to worried. This week I also began to ramp up work …

  2. rcrabbe



    Another week has gone by with ds106 and this means I have another week’s worth of programing under my belt.  The main tool I have used this week was Audacity, and I must say this will definitely be a program I will use well after this class is over.

    When …

  3. jhylan

    Chaplin Goes Spanish


    This assignment was rather difficult and took a lot of coordinating to get down. However, it was very rewarding once the final product came out and now I can’t wait to attach it to the film itself. Since there was a woman in the film and I am not one, …

  4. 8tcgyh

    Weekly Summary: Week Three


    This week brought about some trouble for me. Per usual, the daily creates were a delight. However, the audio assignments gave me a little bit of trouble. I’ve been experiencing some shotty internet connection recently and that prohibited me from doing some of the more complex audio assignments. However, I …

  5. 8tcgyh

    Audio Assignment #2: Elle Woods’ Voicemail


    Delta Gamma Nu and always in pink: Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. An instant classic. As a blonde, this film was one of my absolute favorites growing up. At the peak of middler school era “dumb blonde” jokes, this movie always gave me a positive outlook on being blonde. While …

  6. jcook5

    Digital Storytelling Reflection Panel


    This assignment was to create a parody self reflection of the ds106 website. While everything I said was so far left, it was very hard to keep a straight face while completing it. I got my families help for this assignment. I decided to take the direction of making it …

  7. 8tcgyh

    Audio Assignment #1: May I Take Your Order?


    English muffins and tea, please. Where could I possibly be from?

    I chose this audio assignment because I think it taps in to the notion that McDonald’s, although they may appear to be universal, can be quite different from country to country. I have been inside McDonald’s in Amsterdam, Paris, …

  8. 8tcgyh

    Daily Create #12: My @amyburvall Style Message


    Today’s Daily Create assignment is: Draw an @amyburvall Style Message (yes, you must use pink)

    I chose a Maya Angelou quote for my @amyburvall style message. Pink being the most important feature of this artistic style. I used a drawing tool application to execute this assignment. …

  9. jhylan

    Quarter Pounder with 5 Slices of Cheese?


    I have to say once again this week is definitely pushing me outside of my comfort zone, but that’s a good thing. It’s about time I break away from the visual and focus more on the audio. This assignment is all about using an accent, but also using it while …

  10. 8tcgyh

    First SoundCloud Audio Recording


    Ta-da! Here is my first audio recording on SoundCloud! I thought it was going to be much more of a hassle to create an account, but I actually found the site to be very manageable and well designed! I chose an avatar picture as a measure for personalizing my profile. …

  11. omaraminzay

    Foley Sounds Assignments – August 0:31-1:00


    This assignment was a challenge. We were asked to create a sound that would follow along with Charlie Chaplin’s movie. This is the original clip I was to recreate.

    That was the original clip. This is my recreation.


    In this clip, there were four distinct sounds that I had …

  12. dluce

    Rushed – Daily Create #12.


    I honestly didn’t have much inspiration for this – I picked a generic quote, and drew it up in GIMP, trying to stick to the style I saw. It’s not nearly as neat as the other artist’s style, though I feel I made it similar enough, with disjointed multiple lines …

  13. skasner

    TV Voice Mail


    For my second audio assignment I created the voice mail of a character from a TV show!

    Since it is a TV show, and probably not everyone has watched it as many times as I have, I will give a few hints:

    There 7 seasons. One of the main characters…
  14. dradoye

    Guitar Hammers



    So this is story is kind of short.  My father taught me how to play guitar.  I took separate lessons, but he really got me into it and taught me the cooler things.


    The actual notes are just varitions of the G-chord.  You sort of move your fingers …

  15. rcrabbe

    A look into my sketchbook


    Today’s daily create was to make up an artistic statement about yourself.

    Here is mine:

    Art is my way of looking at things through different eyes.
    The way I see things day to day are different from the way I see them when I want to draw it.
    I notice …

  16. rcrabbe

    Charlie Chaplin


    For the foley assignment I had to generate my own sounds that would follow along with Charlie Chaplin’s movie, The Circus.  Since I was born in April, I have to make sounds from 1:31-2:00.

    Check it out here:

    It took me two days to make this sound as close …

  17. klittle

    Three weeks….Really?!


    So the three weeks that we have been in this class has flown by! I can’t even remember what we’re supposed to do every week, it goes by so fast!

    I had a very hard time with this weeks assignments because I haven’t ever really done anything with audio, besides …