1. jcook5

    Ringtone Creation!!!!


    Hey guys, so I completed the audio assignment to create a ringtone. Now my inspiration for creating this was to put two annoying sounds together. Since I live in a house and have a dog, those sounds turn out to be a doorbell and barking. The barking sound did not …

  2. klittle

    The Old and the New Can of Coke



    I chose to create a old/vintage photo of a Coke can because I think Coke is universal and that most people can recognize it.

    The thought of a vintage coke can is also fun because it would be so old, probably rusted, but still it survived.

    This coke can …

  3. klittle

    The Shortened Version of My Life



    The story of this picture is that the clouds represent all the bad that has happened in life, whether it happened in a day or in a year, they drift past to make room for the new day.

    I chose this picture because I feel like it not only …

  4. klittle

    Cucumber Munching on Some Squash



    Once upon a time there was a Cucumber. This Cucumber was tired from the hot sun and very hungry. The Cucumber was trying to be good and wait for the Farmer to come and give him some dirt and water but as the time passed and the Farmer never …

  5. sfrench2

    I’m done!


    I guess I saved the easiest assignment for last!

    Here is my “breaking news” that I have finished all my assignments for the week – yay!!

  6. klittle

    Sometimes Alone but Never Lonely…..


    There once was a group of chickens that all lived together peacefully and happily, but there was one chicken that could never seem to join in on the fun. This one chicken always seemed to be alone; she could never find the others. The other chickens were confused by this …

  7. klittle

    The Sounds of Everyday Life!


    Foley Sounds

    These are the sounds of my everyday life. If you listen you can hear the breathing because air is essential to life. There is also the sound of things dropping, because I am very clumsy. Next is the sound of running water and the brushing of teeth, because …

  8. yharvey2013

    Panic and Emotional


    This seems like the week from hell, I thought everything would go smoothly after last weekend when I was having internet issues. This week tops it all, my sister calls me on Wednesday and tells me my brother-in-law having surgery to clear some blockage from his heart valves on Thursday. …

  9. lizardbreath1717

    Chugging Along Better Than Before


    This week was a hell of a week. I’ve been so stressed out but when I’m doing my ds106 work, it is a bit of a break for me. I feel pretty good about completing the assignments for this week, they were very challenging but I learned more this week …

  10. jhylan

    Bacon Quest


    This assignment has to be the strangest and corniest one I have done yet, but it is about time I got pushed out of my comfort zone. The assignment was called “Use the Voice” which means the voice of Don LaFontaine, who was best known for his voiceovers in …

  11. lizardbreath1717

    Artsy Fartsy


    I hope to achieve an onlooker’s understanding of my life through my work. My emotions should be bleeding from the pictures.

    My choices of styles and what to do come to me in an image in my mind. I see what I need to do and in my mind there …

  12. fhowell



    I made the sound track for the first 30 seconds of Charlie Chaplin The Lion’s Cage clip, I used Audacity for the sound editing. To make it easier to record and keep track of the time I placed audacity and the movie clip side by side on my desktop (picture …

  13. dradoye

    Chaplin Foley Sounds


    So I recognize that this is late.


    I have a reason.


    I looked through the assignments earlier this week.  When I went to get on my website, it was down.  I already posted about this.


    Anyway, with my blog being down I was kind of worried about …

  14. dradoye

    Sound Editing


    So I don’t really like sound editing.  I can do it, and I like the emotions you can evoke, however I really like Audio and visual put together.


    Also, I wish I had a fancier software.  But I don’t want to pay, and Audacity does the job fair enough!…

  15. dradoye

    A Love Story – A Sound Effects Story


    This sound story is kind of personal.  It tells the story of a good friend of mine’s family.  I hope it evokes emotion and understanding.  I hope it is not too sad for people…


    Anyway, I think I would rather the actual sound “speak” for itself”.


    I used …

  16. fhowell

    Being a music Prodcer Audio Assignment


    This was the two track audio assignment out of the assignment bank called Being A Music Producer. I recorded myself playing the Djembe (an African Drum) on track one. I recorded myself playing a higher tone and the same Djembe as on track one on track two. The first recording …

  17. rcrabbe

    Charlie Chaplin


    For the foley assignment I had to generate my own sounds that would follow along with Charlie Chaplin’s movie, The Circus.  Since I was born in April, I have to make sounds from 1:31-2:00.

    Check it out here:

    It took me two days to make this sound as close …

  18. sfrench2

    Don’t bite your friends!


    For this audio assignment, I had to pretend to interview someone and have their responses be snippets from songs.

    I chose to interview Luis Suarez, a profession Uruguayan soccer player. If you don’t know what happened recently in a World Cup match, Suarez was caught biting an opponent. This …

  19. klittle



    Okay, so I created this ringtone using an Anime song I found on youtube: Sweets Parade. The song is from an Anime called Inu x Boku SS, which is really good if anyone is interested.

    I then got the Sherlock sounds, also from Youtube.

    1) the Irene Adler Moan: …

  20. jhylan

    Ship Caught in a Storm


    All the men are below deck as they wait as they nervously wait out this midnight storm. In the middle of the Atlantic with no help for thousands of miles the men sit quietly in patience. They done this dozens of times throughout the duration of their journey trying to …

  21. klittle

    Walking through the Jungle!


    This Audio tells the story of a man walking in the jungle.

    At first everything is fine, just calmly walking through the Jungle. Then that all changes. First the animals start making noises, randomly and with a eerie presence. Then the storm starts and the animals getting louder. His sense …

  22. rcrabbe

    Law of Conservation of Energy


    Here is today’s daily create

    Explain a Principle of Physics in a Pair of Limericks

    Here is what I came up with:

    It states that the total energy cannot change,
    it’s conserved over time, how strange.
    it can change form
    never reborn,
    then converted to kinetic energy for exchange

    But …

  23. jhylan

    Deer Robs a Bank


    Sorry about being a little late to ds106 this week I have just been extremely busy with work. However, now that I have time to play catch up here is my first recording about a deer who decided to rob a bank. It’s short, but I got my inspiration from …

  24. jcook5

    Sound Effects Quiz!


    Hey guys so I have created a story, using only sounds. I decided to make mine like a little quiz. Can you guess what my sound effects is about?

    Anyway, lets get down to business. Without giving away the answer, I decided instead of using a random selection of files …