1. kriezl

    Arietty Goes House Shopping


    I went house shopping today. I think I am in love with this backyard!

    Check out the video I made about the backyard. While I was taking pictures, I thought about how I really feel about this class. Even though I struggled a little bit in this class, I still …

  2. skasner

    Week 5 Summary


    I cannot believe that this class is over! It makes me kind of sad, because this class was so unique and I’m going to miss having a lot of assignments that are actually fun. I hope that as the semester starts I am able to actually use a lot of …

  3. dradoye

    UMW Doug Logo


    I created this logo in paint, and uploaded it to my website using appearance, customize, logo.

    You can link to the flickr post by clicking the image.…

  4. jhylan

    A Television Life


    “You know what I do all day? I watch you. From the very beginning of my life as soon as I left that factory floor where I was created and left that claustrophobic space you call a  box, I was yours. You stare directly at me as if I just …

  5. lizardbreath1717

    Make My Day


    Description: Plan your perfect day. Use either pictures you have taken, ones you draw, or ones from another source. Outline what it would be first with a schedule and then add the pictures with more specific details of what would be occurring.

    Here is my own submission for this assignment:…

  6. kriezl

    Kindergarten Drawling


    When, I walked outside into my backyard, I saw a bunch of flowers. Honestly, I don’t go into my backyard very often so I was surprised to see all the flowers blooming.


  7. dluce

    Out of Sight, Out of Mind


    Ugh. Not again.

    The thought invaded my mind as I laid on my bed. Yet another fight had broken out between my parents and my adopted brother, Jake. And of course, by “my parents” I mean my dad. I doubt my mom is doing anything except observing the byplay with …

  8. klittle

    Why did the Chicken cross the road? Because it COULD!



    For this daily create, you had to create a picture of someone doing something even if it didn’t seem like the logical choice, even if their path was blocked or dangerous.

    I chose to create one with the inspiration being the famous joke “Why did the Chicken cross the …

  9. klittle

    Pink is the New Black



    This daily create I thought was just a bunch of fun! To make everything pink? I know I’m a girl but I have only just recently started to like pink and this assignment just brought a smile to my face.

    I decided to create a picture about some of …

  10. kriezl

    So Are We, like, in a Relationship?


    That’s how we got in a relationship last year.

    He said, “really, Kriezl? Are you in middle school or something? Yes.”

    First, I was unsure about what just happened so I asked, “So, are we official now? Like, are we boyfriend and girlfriend?”

    There was no official title established, though. …

  11. anya

    Tutorial For Foreign Language Poem Reading


    Since the United States is a multilingual country you need to find a poem online in a foreign language (or your native language) and record it in SoundCloud. You have an option of learning language during the week of the Audio Assignment or try reading it with the best accent …

  12. klittle

    Disney Wisdom


    For this Daily Create, you had to chose a picture of someone you thought was wise and then attach a quote.

    Being a BIG fan of Disney, I of course chose a quote from him.


    The story behind this daily create, at least for the one I have made, …

  13. klittle

    Take a ScreenShot!


    I am making a tutorial for how to screen shot since I did this quite often for this class, but I am making a tutorial for Dell or other similar PC computers. I’m not sure if this works on a Mac or the like, but you can try it!

    Step …

  14. anya

    Foreign Language Poem Reading


    For my second  Create Your Own Assignment I chose to do an Audio Assignment.

    The United States of America is one of the biggest countries where people speak all kinds of languages. People migrate from all over the world bringing their own language and traditions. Since this country is so …

  15. fhowell

    Sketch a Picture

    Sketched in paint

    This is an assignment I came up with for my design an assignment requirement. I am not an artist by no means, so I am thinking most people should be able to pull this off. It is just my interpretation (I know this face is a inside …

  16. kriezl

    Who is Winslow ‘n Arizona?



    I was traveling in my Jimmy from Utah to the visit my grandma in Mexico. Before I left, my mother told me to “visit Winslow ‘n Arizona.” She said it would be nice to visit along the road trip. I’ve never heard of them before so I assumed they …

  17. anya

    The Words That Gave Me Hope


    Daily Create 20

    For the last daly create I chose these words of wisdom: He has made everything beautiful in its time.

    Those were the words of encouragement for me when I was going through a tough time in my life. A friend of mine gave this cute painting to …

  18. fhowell

    Collage with relationship symbolism

    Christmas in the Caribbean

    Design a collage with someone in a special place for you two. The collage should have some symbolism of your relationship. Alter the pictures in some way i.e. a border.…

  19. dluce

    Tutorial 2 – Time Lapse


    The time lapse assignment in the video assignment bank is one I had some fun completing, and I notice that it has one tutorial already posted for it. That tutorial, however, does not cover trying to screen capture video from a computer to use in the time lapse, so that …

  20. dluce

    Tutorial 1 – How To Chipmunk Voices


    This tutorial goes over one possible way to do the Chipmunk Video Assignment, which I found incredibly entertaining when completing it myself. It’s not a very difficult assignment with the right tools.

    Before you begin, you need to have Camtasia 8 or later – I haven’t seen Camtasia 7′s interface …