1. yharvey2013



    This is my video of Charlie Chaplin, The Lion’s Cage.  I ran into a lot of issues when I used Windows Movie Maker.  So I had to do some research another type of software and found Wondershare Video Editor.  I had to start my project over from scratch and I …

  2. anya

    What a Sweet Grandma!


    Daily Create 19

    It was a sunny spring day when I Was Standing on the Corner of Winslow Arizona… When suddenly a huge dark cloudappeared from the distance. I didn’t pay too much attention to it thinking that it will most likely pass by. I continued playing my guitar …

  3. dradoye

    Final Project – Dumbledore’s Last Days


    Here is how this blog post is going to work.  I am going to first post everthing and tell the story straight forward.  I am going to number my media creations.  Below the actual story, I am going to use the same numbering to explain how you can create a …

  4. kriezl

    Me and Bae


    Me and Bae just got married! We got our jackets custom designed by my favorite couture designer in Paris. I love him so much. When, he looks into my eyes, I know we’re meant to be together forever.

    The purpose of this post is to create an example for  VisualAssignments1335 …

  5. dluce

    The Crossroads – Daily Create #19


    The intersection was deserted as I stood there, wondering. How did I get here? One second I was eating breakfast at a diner, the next – standing. Here. In… apparently Arizona, unless that shop front was merely advertising the city. I’d seen plenty of that kind of thing before, but …

  6. jcook5

    Reverse Audio Quiz Tutorial


    Hey guys so I decided to do my second tutorial on reversing audio. This tutorial, like the assignment is for beginners. Please do not be overwhelmed. This is one of the simplest things you could learn. Which I did not know when I started the process. But the first thing …

  7. jcook5

    Po and the Furious Five’s Rendition of Unwritten


    Everyone know’s the story of the Kung Fu Panda and the Furious Five. But did you guys know about their side job. Singing! Po and the Furious Five have been working for almost a year to prepare for a concert to perform for everyone in the Valley  of Peace. They …

  8. 8tcgyh

    Final DS106 Project: Coach Boone’s Back


    COACH HERMAN BOONE (Remember the Titans, 2000)

    August 1971
    Coach Herman Boone stood on the edge on the field, pensively staring up at the chipped, yellow field goal post. The sun made his eyes burn, so he turned and strode confidently back to the bench.

    As a newly integrated, high …

  9. 8tcgyh

    Daily Create #19: The Danger Zone


    The corner of Winslow Arizona holds a great deal of history. So WHY NOT stage a mock cowboy duel? That’s what he thought, at least. Standing there, hands visibly shaking, the man gingerly placed his hand on his pistol holster and met the gaze of his opponent. The opponent followed …

  10. fhowell

    I feel like I’m taking crazy pills

    She look like I feel too.

    Google Autocomplete is an oracle with strange powers to bring oddities into your life. This assignment asks you to seek out that randomness. Start with a strong phrase (things like “I hate . . .” or “I love . . . ” seem to …

  11. sfrench2



    Goldilocks is taking a nap after just getting in from running some errands earlier that morning. She looks happy and satisfied as she gets up to read the morning paper, looking through the advertisements. This poster can be seen pinned to the wall behind her:

    She scans the ads until …

  12. skasner

    Haven’t Read a Novel Since High School?


    For my second created Digital Assignment, I decided to use the app Vine. I had to use it for one of my Video Assignments and really enjoyed it. It was an easy to use app yet a challenging assignment since Vine videos are so short. There have been a few …

  13. klittle

    A Very Rough Week 4 to say the least.


    So I know my blog post for this is a little late but to be honest I had started it before and am only just now getting around to posting it.

    I know I mentioned that I was studying abroad in Paris this month and I didn’t think it would …

  14. fhowell

    Campus Bookstore has what you want and need


    The first thing I did was come up with the concept of a cheesy campus commercial for this audio assignment 1298, then I searched my data base for music to support my idea of a bookstore commercial.

    The second thing I did was try to get some inspiration from different  …

  15. skasner

    Take it easy.


    I have had this song stuck in my head since I read the DailyCreate at 10 o’clock this morning.

    For some reason, I would absolutely love to think that people have gotten proposed to on this corner. I think I’m a little bit of a hopeless romantic, but I think …

  16. jcook5

    Home Video Gif


    Hey Guys so above this post, you see I have the example of my assignment. Yes that is me failing miserably at taking down the arch we built at the science museum. Only I can get hurt in the childrens section of a museum lol.

    So to create this gif, …

  17. rcrabbe

    Who drinks beer??????


    Today’s daily create.

    Man let me tell you about the crazy dream I had last night. So, it was a normal hot day and I was standing on the corner of Winslow Arizona. It seemed like I had been walking forever just to get here. While I was walking the …

  18. lizardbreath1717

    Never Stand on the Corner in High Heels


    I was standing on the corner of Winslow Arizona awaitng my lovely boyfriend to find his way out of the flea market that had so many “cool things that you can’t find anywhere else”. The fact that you cannot find those things anywhere else should be a sign to high …

  19. fhowell

    Desperado In A Thrift Shop

    On the corner of Winslow, Arizona Today’s daily create assignment was to create a story from this picture.

    It was a lazy Saturday afternoon at the corner thrift store in Winslow, Arizona. Pete had packed up from playing his guitar from this morning and was seen chatting with a …

  20. yharvey2013

    Stole My Guitar – Daily Create 19






    I was standing on the corner of Winslow Arizona playing my guitar minding my business.  All of a sudden a man with a cane starts yelling out that I was singing his song and snatched my guitar from me. He said I was not singing the …

  21. anya

    Charlie’s Life.


    Once upon a time there was a little puppy. He lived on the streets and had almost nothing to eat. He was always lonely and didn’t know where to go. Charlie’s mom died when he was just a few weeks old. He was not the only puppy that his mother …