1. anya

    Tutorial for how to Create Your Favorite Book Cover


    Recently I created a Design Assignment – Create Your Favorite Book Cover. Now I would like to create a tutorial for it.

    For this assignment I used Photoshop.

    The following are the snapshots of all the steps I did

    I used the magic eraser to delete the background. then I …

  2. anya

    Happily Flying Octopus


    Daily Create 17

    For this daily create I chose my brand new octopus that I bought for my soon coming baby and decided to teach him how to fly I put him on the top of the fan and he was happily flying making some nice music


  3. anya

    Create Your Favorite Book Cover


    I decided to create a Design Assignment.

    It took me a while to decide what to do for this assignment. I’m a very visual person that is why visual work is easier and more pleasant for me to do So I decided to choose one of my favorite books (now …

  4. anya

    Dancing in the Cold


    For my Visual Assignment 1 I chose 1 Second Video from the Assignment Bank.

    I would like to tell you a story in 1 second : )

    One winter day my friends and I were traveling to Pennsylvania. On the way there we stopped at the rest area. My girlfriends …

  5. anya

    Look, Listen and Analyze


    For this assignment I chose a scene from Dumb and Dumber movie.


    The camera work.

    The scene where Jim Carry tries on suits the camera in right behind Jeff’s head. It makes the viewer feel like we are watching him try suits on together. When Jim is getting his …

  6. rcrabbe

    New Background


    In honor of Week 5 and our upcoming story assignment, I have changed the background of my blog to represent the story I choose.

    I will be doing Red Riding Hood!

    I look forward to seeing everyone’s creativity and how ya’ll go about doing this assignment!…

  7. rcrabbe

    How to remove an item from a picture


    For this tutorial I will show you how to remove certain things from any picture using Corel Paintshop Pro X6.

    We are going to start with this picture, and remove the girl swimming.

    To begin, upload the picture to Paintshop Pro

    Next, go to the left tool bar and select …

  8. rcrabbe

    And the Volturi?


    I made this great idea for a mashup assignment!

    Take a movie that you really like.  Now think of a movie that has been compared to it, and make a new movie poster that incorporates the two!

    Be creative and really sell your poster!

    Everyone knows that for a while, …

  9. jcook5

    Week 4 Summary


    Okay guys we are almost at the end. That means that I am getting more and more work piled on. I am taking another course along with this one so this week has been HECTIC. Anyway, this week I did four daily creates. I miscalculated my time this week and …

  10. jcook5

    Movie Talk and Show


    This Video Assignment was fairly simple. I had to make a video review about a movie and show a clip of the movie I was discussing. Well that was pretty easy. I was very nervous about talking in front of the camera but I think I got my point across. …

  11. jcook5

    Flower Time Lapse Creation


    Hey guys, so for this weeks visual assignment I decided to do a time lapse video of an activity. At first when I saw this assignment I thought to myself wow, this might be a little hard but after doing so many other assignments, it came to me very naturally. …

  12. dluce

    No Name Post – Weekly Summary #4


    Couldn’t really think of a good title for this blog post, so I kind of copped out. I’ll dive right into the assignments:

    TDCs – Well, I managed to just straight-up forget the daily creates six days out of seven this week – I went on a nocturnal sleep schedule, …

  13. fhowell

    Four through the door

    Four are through the door, one more to go.

    The fourth week has quickly came and went. I thought I had a better rhythm this week and planned things out accordingly. I must had misread the weeks assignments and did not think we had daily creates this wee which when …

  14. anya

    Week 4 Summary


    This week was not easier than the previous one. It was absolutely challenging.

    I have learnt about movie editing and mastered the daily create posts:-) At least some things like daily creates are something that I don’t think about- I just do them I’m confident now to even draw a …

  15. anya

    Reflection on How to Read a Movie


    For this assignment I had to read and write a reflection for the Roger Ebert’s article “How to read a movie”.

    The article I have read presents a filmmaker’s view on how to analyze a movie. It gives an insight to movements, backgrounds, foreground, and angles that filmmakers use to …

  16. rcrabbe

    Another week gone


    As each week gets harder I learn how to better use different software.  This was the week of the video and it was without a doubt the most trying.  I would say the funniest assignment I did was the Movies by Number one, simply because it was fun finding all …

  17. rcrabbe



    It’s been a while now since I realized my lucky number is 4.  I see this number everywhere I go, no matter what format it’s in.  Not only that but I was born on 4/14, April 14.  Hmm.

    I decided to do the Movies by Number assignment on the number …

  18. fhowell

    Eastern Caribbean Vacation focused on the Destinations


    This video consist of photographs and video from last Christmas Vacation2013  my family took. This to date is my favorite vacation cruising to the Eastern Caribbean from Baltimore, Maryland with four destinations which are all shown in the video.

    This video was made and edited in Windows Movie Maker a …

  19. jcook5

    Chaplin Foley Revamp


    Hey ds106 community. So I have finally finished editing my chaplin foley video. It actually was not that hard for me. I started by choosing a video editing software. I started with my windows video maker but for the life of me I could not figure out how to take …

  20. jhylan

    Survivor ds106: Week Four (Barely)


    Man what an ending to such a great week worth of assignments. I have to say this week did not go as well as expected mainly because of a crap load of computer malfunctions. For whatever reason my computer decided to go haywire this week, which not only disrupted my …

  21. kriezl

    Sunday Workdays


    Although it’s sad to me that I have to work on Sundays, I look at all the positive things :).

    This was taken at my job’s stairwell. I like this place because of the glass background.

    I added a rainbow-ish filter to the picture.


  22. jhylan

    Chaplin Escapes Animal Planet


    Technology always seems to fail exactly when it is needed. I have been using iMovie more frequently than I normally do because of ds106 and it seems to have taken its toll. Every time I try to create a new project and begin working on it the software crashes unexpectedly. …