1. fhowell

    Reading Movies Without Sight or Sound


    This exercise involved watching this scene first without sound, then again with sound but not watching the scene, and then finally watching with the sound.  I was to analyze the camera work, analyze the audio track without picture, and then analyze them both together.

    Watching The Shawshank Redemption (1994) prison …

  2. sfrench2

    Back to basics


    For this assignment, choose a photo of anything that you want to make a stencil out of using Photoshop or some other editing software. Using your software, remove the color and make the image appear to be a stencil instead of an actual photo. Take notice of how this …

  3. lizardbreath1717

    Free the Beef!!!

    The friendly cow all red and white, when you’re a little girl it’s quite a sight to see a cow do a twirl. She wanders lowing here and there,
    running so fast with her long red hair Is she running from her past? And blown by all the winds that…
  4. fhowell

    I have No Date With Your Dinner Plate

    To the mountains. Poem of Stevenson— add some words to finish it July 18, 2014

    The friendly cow all red and white,

    Grand in stand, deserving of sight.

    Intentions are clear, but dreams are fright,

    Notices the baneful stares off in the night.


    She wanders lowing here and there,…

  5. 8tcgyh

    Daily Create #14: Poem of Stevenson


    Today’s Daily Create assignment is: Poem of Stevenson— add some words to finish it
    [ via http://tdc.ds106.us/ ]

    The friendly cow all red and white,
    Color value at it’s finest.
    Grazed in green, bathed in blue
    And felt the warmth, all in yellow.

    She wanders lowing here and there,
    but …

  6. skasner

    Tell Me About Yourself!


    For my very own Digital Storytelling Assignment, I decided to create one that would tell me about my classmates. I feel as though I am learning out their personalities, but only so much can be expressed through assignments. I think it’s the psychology major speaking, but I love hearing about …

  7. skasner



    So I know we are just coming off the World Cup and everyone has the soccer bug right now, but I am obsessed with this team. I’ve been Jurgen and the boys since before they were a team, back three years ago when Klinsmann was hired.

    This is a collage …

  8. omaraminzay

    Draw Nature – Daily Create 1/4 – 7/17/14


    This week has been long and unforgiving. I am usually upbeat, but I lately just have been tired. I am pushing through though. This is a picture of a flower that I saw earlier today. It is not as pretty as it was in real life, but still serves the …

  9. sfrench2



    For my first video assignment, I chose to do “Why So Serious?”  I had to take the audio from a funny movie and add it to the video of a serious movie.

    I chose The Little Rascals for my funny movie and Miracle for my serious movie.  Both of …

  10. omaraminzay

    Look, Listen, & Analyze – The Joke Pencil Trick


    Look, Listen, & Analyze – 

    Camera Work The following clip is only 3 minutes and 3 seconds long.  The clip starts of with of the shot of the Joker casually walking in. Then quickly, the camera pans over all the mobsters of Gotham. In that 20 second exchanged, we are…
  11. rcrabbe

    Life is still here


    After that very horrible storm I mentioned yesterday, we thought everything would be gone


    our tomato plants survived the storm.


    Draw Nature. Go outside, find a comfortable place to sit, and spend a few moments drawing something green and growing!


    just a quick sketch.

  12. anya

    My Backyard Nature


    Daily Create 15

    I decided to draw a picture of my backyard for todays daily create. I love to look at nature and todays assignment was a pleasure for me

  13. fhowell

    Enchanted Driveway


    Today’s assignment in my digital story class was to  sit in and draw nature admiring what is green. I chose to sit in my driveway and draw a couple of mature trees I really love.

    I used the paint program to draw the driveway , grass, and trees going out …

  14. skasner

    We Got A Large Haze



    I chose this clip on Pearl Harbor! I went to Baltimore yesterday where they have the USS Taney, so I figured this clip would be appropriate.

    Analyze the camera work: This clip starts off with a lot of panning. This slow movement of the camera around a scene captures …

  15. yharvey2013

    My Thoughts on Eberts Article



    I found Ebert’s article very interesting because in a sense we tend to analyze when we are watching a moving by assuming what will happened next. As Ebert mentions that it is something anyone can do and you do not have to be an expert.


    I like how he …

  16. rcrabbe

    Stormy Tappahannock


    Last night we had the worst storm of the summer here in Tappahannock, Virginia.  The lightening awoke the sky with what seemed like enough light to rival the sun.  The thunder shook the very ground we hid on.  And you want to know the worst part of it all? THE …

  17. rcrabbe

    The 3 senses of video watching


    Sometimes it takes more than watching a scene to understand. You have to watch the way it is played out separately from the sounds, then listen to the sounds with just your ears.  Only then will you be able to see the bigger picture.

    (I don’t know how to get …

  18. rcrabbe

    How does movie effects make you feel?


    I’ll be the first to admit that when I watch movies, I never concentrate on the technical points.  I don’t pay attention to the small things like where a person is standing in response to the POV, I like to focus on the whole.

    Ebert explained how where a person …

  19. fhowell

    Believable Lie


    Today in my Digital Storytelling class daily create assignment we were to make a video of a believable lie. After the video was recorded we were to upload it to our YouTube account and publish it.

    So I made up a story about today being my birthday and while I …

  20. dradoye

    Responses to Methods Suggested by Ebert


    These are not “laws.” To “violate” them can be as meaningful as to “follow” them. 

    I really liked the ideas behind Elbert’s article.  His opinions of scenes and camera placement are very compelling.  He has evidence and experience.

    However even he claims that he misses things.  I deduced that no …