1. paul bond

    Report from the field


    cc2012 Roger from https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/7692058706

    As you know, I was away on a mission over the past week. My investigations took me to Portland, a town crawling with dirty hippies, people sleeping in the streets, and beggars with pit bulls. I could totally see myself living there.

    Purely by accident, …

  2. paul bond

    Haves vs Wants


    NoirCat by Grant Potter and Talky Tina

    One of our ds106 Noirsters regrets missing last night’s broadcast:

    Gah, apparently I chose the wrong night to skip on the radio shows. Sorry, creators #ds106radio

    — Spencer Scott (@spencer_cscott) March 12, 2015

    and it was a night not to be missed! But …

  3. paul bond

    Big Mama


    For our third listen-along session this week, we heard the Lux Radio Theater production of Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious. This was a little different from our earlier shows. Except for Moon Grafitti, all the others originated in written literature, although The Butterfly was the only one that didn’t adapt …

  4. paul bond

    No wire hangers


    We had a great live tweeting session last night with Mildred Pierce on DS106radio. Everyone seemed to be involved and enjoying it. A few things stood out to me.

    The first, as we have seen (heard actually) consistently in these sessions, was the impact of sound. Simple background sounds …

  5. paul bond

    Ready set design


    Blade Runner has some fascinating set design. It seems like most science fiction up to that time either presented a clean futuristic utopia or a primitive post-apocalyptic dystopia. In Blade Runner, it’s dirty, chaotic, run-down and overcrowded. The shiny and new exists alongside the old and decrepit, like in the …

  6. paul bond

    Wanted: Kidnapper


    Someone’s gotta get this guy. Someone who knows the true value of a dutch oven.

    I grabbed his picture from the video with MPEG Streamclip and trimmed out the background in Photoshop. I googled for the border and the background layer, but I didn’t keep track of where I found …

  7. paul bond

    Evil editing


    The story on Touch of Evil is that the movie studio took Welles’ film, re-edited it and re-shot some scenes. When Welles saw what they had done, he wrote a letter, 58 pages long, explaining what needed to be done to fix the damage. In the 90s, suoerstar sound designer/film …

  8. paul bond

    Killer’s Moon


    For our final live tweet-along, we had a double feature of The Killers and Moon Grafitti. Some of the participants had read Hemingway’s story, and were caught off guard by how much Siodmak’s version differs. The filmed versions just use Hemingway as a jumping off point.

    An interesting thing I …

  9. paul bond

    Dispatch from the dark: Audio layering


    For this week’s dispatch, I made a video out of my Audacity window so you can see audio layering in action. Just like in Photoshop or GIMP, layering is where it’s at in Audacity. You can mute them and move them around and turn them up and down. You can …

  10. paul bond

    “Straight down the line.”


    We had another great live tweet session with James M. Cain’s Double Indemnity last night. Lead actors Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck also played the leads in the classic 1944 film. The number three actor in the film, Edward G. Robinson, was heard the night before playing the part …

  11. paul bond

    The NoirBird


    Tuesday night we had our second live tweet-along with ds106radio. The story was Dashiell Hammett’s classic, The Maltese Falcon, produced for Lux Radio Theater in 1943. I wondered how people would react to old time radio, with its 70 year old recording technology and production standards. I was pleasantly surprised …

  12. paul bond

    Bullets and butterfly wings


    adapted from Dr. Suess’ The Sneetches and Other Stories

    We had a great live tweeting session listening to James M. Cain’s The Butterfly on Monday evening. The participating listeners enjoyed and/or were shocked by the story, but I think everyone appreciated the strength of the audio production. I think everyone …

  13. paul bond

    A quick take on Killer’s


    I managed to get through about the first twenty minutes of Killer’s Kiss during my lunch break this afternoon. This shot jumped out at me right off the bat. Is he trying to tell himself something? Subtle, Stanley.

    I like that he keeps a machete on the wall. Never know …

  14. paul bond

    Dispatch from the dark: Noir photography


    A little bit about what’s going on this week.

    Something I forgot to mention – if anyone has questions or concerns and wants to meet with me over Google Hangouts or Skype, we can set up a time. Evenings are best for me, but I’m willing to work with you. …

  15. paul bond

    The Easter egg sky


    This is the city – dark, gray, shadows and light – and the sky, like a sci-fi nuclear explosion of easter egg colors. It was the colors of the sunrise that caught my attention. My iPhone didn’t do them justice, but it never does. I thought I’d try the Splash