1. elevatorbingo

    Week one … and we’re rolling.


    Hello everyone! I really enjoyed meeting everyone yesterday and am very much looking forward to an awesome semester.

    So – Here are a couple updates. The CT department has decided to administer their own process for installing the WordPress sites. You will meet with a TA in order to install …

  2. elevatorbingo

    Welcome to Digital Storytelling!


    Hello Welcome to CT101! I’m excited to kick off the semester and to meet you all.

    This is the class blog. You should think of this site as the class hub. I will be blogging all instructions and assignments here weekly. You will all be creating your own blogs today …

  3. jocelynsosa1

    Final Words


    Coming into this class I knew nothing of editing videos, audio, or how to create my own website. This class has taught me a bunch of things. For my final project on Zombie Survival I incorporated a few things I’ve learned. I made a website where you can learn a …

  4. hospital

    Song Title Poem






    The most time-consuming part of this project was going through mind tire I tuned
    playlist. I didn’t get to get through the whole thing really I only got up to
    the “B”‘s I believe. This assignment was more knowing about The songs you have
    in your …

  5. hospital

    4 lines 5dots 1 curve


    This assignment wasn’t hard. It was cool to see what the picture would become because is didn’t have a picture of what I wanted it to be in my head.


  6. hospital

    Project Proposal


    A new planet was found that can sustain human life. It is not big enough to hold everyone so the people in charge  of choosing who goes to this planet are holding information seminars all over the world. I will create a facebook page, make flyers for the seminars, and …

  7. jocelynsosa1

    Zombie Survival


    This is the video I put together for my Zombie Survival website, This website was created to help everyone survive the zombie apocalypse. It was a lot of work to put this together and I still think theres more to be done but for now it is there. I …

  8. elevatorbingo

    Hang in there! We’ve almost made it!


    Hello – I’m very excited about many of your final project ideas! I would like to reiterate that 50% of the final project’s grade will be based on Monday’s critique. You will receive a grade after you present and then you have the opportunity to take into consideration your peers …

  9. 6002



    My proposal for the final transmedia project is creating an alternate reality where Bruce Wayne and Rachael Dawes end up together. I will be making several twitters to document Bruce and Rachael’s journey through their relationship. There will also be a video which will consist of compiled footage of the …

  10. jocelynsosa1

    All About Zombies!


    For our final project we must make a transmedia stortelling experience. I have chosen to do mine on ZOMBIES!!!! There are many zombie movies out there even a tv show! most zombies are the same but some are a bit different. I will make a video featuring most of the …

  11. elevatorbingo

    Happy Thanksgiving


    For your final project please create a “transmedia storytelling experience”. It must include at least 3 media elements. Please come in next Monday (Dec. 2) with a written final project proposal. It should be posted to your blog. On the following Monday (Dec. 9) you must be prepared to show …

  12. basedgalaxy93

    Martin Garrix Vs. Techno Viking


    For this assignment, I decided to mash techno viking and Animals by Martin Garrix together. I tried to link the part where the techno viking really gets into it and when the beat drops so that it almost looked like he was dancing in sync. Hope you guys enjoy it …

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