1. 6002

    Mash Up


    Decided to do a remix of some of my favorite songs. I used the instrumental of Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 for the base and the vocals from Make Love by Big Bang. The tempo of the vocals blended with the instrumental and the results mash up came out …

  2. elevatorbingo

    Digital Storytelling 2013-10-23 16:37:40


    Looking forward to hearing your Mashups!

    Next Monday we will also have individual midterm conferences.

    Foley sound is the incorporation of everyday sounds into film design. The interesting thing about sound design and film is the fact that often it is actually the artificial and manmade sounds and imagery that …

  3. jocelynsosa1

    Mashups are tough….



    This is my mashup, it is a hardstyle mashup of my two favorite songs. Hardstyle is one genre of electronic dance music, like house, dubstep, trance, or trap. The two traks that I used are FTS By Showtek and Lose My Mind by Brennan Heart and wildstylez. Though the …

  4. basedgalaxy93

    Vanilla Ice Vs David Bowie and Queen


    Last class we went copyright infringement and the ambiguity concerning its exact definition. We reviewed the assigned readings and videos and had an in depth discussion on Andy Baio’s copyright infringement case. Using one of the readings, the class engaged in a group discussion which led to us being assigned …

  5. basedgalaxy93

    Unusual Superhero


    In high school I was a bit of a class clown. My friends and I were those group of kids always cracking jokes in class and screwing with the teacher. One day my English Teacher, Mr Lowig, gave us an assignment which required us to make our own fictional story. …

  6. elevatorbingo

    Please Read this Post!


    So, unfortunately due to CUNY’s habit of switching up the days of the week – I am unable to attend class on Tuesday. Luckily, Prof Smith will be leading a seminar class on copy right law and fair use. Here is a CT101 blog post from last semester. It contains …

  7. clever_hands

    The Batipede



    Following the theme of “opposites attract” I’ve combined a bat with the species of centipede more commonly seen in South America.  People assume that the bat eats the centipede but the truth is that the centipede is an unfair mismatch against many well-known predators. Footage can be found on Youtube …

  8. 6002

    10 Steps


    I was out in Long Island today and decided it was a good time to do the 10 step assignment. The location was a vast garden and I got a chance to walk around the entire garden taking pictures. I took 10 steps in various directions and took a picture …

  9. hospital



    This is a mix between a dolphin and a shark. it wasn’t that hard to do once I founf the right brush to use. after that i just started blending the seam where i layered the shark head over the dolphin.…

  10. hospital

    my hand


    This took forever to do. Trying to layer every picture so that it makes sense was very time comsuming and hard.…

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