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A barely detailed guide for now- use basic mediawiki markup, headings, lists, links, etc.


All content written here can be categorized and added to the Categories by markup added to the bottom of a wiki page's content. Always include Tutorials as a category

  • Design [[Category:Tutorial]] [[Category:Design]]
  • GIMP [[Category:Tutorial]] [[Category:GIMP]]


Images can be uploaded to this wiki or can be externally referenced just by putting URL to image directly in wiki page


We are using Videoflash extension - can use Youtube, vimeo and more. See the [ usage for details

  • Youtube <videoflash>vx_RHEWmFJ4</videoflash>
  • Vimeo (with width/height) <videoflash type="vimeo">9394817|640|480</videoflash>

where "type" by default is "youtube" or "vimeo"


We are using Flash MP3 extension where audio can be referenced via URL



to use this kind of player