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Wordpress makes it eas to embed media into your blog; in many cases it can do this by simply pasting in the URL for the web page where the media came came from using the automatic Wordpress embed options. This is a better solution than uploading them to your blog since many hosting plans have limits on the amount of media you can upload.

Embedding Images from flickr

For photos stored in " flickr, just put the URL (plain text, no link) for the web page that contains a flickr image in a blank line, e.g.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/493046463/

will embed the image like


Be sure to remove any extraneous "in/photostream/" part of the URL.

Embedding Video from YouTube and vimeo

The same goes for video hosted sites like YouTube and vimeo, just the plain URL (Youtube videos can use the short form as well)




which can embed a video like this

Embedding Twitter Messages

Evertthing sent out on twitter has its own unique URL usually linked from the timestamp when it was published. Just like images and video,m you can have the full functionality (including links and avatar icons) of a tweet embedded into a Wordpress post by simply pasting the URL for it into a blank line, for example, Lee's enthusiastic post about ds106 can be put into a post via


and will appear in a blog page rendered as


Embedding Audio from Soundcloud

You can upload audio to SoundCloud.com, or record directly into the web site or its mobile app (the mobile app does not provide a way to add it to a group). As of Wordpress version 3.5 you can use the same method outlined above to embed a soundcloud audio, just use the URL for the soundcloud page that displays it, e.g.


which will produce this when your blog is published

{{#widget:SoundCloud |id=44576539 |width=100% }}

Here is a screencast overview of how to sign up and use SoundCloud .

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