What is ds106 Radio?

ds106 Radio is a free form live streaming station that has been setup for this course, and it is being used as a platform to broadcast the work being created in the class, and a space for live broadcasts as well as for programming shows. The whole point of this experiment is to encourage any and all members of the course (as well as beyond it) to produce something real for anyone who wants to tune in.

It’s also provides a global, 24 hour/7 day-a-week happening for the creations of the course and much, much more. And more than anything, ds106 radio is place where anyone can submit their work and help program the course radio station in order to commune and share around works and ideas while at the same time making the web safe for democracy.

What’s on the radio?

Tune into the radio! via http://listen.ds106rad.io/.

The best way to know is to check the ds106 radio status page at the current time is (bookmark worthy) http://ds106rad.io/ which provides not only what track is playing but how many other listeners are present.

How can I find out more information?

The best place to find all the information is this group document where users have edited with any changes and updates. We will also list some helpful FAQs for you here.

How do I listen to ds106 radio?

The easiest way to tune in is via the web-based player, designed to work on (hopefully) all browsers and mobile devices http://listen.ds106rad.io/.

To listen you can also use audio players like VLC, iTunes, Winamp, etc. You should be able to download either stream as a .pls file and open it in the program of your choice. The station currently offers a 128 kbs connection.

For the iDevice crowd, here is a helpful set up video created by Giulia Forsythe for using the FStream app (note that the URL setting has been updated and should now be set to https://www.ds106rad.io/public/ds106radio/playlist/pls)

Easy as pie (radio pie that is)! And the sounds will blow your mind!!!! You can find more listening options at bit.ly/ds106radioinfo.

How do I add my creations?

DS106 radio is listener generated content, remixed, rehashed, and reloaded. We are working on a new upload method for the station. Come back soon for updates.

In any uploads, your files should have a title and artist name—be sure that this metadata is that it can be included in the sidebar announcements and ds106radio tweets If it isn’t there, use any standard players listed above to add it.

Bumpers and commercials

We very much encourage you to create content for ds106 radio, and once you listen you’ll notice there are a some fun of user-generated bumpers, presentations set to music, mashed up culture, film sound bytes, a general mashup of what we have been fed all these years, but more than that how we are learning to “play the feedback” (as Gardner Campbell notes). Create some art for ds106 and be sure to upload your general bumper Something like bumper_zombieradio.mp3 for just straight bumpers, or something more specific for sets, like 80smovies_bumper_stepfather.mp3. make sense?

How do I create a set?

The new station set up allows the prescheduling of shows, smart playlists and more. See Grant Potter’s blog post for more information.

How can I add the widget to my blog sidebar?

Copy this HTML code for the “What’s Playing Now” widget

<iframe style="width: 50%; height: 100px;" src="https://tunein.com/embed/player/s163350/" frameborder="no" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Learn more about ds106 radio

make-radioTurn on Tune in: Make Radio is a comprehensive guide to internet radio created by Ryan Brazell for a presentation co presented with Barbara Sawhill at SWALLT 2014 (Language Alliances: Building Communities of Practice Across Languages)
Download as PDF

ds106 Radio Show for World Radio Day (2014) a segment cross-cast to SourceFabric radio to celebrate (more info…)

Listen also to a 6 minute audio spot compiled by @drgarcia (and friends):
ds106radio rockumentary

Wesley Fryer produced this video about being part of ds106 radio


  1. Alan Levine

    January 27, 2011

    Let’s add a bit here in editing/creating mp3 metadata so we know what’s playing?

  2. Reverend

    January 27, 2011


    Excellent point, I am on it.

  3. Galago

    January 28, 2011

    What are your thoughts on archiving some of the content? It’s a shame to miss much of what happens on-air, for those who are unable to listen all day.

    • Reverend

      January 28, 2011

      Let’s figure this out, different people can wiretap the stream, and that might be a good—if imperfect—distributed approach. i think for sets each person should be responsible for archiving their own, and also explaining it on their blog for the meta/liner notes that Alan was talking about tonight. As for the full-blown stream of media, that is a 24/7 affair, what do you suggest?

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