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  1. @hawkins10000

    Week 6 Summary


    So, first thing is first: I love graphic design, so this week was a fun challenge for me. Unfortunately some work on my senior history thesis put a dent in some of the time that I wanted to spend on this week’s assignments, but I still really enjoyed it. The …

  2. @hawkins10000

    Design Blitz




    I’m a huge sucker for great typography. I love different typefaces and pairing the right ones together. This book cover for Bruce Holsinger’s The Invention of Fire is a fantastic example of good typography. Right away you know the book is probably set in the Middle Ages (the …

  3. @hawkins10000

    Abstract Review


    For this assignment, I watched two episodes of the Netflix series Abstract: The Art of Design, specifically the episodes on graphic design and illustration (which I thought were the most fitting for this week). First, I was surprised to see I’d seen Paula Scher and Christoph Niemann’s work in my …

  4. @hawkins10000



    Thanks to yet another great font from (this one called Road Rage), I created a signature/inital/monogram logo for my spy character, Roderick Rush. There’s something really cool about a sort of combined signature, like Albrecht Dürer’s. I was looking for a font that conveyed something youthful but visceral, edgy …

  5. @hawkins10000




    For this assignment, I had to design a tattoo with at least two design elements included. It’s not the prettiest or cleanest tattoo design in the world, but it works for this assignment. I chose a viking theme for this one. The left side is a bearded axe, one …

  6. @hawkins10000

    Create Your Own Cipher







    This is the secret message of my own cipher. I used a substitution alphabet keyword cipher. Basically, the way this type of cipher works is where you put your keyword to the first letters of the alphabet, and then …

  7. @k_heflin

    weekly summary



    So sorry this isn’t set up correctly. I have been sick all week and still am but here is what I have.

    Post Card –

    Word Cloud –

    Reverse Feelings –

    And of course my Daily Creates:

    @ds106dc #tdc1867 How I picture a time crystal in …

  8. victoriale2

    Day 5


    Yesterday’s cry was much needed because I feel so much better today!

    Whenever my friends and I spend time down by the river, we always go out to eat afterwards. Great news for me! So I sat there with my water trying to hold a conversation while my friends eat …

  9. @kevinjfrance

    Blitz the Design!


    This is the result of my first “design blitz,” and it was challenging coming up with impromptu photos that incorporated noticeable and applicable design elements.

    This first one is a whiteboard in our apartment and noticeably uses typography to display major or important parts of the board, such as bold …

  10. @NickSebenaler

    Week 6


    Week 6 was all about design. I learned about the different aspects of design such as typography, balance, unity, and many other aspects. Design is interesting and I never knew how much thought process and analysis goes into making a design.

    Blog post about The Vignelli Canon.

    Abstract: The Art

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