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  1. @niceguythrive

    Waking Up to the Horror

    I fell asleep last night with one idea on my mind. An idea that proceeded to haunt me as I woke up.

    Through and through the concept was life changing but it meant something very deep.

    It meant I was making a huge mistake for the majority of my life.…

  2. bhavis

    This & That Shenzhen

    All that it takes to keep our city clean Work…Work…Work Tech Expo Why do we prefer our phones over real human interaction? You will find artist all around the town This is how a veggie like me survives in Shenzhen. No matter what time it is …. lets work towards staying…
  3. @cilantro_12

    First Post!


    I am still getting used to all of this new technology. I’m not a newb by anyone’s standards when it comes to new forms of tech, but I have strayed from things like twitter and blogging for the sake of anonymity on the web. Guess this course will challenge me …

  4. @Lisa Fish@pinkywish50

    Lisa L. Fish 2016-08-25 20:08:26

    Devastating Beauty

    Today’s Daily Create went along with a multimedia piece I read today put out by the New York Times called Snowfall. What’s amazing about this story is twofold. First is how its told. The format is set up like an elegant website, embedded with images, video and …

  5. @thepadilash

    The Universal Uniform


    To all the gals and guys out there who have their standard evening uniform, you know what I’m talking about. If you are anything like me, the first thing you do when you get home is wash your hands because students are germ farms throw on your favorite pair of …

  6. @niceguythrive

    The Single Quest


    I am looking at something I love to do, that other people would want to pay for.

    I will continue posting every Saturday.

    Act to Thrive,

    Jackson King

  7. Michael Branson Smith

    And we’re off!


    We are back from the summer. The Olympics are over, so that race/competition ended and now we start the semester. In CT 101 Digital Storytelling, we’re going to spend a lot of time in WordPress to write about what’s on our minds, post things we like, and share pieces we’ve …

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