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  1. @kristinoconnn

    We Are Marshall scene analysis


    As soon as I read the assignment description, I thought of this scene from We Are Marshall. It gets me every. single. time.

    After reading the articles and watching the “Every Frame a Painting” videos, it was easy to understand why this scene gets me so emotional. Every single angle …

  2. @type217



    What comes into my mind when you say story telling?I think of when I was little kid and my mum or dad read me a bed time story. Also when a teacher is reading the class a story from a book she brought.

    Who do you recall as telling you …

  3. Downes



    October 24, 2016. Heading out of the office after a pretty productive day, I had about 10 seconds of this light in which to snap the photo. I got two shots and have been agonizing over which one to show. From Flickr …

  4. Downes

    The Tracks


    October 23, 2016. I took some really nice photos of pylons and trees in the sun while we were in the city to pick up prescriptions, but there was no card in the camera. So we get this evening picture of the tracks and the fall colours just outside the …

  5. @type217

    Flickr five photo challenge 


    Jimi woke up and was pumped for the big party tonight. After the party Jimi was a bit drunk and walked down an alley near the local church and fainted when he woke up he was back at the party with his friends. His friend Dege said that he followed …

  6. @type217

    Art gallery of New South Wales 


    On the 21st we went to the art gallery in one of the rooms It was black. There was a projector and it was shinning to the back Wall when u would walk in u would see smoke and light.  

    They was also a bicycle tower near the black …

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