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  1. @Petra Kuenkel

    Welcome to my blog “Patterns of Aliveness”


    I believe our globalized world needs innovation through collective leadership, the ability of people to think together and the growth of respect for diversity. This applies to organizational change as much it applies to new forms of cooperation between people and between organizations, locally and globally.

    In my work I …

  2. @joskamtav

    DesignBlitz: What I gained from it…


    Minimalism & Use of Space: These are two of my favorite poetry books. When I read the piece on minimalism, I instantly thought of the cover of them. I feel like the author really captures the essence of minimalism. The first book is about overcoming heart break. I think that …

  3. @Emily_Juran

    Jeeps For Life


    If there is any type of car that I love, it is hands down any type of Jeep. I currently have a Jeep Liberty, and my dream car that is actually reasonable is a Jeep Wrangler, but my dream car that isn’t necessarily reasonable is the new 2015 Jeep Chief. …

  4. @Emily_Juran

    Crime is Everywhere


    This Design Assignment was to create a crime scene. I got extremely excited when I came across this one because I love anything that deals with mysteries. I actually am majoring in Biology to further myself in Forensics and hopefully eventually become a crime scene investigator or work my way …

  5. hshami17

    My Design Blitz


    For this design blitz, I took some pictures around my home of objects that exemplified 4 concepts of design. The 4 design concepts were Balance, Rhythm, Proportion, and Unity.

    This picture represents Dominance. Dominance allows for depth and weight into your photo. The larger jar is more significant in this …

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