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  1. @courthardy2018

    Morph Shadow’s Mixtape


    For my first assignment bank choice of week five, I decided to complete the “Mixtape” assignment. All I had to do was come up of a mixtape of any type of my own. However, because of the theme of our class, I decided to make a mixtape for my Superhero, …

  2. lennz16

    First Photoshop Try


    Im a little late but in class we began playing around with photoshop & i fell in love. Of course when Professor told us to just grab images that we liked the first thing that came to mind was beautiful women with natural hair. I ended up coming across 2 …

  3. @courthardy2018

    Audio Storytelling


    I decided to start week five off by completing the audio storytelling assignment. For this assignment, we were to listen to Moon Graffiti by The Truth Podcast. If I did not know about Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, I most definitely would have thought this podcast was real audio from …

  4. @curtisaleigh

    Non-Fiction Picture Book Challenge: Week 5


    This week, I chose books that may not be completely non-fiction but are largely based on true events or people. I felt that these books tell stories that are valuable to young readers. I especially wanted to read the work of one author, Patricia Polacco, who has written many children’s …

  5. @mayrapelayo6

    Reading Reflection…


    I have to say that getting into the habit of constantly having a book in my hands is harder than I thought it would be. At the beginning of the semester, I learned I would have to stay busy reading many childrens books. I have to say I have tried …

  6. @mayrapelayo6

    Meme…what is next?


    Dear Mr. Henshaw,

    Well, the book I chose this week to read has won a John NewBerry Medal. The book is called, Dear Mr. Henshaw, it was recommended by Mrs. Ellington and I am glad I chose it. This is a chapter book which has a few illustrations here and …

  7. musicgirl708

    New year,new theme?


    So Rosh Hashana has just passed by,(the Jewish new year) and for today’s post I want to start off with sharing one of my original song I’ve composed back in 2013. It’s still one of my favorites to play. Why not start of the new year with some music right? …

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