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  1. @niceguythrive

    Quitting Porn Permanently: The Incident


    After watching American Pie Beta house for the 3-4th time in my life I have realized how much this movie has affected my life for the past few years. The themes of rich v poor and the constant losses I have taken over the past little while have left me …

  2. @mingea

    Week 1 summery


    Week 1 work is done! I finished it all before the week even started so hopefully I can keep up with this work ethic going into the semester.

    The first thing we had to do was create a UMW Domain. Thankfully, I already had created one,  so I just …

  3. @mingea

    Misson 106


    Misson 106 is a good theme for ds106. It is a broad enough theme that we can go a lot of different ways with it, and really make it our own. I am not really into spy movies unless they are the parody ones, or comedy. Pink Panther is one …

  4. @mingea

    All the Social Media’s


    Hi, ds106! Here are the social media accounts that I will be using for the class.

    Iv had a youtube account for quite some time but surprisingly have never uploaded anything. I decided to upload a boomerang that I made during finals week last semester.

    I have a twitter for …

  5. Downes



    January 14, 2017. This is our vacuum cleaner, the photo taken in the middle of the living room as the last thing I did before going to bed. Did some spinning, some writing, some coding – a relaxed kind of day. Accomplishments: – review of a longish document …

  6. @niceguythrive

    The Exploitation of This Idea.


    In 2006 I sat down after watching a video of KevJumba and wrote down a list of Youtube ideas for my Youtube channel. Among them was recording a video every day for a week, month, then (possibly) a year. It seemed far fetched so I decided to abandon the idea …

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