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  1. @lee_sam86

    Week 7 Reflection


    WOW! How is it week 7 already? I really enjoyed the reading and research that I did this week. I liked that we had a choice of our required reading and it was nice to revisit an article I had read a few years back. It opened my eyes again …

  2. @erinnmarieg

    Week 7 Reflections!


    It is wild to think this is the end of week 7! This course has gone by scary fast which means the summer is going by scary fast (especially for a teacher). However, it is exciting to know I’m at the finish line and about to complete my Master’s Degree! …

  3. @AmyLGonzales1

    Week #7 – Reflection


    I feel good about my accomplishments this week.  I love blogging (didn’t think I would say that when I started this class).  Blogging has helped me process the information I am taking in and see it on paper.  As I am starting my final reflection project, I am noticing that …

  4. @edaviscalvert

    Week Seven Reflection: Not Quite A Wrap


    In the movies, the director hollers, “and….it’s a wrap!”

    ILT 5340 is not quite a wrap.  However, we are getting close.  Week seven has been wonderful.  I have begun to reflect back on this last seven weeks and I really think that what we have experienced is a mashup between …

  5. @lakaha77

    Week 7 Review


    I can’t believe this is the end of week 7 already. This course (and summer!) has flown by.  I feel like I completed all requirements of the week to the standards.  I was excited to get a chance to go back to a design assignment that I was interested the …

  6. @DCUCdenver

    Weeks Reflection


    This weeks reflection is inspired by the white privilege article that we read. I would like to reflect on the privilege I have had in my life. Privilege, I never even knew I had, until I was taught about it. Doesn’t that alone just scream privilege?! It is not just …

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