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  1. isabelpalacios

    Animated GIF Portrait


    For this assignment, I chose to do Kim Taehyung or otherwise known as V from the band BTS. I felt inspired to choose him as I recently saw the band live in concert and out of them all, he happened to catch my eye.

    Anyways, while trying to create this …

  2. mflo

    4 películas para el aula y educar


    Gracias a las nuevas tecnologías y a la accesibilidad que tenemos a internet desde cualquier lugar, incluir recursos audiovisuales, como películas y series de televisión en el aula es más fácil que nunca.

    El cine y la televisión son grandes recursos que retratan la sociedad en la que vivimos y …

  3. andrea

    Third Gif project


    Bella Hadid

    Trying to follow directions for this project was really hard. I was trying to take out parts of the picture I had chose and put a different picture in the back to make an effect so it can move. It was really hard because I didn’t know step …

  4. jahiseifert1994

    Midterm week? You got this ?


    Supposedly this week is midterm week and to all my brothers and sisters from both Tuesday and Thursday, I wish you guys all the best luck because trust me you’re going to need it. But don’t worry as long as you studied and pay attention this far into the semester …

  5. Downes



    October 12, 2018. I missed my turn and had to take a back road, which is where all the best photos are. This is just a bit north of Bexley, Ontario. I started the day with a three-hour session on blockchain, then spent the rest of the day taking the…
  6. natalie

    Out and about – Manchester


    The first week had passed really fast. Sisley had already found an evening activity where she would join the Gym in Manchester and in addition, she had found a dance session at the Zion arts Center in Hume. An area that wasn’t really recommended to go to and once she …

  7. @FaulconerKyle

    Week 7 Summary


    This week was not the greatest in regards to my blogging experience as I had several difficulties uploading and accessing my site. Ultimately tough I was able to eventually get everything done and uploaded properly even though this guy kept popping up.

    I guess I’ll first start off by recapping …

  8. @richelleholnick

    DS 106 Radio Commercial


    This is my Ds 106 radio commercial!

    I made it while cleaning for break. I bet you can’t guess why…messy roommates! I would love if there was someone to clean my room for me! I put the vacuum at the end to help really sell it!

    This was the radio …

  9. @richelleholnick

    Weekly Summary Week 7


    This week was so hard because midterms is such a stressful time! But, it was nice to do audio assignments again since I now felt a bit more comfortable with audio assignments and felt like I could improve upon my skills and it was a bit easier to do the …

  10. @mbm87776980

    words make me smile mbm


    for this assignment i incorporated the things i love to hear most: greetings, words of affirmation, kissing sounds, and laughter.

    in terms of how this can be used for our radio show, i think it would be good audience sounds.…

  11. @mbm87776980

    make sure to drink your telephone mbm


    for this assignment i took the recognizable sound of someone drinking water and edited it to sound static. i used my iPhone voice memos to record me drinking water, from the umw-logoed bottle that i used as my image. i then used garage band and the telephone-vocal filer to alter …

  12. @mbm87776980

    pop pop pop snap


    i made a beat using a poping noise with my lips and a snapping noise with my fingers. my group, The Legends, will be doing a talk show for our radio show and i thought this would be an interesting and useful transition sound.

    i was thinking in the realm …

  13. @mbm87776980

    radio show: poster

    The Legends Radio Show by mbm

    in create this poster for my group’s radio show, i knew i wanted to incorporate a talk show-esc object and some type of eye catching color. the table and chairs are a .png file that i created earlier this semester for another project but …

  14. @mbm87776980

    radio show: process and progress


    in thinking about making a radio show for the course, i sometimes got tangled up in the idea of how to begin, because of the nature of the class. given that it is an online course, i don’t have a rich understanding of my classmate’s character and voice. while the …

  15. @FCMaisano

    Weekly Summary-Week 7-Not Necessarily Harder!


    So, did  this week follow the pattern of previous weeks, where this week would be easier than last week? Well, I wouldn’t say it was much harder. It still kind of breaks the pattern, though, since clearly I didn’t finish the assignments until Friday night! It was a bit more …

  16. @fatolliecat

    Week 7(?)


    Preeeeetty sure this is week 7. Anyways, we got put together in groups. I like the challenge of random chance. I play mystery heroes almost exclusively in Overwatch. Makes you stretch the proverbial muscles. We have an idea (I think it’s really great), we’ll right the script over the next …

  17. @OraMyAura

    Weekly Summary 7


    Well, I am glad to say, our group has hopped on board and started rolling with our show!  We have gotten quite a bit accomplished already this week.  We listed all assignments needed, split out the tasks amongst the group, and already have completions.  So far we have:

    All 3…
  18. @Tyra13748487

    First Week with the Return of the Radio Station


    This week, my group has been brainstorming ideas for our upcoming radio show. While getting started, we had a late start. With this being midterms week, most of my group, including me, has been preoccupied with studying for other classes. By Thursday, we were all able to communicate with each …

  19. @OraMyAura

    A sick beat it IS!


    LOL!  Wow, for some reason, this one was much much harder than I thought.  The assignment was to come up with a ‘sick beat’ of my own.  I used Audacity and literally made one noise with my mouth, tapped on my laptop and made another noise with my lips and …

  20. @FCMaisano

    A Conversational Start!


    So, I will admit-I was quite confused and unsure about the radio thing! I was waiting for others to star getting into groups and start looking for groups, so I could hop in! I ended up in a group of seven people!

    With seven of us in the group, it …

  21. @Tyra13748487

    Radio Show Progress

    This week, my group has been brainstorming ideas for our upcoming radio show. While getting started, we had a late start. With this being midterms week, most of my group, including me, has been preoccupied with studying for other classes. Wednesday came and we had yet to discuss our radio…
  22. @Tyra13748487

    Radio Show Poster

    For my radio show design, I decided to create a poster to advertise my group’s upcoming radio show. To design the poster, I used the website  The poster displays our Radio Station name, one of the main ideas for our show, and radio image. It’s simple but displays the…
  23. @Tyra13748487

    My Very Own Theme Song


    For this assignment I downloaded a few sound clips from and put them together to create my theme song. While trying to create my own theme song, I had a challenging time trying to think of creative sounds to put together. I then had the idea to try to…
  24. @Tyra13748487

    Creative Radio Ad


    For this assignment, we were tasked with the job of using a clip from a movie or TV show that is discussing a product. This product can be food, technology, a restaurant, etc. We need to use this clip and turn it into a radio ad for product placement. When …

  25. @Tyra13748487

    The Real Characters of DS106 Tagline


    For this assignment, I had to create a tagline expressing who I am. I chose to create one expressing what my character Deidra the Determinator was like. The tagline is kind of long compared to the taglines that they use for the show Real Housewives but I think it’s ok.…

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