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  1. Madeline Coughlin

    The Port: Shipping and Trading


    In this chapter, de la Fuente discusses mostly the trading that was conducted out of Havana.  He begins by citing the difficulties of tracking certain ships, as many were not taxed, so some ships have no record of arriving in Cuba.  He also explains Cuba’s connection with the Spanish Empire, …

  2. Madeline Coughlin

    Havana and the Atlantic


    Alejandro de la Fuente describes in this piece how Cuba and the city of Havana transformed from a poor colony, into an important resource for the Spanish Empire.  He also describes how the Bay of Havana allowed for many different influences.  De la Fuente opens with Sores’ attack on Havana, …

  3. Madeline Coughlin

    History and the Internet


    In this section of Presnell’s guide, Presnell offers suggestions for researching by using the internet.  While Presnell offers many reasons for how the internet can be a helpful research tool, she also cautions her readers by sharing that the internet has many fewer review processes than print resources–which may mean …

  4. Madeline Coughlin

    Food Historiography


    Pilcher discusses how the study of the history of food has become more popular since historians are able to view the experiences of many classes through their “embodied imagination,” or experience of their food.  Pilcher argues that historians study food experience by tracking people’s concern for taste, purity, and hunger.  …

  5. Madeline Coughlin

    Howell and Prevenier: The Source


    The first article discusses the methods used by historians to determine which sources to use for their research. Some sources may be so dependent upon another source, that it becomes irrelevant, while others may not say much about the subject, but this silence may speak loudly to how the historian …

  6. Madeline Coughlin

    Howell and Prevenier: “The Source”


    This article depicts some of the knowledge that historians must have when looking at primary sources, and some of the challenges they may face when doing so. The article first talks about the different categories of primary sources, such as relics and testimonials, and mentions how historians ought to make …

  7. Madeline Coughlin

    Presnell: “Historians and the Research Process”


    This article explains the process of historical research to a student starting out in the field.  Presnell begins by identifying how the presentation of today’s sources has changed due to the existence of the internet.  Presnell explains that, while the internet is a helpful tool that provides wide access to …

  8. @umwequestrianista

    Design Assignments


    This is the lost and found poster I created for Professor Burtis’ hat and I really hope it can help her to find it! HOW TRAGIC… IT HAS BEEN A STAPLE IN THIS CLASS

    This is the design I created for my characters name, it is a little more psychedelic …

  9. @jetjenk43

    Learning to be better at Design!!!!



    After listening to the talk  by Paula Scher I’ve come to conclusion that you do not need to be a design professional to be successful in design.  I felt like at the beginning she was talking directly to me.  She said that you do not need to know what …

  10. @Anne Armour

    Evelyn Sparrow is Here!


    My design for my character, Evelyn Sparrow, came from the fact that she is a college student at the moment. She dresses to fit in, but she also adds a bit of her own flare. She likes the plain and simple look of a t-shirt and jeans, but she’s also …

  11. @schooltaylorr

    Greetings From…


    Here is my destination postcard! I chose New York City because it’s my favorite place ever and I miss it so much. I chose to keep the design simple and try to use what I learned about bold and skinny fonts, as well as using colors that coordinate well with …

  12. @tweetingfortheend

    Character design: Winston on stage


    For my character Winston, I used the resume I made her to create the character! On her resume it has her height, hair and eye color, and information when she goes to auditions, so since she is an actress I decided to bring her to life on stage! I thought …

  13. @umwequestrianista

    Alternative Book Cover


    Honestly, the dog in this book is the most important character, he deserves to be on the cover and also I wanted to portray its about zombies lol.  Without a companion of some sort I think the apocalypse would be much harder to get through


  14. @schooltaylorr

    Calligraphy Fun


    I had never thought about it, but my character, Felicity, would TOTALLY be good at calligraphy. I chose to do the assignment, Generate Cool Letters, and chose something I thought represented her well that she would actually draw her name as. This is what I came out with:

    I like …

  15. @schooltaylorr

    Flick’s Life


    As I mentioned in my character introduction (Linked HERE), Felicity, or Flick, is a college student at NYU. She’s not super happy there, but is trying to make the best of it. When putting her someplace in the world, since the end hasn’t happened yet, I decided it made …

  16. jaydam

    Profile of an up and coming Photographer and Rapper !


    So I have an interview coming up with a very determined and lyrically amazing rapper. He does photography as well and I am very fond of his work.

    Name: Zachary

    He is 20 Years old and from Brooklyn, New York and is a graduate of Borough of Manhattan Community College.…

  17. anavasquez

    Meme feels


    Today in class I created my first memes! Sometimes the week feels so long and it takes forever, especially when it’s a tough one, and since it’s not yet the weekend (hurry up please!) these express how I go through the motions. Cannot wait for the weekend, so happy when …

  18. anavasquez

    My First GIF


    I was sick with the flu when this post was due but this is my first GIF! This is how I feel when I don’t want to be bothered and just want to hide from work and school. But of course life goes on, I got better and am back …

  19. Mike Rowell

    Deeper Meaning in life


    The above link is to a conversation between the rap artist “Logic” and astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson on their collaboration on “Waiting Room” on Logic’s album “Everybody.” The entire premise of the skit is based on the story “The Egg” by Andy Weir. Essentially, the belief that all souls are …

  20. Mike Rowell

    Are Memes ART?


    In a very short answer: yes.  Memes are a generational creation/tool used to express emotion through a visual image.  Regardless of if something is drawn, written, sung, or recited, a Meme is most definitely artistic in it’s creation.  Below are some of my favorites.

  21. @dandennis_media

    22nd February – Dogs of Leicester


    In todays lab session myself, Tash, Charlotte, and Ben set about deciding what to do as our group project. We firstly decided upon the platform we were going to focus on so then we can adapt our idea to the platform. It was originally decided that we would use Instagram …

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