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  1. @edaviscalvert

    Week Four: Digital Story Critique


    This week I have chosen a very intimate and personal digital story to highlight.  In my own research, one of the areas in which digital storytelling is emerging as a tool is in healthcare.  There are a number of sites which highlight digital stories produced by patients and their caregivers. …

  2. mfieldswriter

    The Basilisk in Barnes and Noble


    A short story of fun… “Song for the Basilisk,” Ted read, peering at the paperback in his hand. He glanced up at Amita. “What do you think this is about? Aren’t basilisks snakes? They don’t sing.” “It says ‘Song for the Basilisk, not ‘by the Basilisk’,” Amita said, raising her …

  3. @CassieDunnam

    Thinking about thinking- week 4


    This week I have lacked serious motivation! This week I feel like I just checked off tasks and didn’t put a lot of work into my creations. Life got in the way this week with a visitor for 9 days who left Wednesday and trying to get everything done before …

  4. ashleytait

    QR Controller


    You’re walking by a screen somewhere and there’s a QR code in the corner.  You check it out with your phone via yer handy dandy QR app.

    Allo Presto Franchisco Kablammo… Your phone just turned into a controller for the screen you’re lookin’ at.

    Interesting way to interact with a …

  5. @sarachenlan

    Week 4 DS106 Design – Got Deer?


    Monday morning I went to the backyard to water my vegetable garden and I found all the cucumber leaves were gone from the cucumber plants. Only bare stems and some flowers were left on the trellis. A couple of green tomatoes were scattered on the ground. There were some bite …

  6. @starfirego

    Chasing star’s


    Are we there yet? I think I really just did to many stars this week I think that I am actually seeing stars right now. This post is the 4 star challenge something like the bucket challenge I guess. For the “Challenge me” I decided to create a camp poster …

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