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  1. @Sam_ara106

    My Adult Trip to the Zoo


    A new beginning in my life was beginning. Technically, I have been an adult for over eight months, but I don’t do adult things. Sure, I am a college student. However, I live in the same room I did a year ago, don’t pay bills, and didn’t travel without an …

  2. neyser19

    Intro to User Authentication


    This week I worked on the user authentication section of the bootcamp tutorials. I learned about passport.js which helps us make user authentication much easier. I also learn about to new npm packages called passport-local and passport-local-mongoose. The last thing I learn about was sessions which allows us to keep …

  3. plowenthal

    From my inbox: OLC is Seeking Chief Knowledge Officer


    Are you seeking a collaborative working environment with knowledgeable and accomplished colleagues who share your commitment to the future of digital higher education? The Online Learning Consortium is seeking a Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) to represent OLC and its mission to advance quality digital teaching and learning experiences for the …

  4. @Chris_tastrophe

    First Week Over… And The World Didn’t End?


    Well, I wouldn’t call the first week of ds106 a cataclysm, but I still consider myself a survivor…


    So, what did I survive?

    The first order of business was dusting the cobwebs off of my Twitter account, and setting up several other platforms, including Instagram, Slack, and this very …

  5. @rachelmossds106

    Reflection on Week One


    Hello, my name is Rachel and welcome to my first blog post! This week I’ve spent a lot of time sorting through our weekly assignments, teaching myself how to accomplish the tasks, and lots of research on how to maneuver WordPress. I am still working out the kinks on my …

  6. @keyris22

    Preparing for The End


    The world as we know it has come to an end. We are no longer the dominant species, the planet is now run by man eating zombies. As I write this post, I am currently hiding out in an abounded house and surprisingly it has wifi. So I decided to …

  7. @esanbornumw

    Back to School Blog


    Looking back on the past week, I found that I was excited to get back into the school grind. Although I enjoyed the month-long winter break, I was ready to focus more on my classes and moving closer to graduation. This semester I am taking a lot of classes more …

  8. @Mburke4UMW

    Week 1, The Beginning of The End


    This week was quite the adjustment, getting back into the swing of things seems to be harder than ever before it seemed. I am thankful however that I got the opportunity to take this class online, it alleviates so much stress and having the ability to navigate myself through the …

  9. @dslupekds106

    The End Is Just Getting Started


    About me:

    Hello everyone… for the fifth time and on the fifth platform! Again, I am David Slupek, a senior here at Mary Washington, studying biology. I am taking digital storytelling to not just fulfill my final gen-ed requirement but also learn how to use other forms of technology to …

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