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  1. @Maggieo_13

    Final Project Update!


    For the final project I am working with Lilah Beebe. We first tested each other for interest and then set a time to meet through a google doc. From there we discussed what we wanted to do for the project, how we wanted to do it, and when to have …

  2. @ceejay_97

    Photobombed…? (Unit 5)


    This is my attempt at doing the Forest Gump assignment in the #DS106 assignment bank. This involved me finding a historic photo and editing myself into it.

    I think this photo is great because the two guys at the back just seem that they are not interested in the photo …

  3. @LilahKBB

    WEEK 13: Final Plans


    This week I worked on figuring out who I wanted in my group and working with them to figure out what we wanted to do for our final project. We decided that we would create a Youtube channel called Wonder Women that would be to highlight women superheroes accomplishments. We …

  4. Downes



    November 24, 2017. This is what it looks like when I leave the office these days. I like the way the little alcove looked lit up by the light and frames by the tree – I wanted to frame it a bit differently but shooting with a phone limits your…
  5. Downes

    Paper Roses


    November 22, 2017. I was at the School of Publish Service today getting set up from a new research project and one person had these paper roses in her office. Nice!…
  6. @javorrock

    Hola ds106!


    Ante mi necesidad-curiosidad-inquietud de crear, pero no solo de crear, sino de comunicar, sumar, aprender, conectar y encontrar a los otros es que les doy la bienvenida a mi blog que se lama “Psicología Bambú”. El nombre lo elegí por una vieja historia zen sobre las propiedades flexibles del bambú. …

  7. Downes

    Bridge to the brick


    November 21, 2017. Had a couple of meetings today and puttered with Scrapy, a python aggregation platform. Back to Costco on the way home; this is a picture of the parking lot an bridge to the parking lot at the Brick.…
  8. @Jessica_herb

    Unit 5: Assignment 1: Family Friendly Billboard


    I found it hard picked the assignments that I wanted to complete for this unit as the image based assignments always catch my eye. I wanted to pick something that would allow me to have fun and be creative.

    I chose to create the family friendly billboard as I had …

  9. Peggy Herrick

    The Endemic Florida Scrub Jay


    For several years I have studied, drawn, and painted scrub jays because a small colony or family resides near me in the Cedar Key Scrub State Reserve. In 2004 I spent several days with this group of birds but the jay territory has now changed and, sadly, the birds are …

  10. Downes



    November 20, 2017. The time changed while I was flying back from China with the result that now i see the sunrise when I get up in the morning (it’s also dark when I drive home). Easy Monday; got a bunch of newsletter bounces cleared off the books, caught up…

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