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  1. @niceguythrive

    Cougar Town Lessons: Don’t Drink


    There comes a moment in every man’s life when he must decide that his old ways are over and he must shed his skin to move into the newest stages of his life. This happened to me as I watched Cougar Town and realized I have recently been experiencing what …

  2. Downes



    January 16, 2016. Internet and email were spotty at best in the office so I came home early to get some work done, and was treated with this picturesque view of the home town. …

  3. @Igtherion



    I really like the secret agent theme in all honesty, however I personally have difficulty thinking of how things will be put out in line with this theme. On the bright side, a secret agent theme gives me license to use an alias which I vastly appreciate since I do …

  4. @Igtherion



    Austin Kleon’s “10 way’s to share your creativity and get discovered” was an interesting perspective on sharing creative content. His message was one of self worth and persistence in the face of being undetected in a sea of content. His system is one of constancy in the face of adversity, …

  5. @Igtherion



    Its a pleasure to be taking ds106 with everyone. You can call me by the code name Igtherion. Below I have included some aspects of my interests.

    Glad to be taking #ds106 this semester.

    — Igtherion Crossek (@Igtherion) January 16, 2017

  6. @emilymayashman

    Minimalism and Movies


    In this task, we were asked to create a minimalist poster for a TV show or movie. This I thought was a really interesting idea and something that I could really run with creatively. The essence of the story had to be captured but only using key icons, props, …

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