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  1. @KaraDS106

    Radio Show: Week 2


    This week we had to complete our radio show segment that we started last week. I started the week by planning what I wanted to do. I brainstormed different examples of “current events” and thought about how I could tie my character into them. I ended up coming up with …

  2. @chloversgarden

    Week 8


    This week had a very different structure to it. It mostly involved communication with team members and constantly checking back to see if something went awry or was incomplete. We finally completed our Radio Show by Wednesday!

    Because there were no assignments this week, Fall Break was very relaxed for …

  3. @justzaying7

    Weekly Summary-Week 8


    This week has been challenging! Didn’t even feel like I had a break because of the amount of homework I had to do. This week I spent time editing the final show together, and completed my two daily creates. My first one:

    Me and my boy go way back #tdc2469

  4. @suzzcat

    My week was just full of working


    So this week wasn’t too bad because we didn’t have to do any assignments! HOLLA!! The radio show was fun to make, the bumper and the commercial! I used logic for everything again, and for my radio segment I used and used a song called B-Beat018 which I …

  5. @suzzcat



    So wow, definitely some work that’s put into this. I didn’t know how much little things were so important…commercials, bumpers, and so much to talk about! So my group is pretty much done with the radio show now. We all worked together and had it in before Thursday so it …

  6. @justzaying7

    Radio Show Week 2


    Well this radio show project has probably been one of the most challenging things I’ve had to do so far. It wasn’t necessarily a large amount of work, it’s just that doing group work in a online setting is even worse then doing it in person in a physical classroom. …

  7. @FCMaisano

    Creating My Radio Show Story


    So, this technically isn’t an assignment for this week, but I do want to talk about my radio show story. It’ll make things easier when I have to write my Weekly Summary. I don’t have my radio story linked, though it is on SoundCloud, because I want everyone to hear …

  8. toro12

    Domain Name – Toro


    My Domain Name I want it to be catchy they men and women like. I want to attract people to my website, but I want my domain name to match who I am ..



    I want something nobody has already like, is taken and …

  9. toro12

    Portrait GIF – Toro


    This is a picture of myself.

    I made my portrait GIF with the lighting filter to create an image that will pop.


    This is the full image of the Portrait.

  10. @chloversgarden

    Radio Show Progress 2


    This week we had some trouble making each person’s audio tracks (bumpers, commercials, and radio clips) downloadable. Thankfully Zae found instructions on how to make them shareable so we all had to go back in an edit our SoundCloud settings.

    We had set the goal of finishing our individual work …

  11. Sematos

    Frida Kahlo Portrait


    Frida Kahlo is a surrealist Mexican artist that has inspired me since I was young. She had such an iconic and unique look, which I felt would make an interesting portrait to GIF.

    In Photoshop I used the clone stamp tool to paint in the third eye. I then used …

  12. Sapphire

    Birthday Gif


    Today’s my Birthday ? Libra’s in full effect!!

    I had fun making this one because I’m SILLY, and these five frames shows my personality

    then i made a glow transition that I adored even more  . . . . ,  this one was a boomerang effect of my favorite color …

  13. selenachen

    CT101 Digital Storytelling 2018-10-16 11:43:49


    Just picked a random portrait from google images, no clue who this person is. Brittney helped me a bit on where to get the filters. We both were lost how to get all the frames into a video animation, but eventually we figured it out. We just need some refreshers!…

  14. ashleydavis

    Beyonce New


    I decided to try to make a new gif I originally wanted to use a whole new image, but I figured to was to much work. So instead I decided to just try and play with the filters, an even with that trying new effects was pretty cool. Even though …

  15. brittanyjag

    Making a GIF in Motion on my own!


    Today in class, I made another GIF in motion with the help of my classmate Selena. We followed the steps but we got stuck at the end. Somehow, she figured out the timeline part. All we had to do was make frames from layers and thats what we had the …

  16. NRichards

    Im learning


    This is the second time I tried to make this. Again, I am unsatisfied . I chose this image because it hit hard. However this edit, was weak.…

  17. angieb1



    “You sound like her!” my classmate said, when she saw a picture of Sophia Vergara “La T0ti” in my screen…

     And yes I do. We are from the same place, Colombia. and from a similar city too. so our accent are actually really similar.

    She represents what people from my …

  18. isabelpalacios

    Animated GIF Portrait


    For this assignment, I chose to do Kim Taehyung or otherwise known as V from the band BTS. I felt inspired to choose him as I recently saw the band live in concert and out of them all, he happened to catch my eye.

    Anyways, while trying to create this …

  19. mflo

    4 películas para el aula y educar


    Gracias a las nuevas tecnologías y a la accesibilidad que tenemos a internet desde cualquier lugar, incluir recursos audiovisuales, como películas y series de televisión en el aula es más fácil que nunca.

    El cine y la televisión son grandes recursos que retratan la sociedad en la que vivimos y …

  20. andrea

    Third Gif project


    Bella Hadid

    Trying to follow directions for this project was really hard. I was trying to take out parts of the picture I had chose and put a different picture in the back to make an effect so it can move. It was really hard because I didn’t know step …

  21. jahiseifert1994

    Midterm week? You got this ?


    Supposedly this week is midterm week and to all my brothers and sisters from both Tuesday and Thursday, I wish you guys all the best luck because trust me you’re going to need it. But don’t worry as long as you studied and pay attention this far into the semester …

  22. Downes



    October 12, 2018. I missed my turn and had to take a back road, which is where all the best photos are. This is just a bit north of Bexley, Ontario. I started the day with a three-hour session on blockchain, then spent the rest of the day taking the…
  23. natalie

    Out and about – Manchester


    The first week had passed really fast. Sisley had already found an evening activity where she would join the Gym in Manchester and in addition, she had found a dance session at the Zion arts Center in Hume. An area that wasn’t really recommended to go to and once she …

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