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  1. adisa.sobers

    My new site


    I finally figured out the theme of my site. I’ve been sitting on the idea of starting an online magazine for a while but I was stuck without direction. I already have a strong interest in story telling and filmmaking which was a large part of the reason why I …

  2. @charlottelfish

    Unit 1 – What is Social Media Production?


    Lets break this down…

    What is Social?

    To me, ‘Social’ means to connect, interact, be a part of others in the world whether that be through the internet or in true human form. To be social, you have to be able to interact with others in order to learn more …

  3. @courthardy2018

    Dream Master Bedroom


    Ever since I was introduced to Pinterest, I have been HOOKED. When I saw the Create Your Dream Room assignment in the bank, I was so excited to complete it. Because I use Pinterest religiously, this assignment was fairly easy, other than the thought process that went into it as …

  4. Downes

    Son of Bones


    October 20, 2017. For the second year, Son of Bones adorns our front porch. We all remember, of course, Bones, who lasted some 15 years before finally falling apart our first year here in Casselman. Today was a work day, into the office for a meeting and some catching up.…
  5. Downes



    October 21, 2017. Beautiful fall day. Spent it indoors playing No Man’s Sky. It was a good day to rest after a very busy week. But I did get out a bit photograph the coneflowers. Also was delighted to see the Yankees lose last night.…
  6. Downes

    Tony Bates


    October 16, 2017. First day of the World Conference on Online Learning, Toronto. This is Tony Bates speaking, one of Canada’s leading authorities in the field. I met him after his talk for a beer. Accomplishments: – summary notes for the afternoon sessions…
  7. Downes



    October 18, 2017. The iconic ‘Toronto’ sign at City hall in red and white in memory of Gord Downie from the Tragically Hip, as seen from our hotel room. I was never a Hip fan so I didn’t feel his death personally, but a lot of people around here did.…

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