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  1. Downes



    June 23, 2017. Back home. here’s a view of the weeds in our back yard. There is a nice set of white flowers, and just to the left, the milkweed. Weve been planting milkweed all over the yard. …

  2. @herbangerr

    Describing the doughboy


    For this Design Assignment I had to create a word cloud that describes my character, for 4 stars.  I chose the closest shape that they had available that looked like the doughboy.  Finding words that described him was the easy part! Chubby, fluffy, giggily, fat, puffy, etc…

    The residents of …

  3. @herbangerr

    The horrors of Pillsbury


    For this Visual Assignment I created a silly movie poster using my final project character, the Pillsbury Doughboy.  I had to create a movie poster that then was transformed to silly, and then incorporate the doughboy. This was for a total of 4 stars.

    The horrors of Pillsbury is a …

  4. @herbangerr

    My favorite thing to do in my spare time


    For my second assignment I had to record myself preforming my favorite hobby in my spare time.  It was 4 stars, and I decided to do it with me playing video games.  I do a lot of other things in my spare time, but video games is defiantly a big …

  5. @herbangerr

    Ohh sweet college :)


    The first video assignment that I chose to do was 4 stars, and what I had to do was create a video that showed off my college career so far.  I chose to use just pictures that I had on phone through out the 3 years so far.  I started …

  6. @herbangerr

    Im I watching a movie, or reading am I reading it?


    To an untrained eye movies are just another story being told to audience.  But there is so much more behind that.  There are thousands of hours of thinking of the idea, setting up the idea, producing the idea, and executing the idea.  All of the steps are insanely difficult in …

  7. kickrockz

    Pushing Boundaries with Ryan Williams


    Ryan Williams Artist IG: @ryantheartist Houston TX/NYC What is Art to you? I think that Art is anything that can change our perception or mood. Art is in everything. Even when i walk down the sidewalk in Harlem and notice the way the cracks in the concrete interact with …

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