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  1. @kspeonygarden

    Final Countdown – part 3


    Hello, everyone! Continuing on with my final assignment, I would like to share what I’ve taken for the photography portion of my trans-media narrative:

    The photography portion of the narrative serves to provide establishing shots for the story-proper, to help set the stage for where the story will take place. …

  2. @kspeonygarden

    Final Countdown – part 2


    Hello, everyone!  I am continuing to work on my final project, and now I would like to share with you the frames for the video portion of my narrative:

    Because I don’t have the time or skill-set to do a fully animated sequence, this portion will feature just these frames …

  3. @cpsc106gregphillips

    No More Daily Creates


    Conga line music initiate.

    No more daily CREE-ATESSSSSS! No more daily CREE-ATESSSSSS! No more daily CREE-ATESSSSSS! No more daily CREE-ATESSSSSS! No more daily CREE-ATESSSSSS!

    OK, now I’m tired. But in all seriousness, thank your [insert deity] I’ll never have to do another daily create. I should have wrote my future

  4. @cpsc106gregphillips

    Daily Create #tdc2389


    What drawing or image defines you? Why not turn it into a tattoo? This site can help if you need. Are you #4life? Why not design a special DS106 tattoo?

    No need to fake it when your body is already your canvas.…

  5. Peggy Herrick

    Casita de la Palma


    On Monday Mimi and I arrived in this beautiful district that has many interesting neighbors: the houses of both Leon Trotsky and Frida Kahlo, the University of Mexico, the School of Art Restoration, and several historical museums. Our home for the next month was created in a 16th century palazzo. …

  6. @ds106_aaliyah

    Progression Vlog


    Finals week for me begun bright and early on Monday morning! For my last assignment of the semester, I drew inspiration from the ds106 assignment bank although it did take a while. I originally wanted to vlog one day of my personal life but I had too many assignments to …

  7. @kspeonygarden

    Final Countdown – part 1


    Hello, everyone!

    I’ve begun working on my DS 106 final project. So far, I’ve completed a rough outline of what I want to do with my story, and how I want to tell it, and I’ve completed the cover design of the story.

    I drew the cover and colored it …

  8. Downes

    Wall of Mowers


    July 24, 2018. I had intended to do some coding today, it being a rainy day with the bike in the shop, but instead we made the rounds of eastern Ontario looking for a specific kitchen faucet (end result: unsuccessfully). This is a scene from the Home Depot in Cornwall,…
  9. @marvelmonkey34

    Audio is Pretty Fun


    This week was one of the more technically challenging out of all the weeks we’ve had so far. Audio mixing is something I’ve thought was pretty cool but if I learned one thing this week, it’s that I suck at audio mixing. I’m pretty happy with how my assignments came …

  10. @marvelmonkey34

    We All Lift Together: Next Door Edition


    “You just got off of your night shift in the scrapyard. It’s been a long day, you’re ready to go home. You get in your car but before you can drive away, song starts, the morning shift has arrived. You sit in your car, wondering why you always have the …

  11. @ds106_aaliyah

    Final Weekly Check-in


    Where has the time gone? The class has flown by so quickly! During the first week, I was extremely overwhelmed as I was going to be balancing two classes that had a lot of content in a little less than five weeks. Thankfully, I managed to keep up! I’ve definitely …

  12. @cpsc106gregphillips

    Doomsday Spatial Analysis


    Part 1: Introduction

    Have I mentioned that I’m a fan of science fiction? If you haven’t picked up on that, let me go ahead an reiterate that now, just so there’s no confusion.I’ll even go a bit further on that idea. I’m so much a fan that I often ponder …

  13. Downes

    Long Sault Parkway


    July 23, 2018. 25×50 Day 9. I rented a bike and pedaled 52.5 km from Cornwall and around the Long Sault Parkway on the St. Lawrence River. It was a beautiful day for a bike ride but the rental was slow and heavy so it took some extra effort. I…
  14. Downes



    July 22, 2018. We went to the ball game and after a short rain delay, it cleared up and we watched nine innings of excellent ball (unfortunately the game was 10 innings and we took an 8-1 loss). This is a cockatoo, one of several animals brought to the game…
  15. @cpsc106gregphillips

    Daily Create #tdc2387


    Makin’ Amazin’ Mazes

    This prompt is pretty simple to make. Maybe not so simple to solve?

    Make a maze.

    It can be an easy path or a difficult one or somewhere in-between. Share your maze out as an image file.

    Repeat as needed.

    There are many maze makers but this …

  16. @kspeonygarden

    Entering the Home-Stretch


    Hello, everyone! Believe it or not, we’re nearly there–we’re almost in our final week of the semester! I hope you’ve been enjoying yourselves as much as I have.

    I completed the daily creates for both Saturday and Sunday:

    @ds106dc #tdc2385 My addition to the digital world (the deer, the bunny, …

  17. @dsamanda2



    For this 5 star video assignment I wast to create a short how to video. As I mentioned previously, I have been on a trip for the past few days, so recording videos and editing them has been tough. I decided to have my boyfriend (Jeff, who I’m on the …

  18. @dsamanda2

    Movies on Vacation?


    The last part of this week I was on vacation with my boyfriend! We are pretty active people so for our vacation we went to Shenandoah National Park to hike trails, visit nearby cities, and drive along Skyline Drive. It was an amazing trip, but there was not a lot …

  19. @dsamanda2

    My Life Today


    The first video assignment that I chose to complete was a 5 star assignment to create a movie that showed snips of my day. I was then to put them together so that if someone watched it they would be able to see what I did that day!

    These past …

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