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  1. @shayfinnz

    What do you meme?


    For my final 2 stars, I wanted to do something that I was passionate. Something that I like to spend my time doing. And that is looking at memes. I think this whole book is very interesting, but especially that people got visions of Mother Abigail and then went to …

  2. @tostromcpsc106

    Fan Fiction Wrap UP!


    This week was a relaxing but fun week! I loved focusing on assignments that had to do with the novel I chose to read over the semester. The novel I read was Wool by Hugh Howey. I ended up really enjoying the novel and have now decided I may be …

  3. @esanbornumw

    FINSTUH ????


    This is Oryx’s fake insta! Follow her and I bet she’ll follow back!

    I used Cydnie from The Walking Dead because this is how I pictured Oryx in the book.

    Young, beautiful, powerful, and independent.

    Each picture symbolizes her character throughout the book.

    The first, is the Mango, symbolizing the …

  4. @dnguyenUMW

    Complete 12 Stars

    Motivational Poster!

    That Bucket List Though

    I believe Robert Neville’s bucket list would contain these:

    Find another living human Beat my depression See his daughter and wife once again Beat Alcoholism Find the cure

    While Robert Neville was alive he did not find another living human. He lost his family …

  5. @shayfinnz

    The Stand in GIFs


    Okay. So I lied. This isn’t the entirety of The Stand. This is the entirety of the first two parts of The Stand miniseries. You see, Stephen King went out and wrote such an incredibly long and complex novel that they couldn’t just make a simple 2-hour movie about it. …

  6. @tostromcpsc106

    Round Two Of Frequency 2156!


    The last assignment I completed this week was recording another radio dispatch on Frequency 2156, this time posing as a character from Wool by Hugh Howey! To complete this assinment I recorded the dispatch on Audacity, played with pitch, and then uploaded it to the website Frequency 2156.

    I …

  7. @esanbornumw

    Animated Gif Cover?????


    For this 5 star assignment, I decided to go about a similar route to my original book cover. I chose to keep the Snowman as the cover (as well as main character), because honestly I’m still imagining a Jack Frost in this crazy book. But I imagine them on the …

  8. @shayfinnz

    May, Oklahoma Postcard


    For three more stars I made a postcard from May, Oklahoma! This location in the book and miniseries of The Stand stood out to me because of the mannequins. I thought they were so creepy and weird and I feel like they heightened the apocalyptic feeling of it all. …

  9. @shayfinnz

    Mother Abagail’s To-do List


    For two of my stars, I decided to make a to-do list for Abagail Freeman! I just used the post-it note app on my computer that I use to make lists and put down some of the things I thought she might need to do. This was really easy and …

  10. @laasarge

    Two Infections?!


    I have a strange occurrence to report that ties into some of my thoughts for one big theory–stay with me here! First off, I’ve been seeing weird remnants of food left in the fourth floor of the UC… it looks pretty gross. I documented it in these gruesome pictures so …

  11. @tostromcpsc106

    Call Me/Beep Me…Wool Edition


    I decided to give the Call Me/Beep me assignment another go…this time posing as a character from the novel Wool by Hugh Howey. The character I am pretending to be is Holston. Holston is leaving his wife, Allison, a voicemail. Now there aren’t cell phones in the novel but I …

  12. @dslupekds106

    What’s the Meme?


    In an attempt to make a meme, I was inspired by one of the main characters from The Stand, Tom Cullen. Who was vital to the story line and is always a sigh of emotional relief whenever he is involved, because he just seems to have luck on his side!…

  13. @rachelmossds106

    Week 12 Reflection


    This week I completed two five star assignments and one two star assignments. They were easy because I knew the topic so well, since it was based on the novels we read. I loved the book I read, and hear that it is going to get turned into a tv …

  14. @dslupekds106

    Randall Flagg’s Twitter


    Phake Tweets

    Below are a series of tweets that intelligence agencies gathered from online searches that suggest that Randall Flagg was, in fact, the perpetrator of the recent bombings!

    He was camouflaged into the Twitter scene with the surprisingly accurate Lego figure of himself, but rest assured, Randall Flagg has …

  15. @rachelmossds106

    Harness Relationships


    The last assignment I decided to do was the Harnessing Relationships. I choose to do a map of The Twelve and where their potential hives would be located. It includes the crime committed which landed them on death row and which potential hive belongs to each inmate. I know it …

  16. @dslupekds106

    POP QUIZ: Books Away and Pencils Out


    POP QUIZ on The Stand by Stephen King

    What was the overarching theme of the novel? Post-apocalypse Odyssey Fantasy

    2. What was the exact name of the Superflu that spread so ravenously

    Project Flu Purple Flurp Project Blue Fluvega


    3. What is the word that Tom spells out throughout …

  17. @schooltaylorr



    Can you tell I’m running out of creative names for blog posts?

    The week is ending so you know what that means! Time for a weekly recap.

    This week was honestly really amazing. I felt like the workload was just right. I absolutely LOVED that I got to go back …

  18. @schooltaylorr

    The Best Assignment I’ve Ever Done


    As I’ve mentioned, I read H. G Wells’ The War of the Worlds for my book. I decided to do the Animated Gif Book cover after loving doing the basic new book cover during our design unit. Here is the original, and the blog post:

    So, I knew going into …

  19. @schooltaylorr

    The War of the Worlds: GIF Edition


    This is War of the Worlds: GIF edition, based on the 2005 movie adaptation.

    Ray works as a crane operator.

    He is divorced from his wife and she drops the kids off at his house.

    Weird weather occurrences happen in the neighborhood and the electricity goes out.

    The aliens attack …

  20. @Mburke4UMW

    Reflection Time


    This week the work was a lot of fun to do if you got into it. Everything can be done your own way if you want which is why I love this class. I took off work a little bit this week to try and focus more on school and …

  21. @Mburke4UMW



    The thing to the right of me is my backpack on a pillow. To use these in the end I would obviously use the backpack to carry all of the things I need like food, water, rocks, twigs, things that were not easily accessible. I would use my pillow as …

  22. @una__vita

    Drive By…


    The second assignment that I chose to do was the Sound Effects one in the Audio tab. For this assignment I had to make an audio clip full of different sound effects to tell a story. The title is called “Drive By” and features the sounds of a car starting, …

  23. @Mburke4UMW

    EVIDENCE.. Is Martha really Martha?


    Ok everyone, this may seem far fetched but every peice of evidence I can collect about this hat that has gone missing, I have tried to collect. I think everyone can agree Martha has been acting a little strange since her hat went missing & then she all the sudden …

  24. @AlyssaMurrell1

    My Twelfth Week Nearing the End


    We are getting SO close to the END!!!! This past week was fun completing all of the assignments surrounding our novels that we read. I hope that the assignments I did helps all of you kind of understand the longest book I have EVER read in my life, The Passage. …

  25. @AlyssaMurrell1

    Evidence, Evidence, Evidence!


    So as I was thinking about evidence and what I could write about with some  evidence that I believe is important…I came across this. A couple of weeks ago in a weekly video Professor Burtis was sick and coming down with something…this led her to canceling a showing by notifying …

  26. @Mburke4UMW

    AD to get more fish (3 STARS)


    For my last part of the 12 star assignment i created an ad that snowman had put out to the Crakers to get him fish and bring them to him. In this ad I put a picture of him in his sheet and simple instructions to bring him fish.

  27. @una__vita

    Phone HOME!


    For the first assignment I chose to do the Phone Call between two characters in my book. The two characters that I used are Henry and the artificial intelligent robot, Stacy. In this audio clip, Stacy is making a distress call to Henry’s home in order to get him to …

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