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  1. @ShaBoy_Daniel

    The Daily Daniel


    Hello everyone! Welcome to one of my first blog posts, I am Daniel Mercado! Today I will be talking about what I have been working on this first week of classes!

    First I made my Twitter account for this class so it can be mainly focused on the DS106 class …

  2. @8tred

    Taken reply phone call


    In this blog I take the iconic taken phone call and add another side to the call, I think this was a good idea as everyone has thought about what the other person on the phone was thinking To understand more about the content of the conversation I watched more …

  3. @laasarge

    Week 1 Reflection


    This week was a bit of a blur. I’ll be honest, when I first took a look at our initial assignments, I was a little overwhelmed. Twitter, Instagram, YouTube; I could handle all of those. Those were platforms that I used every day. But immediately being thrust into publicizing ourselves …

  4. @JillianAviva

    Apocalypse Bootcamp


    I am a grandma when it comes to technology. However, this week in bootcamp through me into the rings of the online world. I decided to make completely new social media for this course because the only account I really use is Instagram. Setting up the accounts was a …

  5. @8tred

    Gucci Gang (Musicless Music video)


    in this blog post the task was to create a musicless music video with just sound effects I made myself or found online, before I start to talk about the video I made I just want to add that all the sounds used I found online on web sites where …

  6. @BenjoBangs

    Unit 9: Video Reacting to Spaghet Based Humour


    SOMEBODY TOUCHA MY SPAGHET. It’s the freshest and newest meme of 2018, sweeping the internet like an absolute storm. I’ve decided to record a little video of me reacting to this meme, since I’ve placed it as my meme of the month January 2018.

    Admittedly, I didn’t get very far …

  7. @cypherpunk106

    The Flickerings of Cypherpunk106


    Hello everyone, it’s me cypherpunk106. This week has been exciting and been a lot of creating. I started the week by joining the Slack channel and introducing myself. I decided to be different and create a gif of myself and share that on Slack.

    This gif was used later in …

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