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  1. @Darth_Pipe

    How Tea’s Made


    Via the Assignment Bank, this video shows how to make a cup of tea in today’s kitchen (4 stars).

    How’d we do it?

    After some planning, my personal barista and I went into the kitchen and began filming. Uploading and downloading 8 clips took considerably longer than the previous

  2. @Hollis Pultz

    Nearing the End

    Not Quite What I Expected

    Actually working with video this week did not turn out like I expected it to. I have realized that I am a far better photographer than videographer. While I did get a trial download of Final Cut Pro and watched some basic tutorials, I still …

  3. shargis






    Copyright © 2018 ???????? All Rights Reserved.…

  4. @Hollis Pultz


    What Goes Through Their Heads

    For my last assignment this week, I did the What Do Pets Think About assignment for three-and-a-half stars. Since I have a habit of narrating Dina’s thoughts already, this assignment was straight-forward. I also needed to relate my video back to my answer for the …

  5. @Hollis Pultz

    If Only It Were That Easy

    Share the Knowledge

    For my second assignment this week, I completed the Vintage Educational Video for five stars. I have seen many workplace instructional videos, which are very similar to the old educational videos, so the styling for this video was familiar.

    Why this Knowledge is Important

    It took me …

  6. @kasc96

    Resume Play


    This week I did four video assignments. First, I did a reaction video responding to the nursery rhyme that I had chosen earlier this week. Next, I created a video montage of my dog. Then, I filmed my day and created a minute long video. Lastly, I reviewed a …

  7. natalie

    Sunday – XOXO


    ”Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your heart or burn down your house, you can never tell.” – Joan Crawford


  8. @Michael Dietrich

    My First Video


    The video that is embedded in this blog post is a bit different from the other videos i have shared with all of you so far, in that I did not create this video for the sole purpose of fulfilling an assignment for this class. In fact, this video was …

  9. @Michael Dietrich

    Analysis of Baby Driver


    For this assignment I decided to analyze a scene from the 2017 film “Baby Driver”, which, as I state at the beginning of the video,  was my favorite film of last year. Full warning, the video I created and posted below is far from my nest work. As I have …

  10. @DanielZeineddi3



    Hello Everyone!

    My last submission for the week was a Q&A where my friends sent me questions that I would have to answer. I asked Coworkers, my friends, and family to give me some questions that they would like me to answer. Here is the assignment link.

    Here are the …

  11. @Kim

    Appreciate those Pups


    I really do love dogs, they are always so happy and sweet and most of them are gentle as well, not to mention all the love that they hold for just you and your family. Because of that, my next video assignment is all about dogs.


    My next assignment, …

  12. @DanielZeineddi3

    I React!


    Hello everyone!

    For my next video assignment, I decided to react to a video that was chosen by my little sister.  This was a cool idea because there is a ten-year difference. What I did not know was that she went ahead and chose a video that related exactly to …

  13. @DanielZeineddi3

    When is not about me? I mean, honestly….


    Hey everyone!

    My next assignment for this week was the assignment in the video assignment bank.  Today it’s all about Me is a 2 and 1/2 star assignment,  Here is the assignment on the video assignment bank. Where all you do is brag about yourself.

    So, I went about recording …

  14. @DanielZeineddi3

    Video Replay Instantly!


    Hello Everyone!

    This week, I started applying the skills I had learned in the Robert Ebert article and the other short videos at the beginning of the week into my videos. The first video I tried to apply this to was the Instant Replay assignment in the video assignment bank. …

  15. @Kim

    Do YOU Know the Muffin Man??


    The first of my video assignments this week is my assignment that relates to the nursery rhyme from the question of the week. I chose the song  “do you know the muffin man” I thought that would be a good one to be able to change the mood of.


  16. @Hollis Pultz

    The Dark Villain

    Following by Example

    For my first assignment this week, I chose the Ebert’s Analysis assignment for four stars. Finding a movie clip to analyze was the easiest part of the assignment.  I have spent many evenings at the local Sheetz and have half-watched many movies on the soundless television there …

  17. @

    Game of Ebert


    Earlier in the week I reflected on an essay by Roger Ebert. My next assignment plays off of what was discussed in the paper. We had to choose a picture of clip from a film and analyze the scene and the placement of the characters. This assingment was worth four …

  18. @kasc96

    Reviewing a Product


    For my last assignment for video week, I chose to do a product review. I will admit that I had no idea what I was going to do. I looked around my house and found my glasses cleaner and immediately had some funny uses for it. I recorded my …

  19. @JordanC61692137

    Signing Words


    This assignment was to research some American Sign Language and teach yourself several words. I have been taking ASL for several years in high school and college. In this video I signed “Hello my name is Jordan. I will be finger-spelling words with 6 or more letters. I have 5 …

  20. @JordanC61692137

    How to Create a Mask


    This video was inspired by my remake of Humpty Dumpty. This video is of the creation of a masquerade mask for Humpty Dumpty’s ball. This video was filmed in sections and then covered with a voice over. This film was made in the iMovie app. Out of all the video …

  21. @JordanC61692137

    Take Us Through Your Day


    Vlogging my day was something super fun but also very time consuming. I felt that if I missed on second of my day the video would be lacking something. With all of the footage taken throughout the day, I had enough video to truly last a life time. Using the …

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