1. tmhensley

    3 Hindrances to Personal Development


    Individual Personal Development is something that every person should take very seriously. And I’m happy to say that the interest in Personal Development is on the rise. The world in which we live can be, and often is, quite tumultuous and to stand solid with some degree of confidence requires …

  2. teresa

    What in the World Do You Know About Amazing Butterflies?

    What do you know about amazing butterflies?  I bet you know more than you think.  Take this short quiz and you may surprise yourself about how much you know about these beautiful insects.

    “Isn’t it suppose to be good luck if a butterfly lands on your shoulder?? I think so!! …

  3. bhavis

    The real deal about dreaming?

    Today, I did post on Instagram my picture with a quote saying, “I am grateful for each breath in and out”.

    One of my Insta friend said “Life in every breath”. As we started conversing he also shared one of his readings, which goes like this …

  4. bhavis


    It’s such a simple word and equally difficult to triumph. Why do I say so? Well, because I wonder Is it something that I need to chase? Is it something with in me to feel? Is it something that I need to pursuit? Is it something that I need to
  5. blackops



    Grapevines overlooking open pastureland.

    We have found a beautiful farm just off of Route 60 through Powhatan. At over 100 acres, the new farm offers a mix of pasture, woodland, cleared timber, creeks, and a large pond. Our first through third year students will have an …

  6. ayu7kaji

    On Moving & Moving On


    It’s not really a thing I can boast of, but…I pack really well. I am a great PACKER.

    It might be because of all the times I moved, the countless hours I have spent just fitting things where they weren’t or maybe the countless scrapes,nicks and curses followed by a …

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