1. @incbesh

    Join us in a Digital Climate Strike


    With fires raging in the Amazon, hurricanes ripping across the Atlantic, and typhoons flooding Japan, our planet and our climate are sending us a message: We can no longer continue with business as usual.

    The week starting September 20th, 350.org is organizing a Global Climate Strike, in association with …

  2. @incbesh

    WordPress.com’s Parent Company Announces Happy Tools, a New Suite of Products for the Future of Work


    Distributed teams, different geographies, and complex dynamics are redefining the modern workday. Soon, “job perks” like flexible hours and work-from-anywhere will become table-stakes benefits that every company needs to offer to stay competitive.

    WordPress.com’s parent company Automattic has long been ahead of this curve, growing a global software company of …

  3. @incbesh

    Free Domain Privacy Protection


    Keeping your data safe is as important to us as it is to you. Privacy protection for domains that are registered at WordPress.com is now free, so you don’t have to choose between your site and your security.

    What is domain privacy protection?

    When you register a new domain, you …

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