1. @eafinto

    But Do We Have A Story For You!


    The End of the End is upon us! Crazy right?

    For my final project, I have decided to work with my friend, Taylor Malone (one of the girls from my radio show), on a final story! I can’t wait to start the process of writing our story! We already have …

  2. @dannpannn

    Week 12


    When i learned in week 11 that daily creates were only supposed to be 5-10min to complete my mind was blown. they usually take me like 20 lol


    not a problem in week 12 since we dont have any!

    This week for the assignments I chose:

    3 stars: Destination …

  3. @dannpannn

    Share Your Evidence


    So i was walking in the HCC and something caught my eye.

    My favorite animated series was in book form

    Attack on Titan

    an epic series based on humanity living at the mercy of giant cannibals called Titans. an epic series of a young boy who somehow has the ability …

  4. @Sam_ara106

    The “Real” Ending of “California”


    I decided to complete the alternative ending assignment for my novel, California, because I finished the book with a need for more. I am going to tell the original ending since most of the class did not choose this book, so there will obviously be spoilers!

    The Original:

    They didn’t …

  5. @dannpannn

    WEEK 11


    Video Week!

    I think the end product of Eric and I’s video was a super good concept.

    right when I was going to do my final rendering I found some technical difficulties so because my external hard-drive that I keep EVERYTHING ON decided to kick the bucket

    however, I went …

  6. @dannpannn

    Video Group Planning Reflection #1


    I am working with Eric Shaw to bring you guys a informative yet incredibly cinematic vlog production.

    We title it “Content Creator Central”

    In this specific edition we will be overviewing the creative process behind planning/ shooting/ and editing a video.

    This video fits perfectly with both of our character …

  7. @dannpannn

    Reading Movies Blog Post


    I watched:

    The Shining/ Zooms

    Example of a Match Cut

    Camera Angles and Techniques

    Tarantino/ from Below

    for my film choice I watched 10 Cloverfield Lane, Dan Trachtenberg, 2016

    I found a clip from the movie on youtube that I analyzed:


  8. @dannpannn

    Revision Reflection


    I have chosen to revise…



    the first time i did this assignment i wanted to stab my eyes out because

    #1 i had to use some weird app to download a mp4 file from youtube

    #2 my gif wouldnt play and i didnt knw why at …

  9. @dannpannn

    Radio Show Reflection


    I felt like a celebrity answering the radio show questions on behalf of my group lol.

    Seriously though, I was really happy with the way it turned out. I knew as soon as we finished recording the audio on my camera that it was going to be awesome. I think …

  10. @shayfinnz

    Week 9 Victories and Reflections


    What a week! It was definitely very exciting for me, I have officially accepted the position as a graduate assistant in Elon University’s Gender and LGBTAI+ office and will be getting my Masters of Arts in Higher Education there starting in August! I am so excited and also so so …

  11. @KatieHartraft

    World War Z Alternate Ending

    Chesapeake, Virginia

    [Charlee Faraday walks with me through the city she is currently living in and trying to raise back up (from the dead, so to speak). Her role is small but important, a local radio newscaster, talk show host, and DJ.]

    I don’t know why you’re deciding to interview …

  12. @dannpannn

    WEEKS 7&8



    Tune in on Tuesday March 20th at 10 to listen and ask any questions you might be have!

    I was really impressed by how quickly my group finished it

    It also only took my about an hour to compile and edit the entire …

  13. @dannpannn

    Radio Show: Week 1


    Pre-spring break

    morale is low

    and so is productivity lol

    The only thing we managed to do thus far is come up with a name for our Radio Show. It will be called “The Eagle Report”

    the role are divided based on our strengths and weaknesses. Haley is good at …

  14. mfieldswriter

    Dreams of Running Released


    My newest novel, Dreams of Running, is now available in paperback and e-book. I’m glad to see it finally on the shelves. It was a long time coming.

    It’s a good thing I completed all the editing and final bits before I discovered Masterpieces’s, Poldark, otherwise I might never have …

  15. @dannpannn

    Design Reflection


    Canva and TED Talks…

    I actually use canva all the time!

    I am the marketing chair for UMW Relay for Life and it is how I make all of our social media graphics and flyers.

    The seven topics that I chose to learn more about were:

    Color relationships: I …

  16. @dannpannn

    Reading and Resource Reflection


    Before coming to class my experiences with audio are basic. Like everyone else I listen to music. I have the basic audio apps like spotify and soundcloud.

    Most of the time I just used it to supplement videos. I know the basics that there are different channels to audio and …

  17. @jetjenk43

    My Interpretation: of the 8 principles of design.


    So I figured I could find things around my home, around my neighborhood, my immediate area, but to my luck I couldn’t really find anything to fit the eight concepts.  In my area there are a lot of construction signs but I figured this would be bleh so I chose …

  18. @shayfinnz

    Character Choice and Introduction


    This week I would like to introduce everyone to Erin! She is 45 years old but doesn’t feel a day over 30. She has two girls whom she loves to the end of the earth.

    Their names are Sarah and Kim and they are 13 and 8, respectively. Erin’s workspace …

  19. @umwequestrianista

    Week 5 Reflection


    How are you feeling? Be specific.

    I am just getting over being very sick last week and just like Professor Burtis said… I think I feel better now than I did before I was sick! I feel like I have more energy and appreciate being able to breathe through my …

  20. @umwequestrianista

    Character Choice and Intro


    My name is Sarah Thatcher and I grew up in small town in Southhampton County, Virginia.  My parents owned a cattle farm with many other animals like horses and chickens and pigs, there I learned the importance of a strong work ethic and protecting the family.  My father was the …

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