1. mfieldswriter

    Coping and Hope


    I wrote something yesterday. Only 750 words or so, but it wasn’t an email message or a note to my sleeping teenage son saying I’d taken the dog for a walk so if he woke, get his own breakfast. It took me about twenty minutes to write the first sentence, …

  2. mfieldswriter

    Pre-Order…it’s finally here!


    I know you all have been faunching at the bit, on pins and needles, waiting with baited breath and all that, for the release of The Weaver’s Light. Well trusty fans (all six of you), your desires are ready to be fulfilled–The Weaver’s Light is now available, in paperback or …

  3. @libcal3

    Writing Week


    This week was the writing week where we got to create our characters that we will be using throughout the semester.


    Daily Creates

    I was a little slow on the Daily Creates this week and went down to the wire completing the last one today. But they are always …

  4. mfieldswriter

    Tropical life


      We wake at the butt-crack of dawn each day, as the manic rooster down the road believes that “morning” begins at 3:45 a.m. I will turn him into fricassee before the month is over. But, one advantage of rising with the dawn is that you see and hear things …

  5. mfieldswriter

    Pokemon STOP


    Pligxok waved his key-fob. His craft beeped and then disappeared behind its cloaking device. He loved that feature—it had been worth the extra fifty thousand kritoks, regardless of what his wife said. He adjusted his facial-mirroring device, pulled on his brown gloves, and then tugged on his tunic until it …

  6. mfieldswriter

    Things are going south


    My family has made a wild and wonderful decision for our immediate future: we are going to move to Costa Rica for at least a year. “What?” some of you gasp. “Why on earth would they do that?” Well people, it’s because when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. …

  7. mfieldswriter

    Amazon Giveaway


    I’m running an Amazon Giveaway for Matchmaker of Magics for the next 21 days. Here’s your chance to win a fabulous (if I do say so myself) young-adult, speculative fiction novel filled with adventure, unrequited and requited love, angst, dangerous creatures and people, and oh yes, magic!                 […]…

  8. mfieldswriter

    The Basilisk in Barnes and Noble


    A short story of fun… “Song for the Basilisk,” Ted read, peering at the paperback in his hand. He glanced up at Amita. “What do you think this is about? Aren’t basilisks snakes? They don’t sing.” “It says ‘Song for the Basilisk, not ‘by the Basilisk’,” Amita said, raising her …

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