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  1. @CeliaSdigitally

    Non-Human Perspective Story With a Twist…

    This is one of my remix assignments. I chose to do another writing assignment because I enjoy being creative with my words and coming up with new ideas. The remix calculator told me to turn my non-human story into something about a boot camp, so that is where Sergeant Sally comes from. I really enjoyed … Continue reading Non-Human Perspective Story With a Twist…
  2. @nalujoprojects

    Zombie Apocalypse Terms of Service

    Last updated before the end AGREEMENT TO TERMS These Terms of Service constitute a legally binding agreement made between you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity (“you”) and the hospital staff trying to maintain order (“we,” “us” or “our”), concerning your participation in the zombie apocalypse as well as any other activity or …
  3. @aislingberri

    To My Mom

    Mami, te quiero mucho. Pero la cosa es, aunque yo te amo demasiado, quisiera que fueras mejor madre. Eres mejor ahora, pero porque no fuiste mejor antes? Porque me hisiste tanto daño cuando era pequeña? Me has dañado permanentemente, y ahora soy una persona que no puede gritar sin llorar. No puedo discutir sin lágrimas. No puedo decirle “no” […]
  4. @MeMcMe3

    5 Albums that Shaped Your Taste (2 Stars)?

    I have pretty unique musical tastes for somebody my age, (22). Some of my musical taste comes from my mother, who interacted with a lot of these musicians in her early career. Not from my father, whose taste in music makes my ears bleed.  5. Tom Petty- Full Moon Fever (1989) I’ve always liked Tom …
  5. @MeMcMe3

    What’s in a name  (2 Stars)?

    My first name is Ronald, and I absolutely hate it. I’m the third, and my parents chose it because they couldn’t agree to anything else. Which I’m also thankful for, because my mother had some pretty shit ideas. They expected that the whole “Ronald McDonald” thing would be over, but that was not entirely correct. …

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