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  1. @wade_764

    Hmmm, I think simplicity helps the final results.

    For this redo assignment, I tried to make another book cover. This is my original post, and I think it turned out fantastic. This is another cover that I have created, but I think it just has too much going on. The book in question is an amazing one and will have a movie coming in the future. Andy Weir has three published books, and his newest is Project Hail Mary. He writes sci-fi stories that revolve around plausible scenarios using real physics. I think that is what piques my interest in his writing style. I like the idea of…
  2. @Tillysisland

    A New Approach

    This week, I wanted to reimagine two pieces of work that were very different from one another: a graphic design for a nonprofit organization and a story made from every letter of the alphabet. Going into these originally, I had no comparisons that I could make, but revisiting them allows
  3. @wade_764

    Boshi’s Island

    Hey everyone, I decided to work on another chrome lab song this week because I enjoyed this assignment! For this one, I decided to stick with the default instrument, the Marimba. The Marimba is a fun instrument with a wide range of notes laid out in the style of a piano. The notes sound different based on wood or synthetic material, but they often take on a fun and distinct tone. They are also an enjoyable instrument to play with others! As I was making this song, it reminded me of a particular character and the games that they…
  4. @josephineds106


    For the first project I revisited the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing assignment I decided to make another logo and I picked the Dell logo. I used photoshop to remove the word “DELL” from the circle and used the Futura ExtraBold font to write MAC and rotate the A similar to how the E is rotated… Continue reading Remix
  5. @jwcpsc

    Revisit Work 2: Tattoos That Describe You

    I am definitely a big tattoo fan and I have multiple ideas for tattoos that I’m going to get so I decided to remake this assignment using another tattoo idea and try to find a way to get different designs other than using instagram filters. This time my focus tattoo design is a sloth as …
  6. @jwcpsc

    Revisit Work 1: Contradiction Creation

    I redid this assignment because the motto of my life is still “I Hate People” but I recreated the picture using a background of a sunset that I took some years ago, back in 2916 to be exact, when I was in the car driving around with my mom. It’s a really beautiful sunset picture …
  7. @eendip


    So for the rework, I went back and updated 2 writing assignments that I previously did. One was writing about my life as a spy and the other was writing a letter to my past self. For the life of a spy post, I added another journal entry to make it so that it’s as...
  8. @PabloMccrimmon


    I decided to remix my previous audio assignment, “Nightmare Serenade,” which was itself a remix of “Moonlight Serenade” as recorded by Frank Sinatra. In its original form, I was attempting to take the beauty of the recording and create the creepiest, most unrecognizable version I could. In this remix, I wanted to take that and […]

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