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  1. @eendip

    Weekly Summary

    This week was definitely a light week and a nice change of pace after working on the radio show the previous two weeks. This week we were asked to tie together the daily create we did, do some revising/remixing of 2 previous assignments we’ve done, brainstorm on ideas of what kind of story we want...
  2. @eendip

    Looking Ahead

    I’ve spent a little bit of time thinking about what idea I’d have in mind for the final project. There’s one idea I have in mind that I think embodies ds106 as well as people in general. I think it would be cool to share the story of how there’s a different kind of creativity...
  3. @eendip


    So for the rework, I went back and updated 2 writing assignments that I previously did. One was writing about my life as a spy and the other was writing a letter to my past self. For the life of a spy post, I added another journal entry to make it so that it’s as...
  4. @eendip

    Daily Creates

    At one point in life, I wasn’t happy. I went to sleep one night and an elf came to visit me in my dreams. This elf wasn’t ordinary. He looked just like Bob Ross and instead of toting a paintbrush, he was holding the logo to the Tea on Social Media radio show. He told...
  5. @mto_morgan

    Week 9 Summary

    An interesting week this was. I was able to connect some of my daily creates and make a fun story out of it, I was able to revamp an old project, and more! Check out my daily creates story here. All of my posts for the week can be found here. Overall it was a light week to take a […]
  6. @mto_morgan

    The Wandering Pups

    I don’t know how, but these pups have wandered far from home. They have actually left Earth! I haven’t the slightest idea as to how they can breathe out there, but we learn something new every day. They seem pretty comfy! I would say it seems lonely out there, but these two pups appear to be enjoying the ride and […]
  7. @mto_morgan

    Revisiting My Old Work

    For this assignment I have decided to revisit my program I created to essentially work as an electronic diary. Find the original assignment here. As you can see, the original assignment was very barebones and not very easy to use. This time around, I have created a user interface for it. Check it out here: I feel pretty good about […]
  8. @mto_morgan

    Moving Forward

    So I have never been into video editing, but I think it would be fun to make a video of Lego characters moving and telling a story with the scene in the background. This could be done by building a set out of Legos and doing something similar to the actual Lego movies. I would hope to create something that […]
  9. @V20Kai

    Hectic is an Understatement

    How is everyone holding up? I’m a mess. Ever since we got the news that we would be continuing online classes until the end of the semester, my heart broke at the thought of all my “lasts” as a senior being taken away. Packing up and driving back home was pretty emotional, and because it’s […]
  10. @V20Kai

    Just Another Day…

    For the connected Daily Creates, I decided to use the two ones I made last week and one of this week. The reason for the ones I decided on is because I recently finished a post-apocalyptic / dystopian game called NieR:Automata, and as I’m listening to it’s amazing soundtrack, I wanted to write a short […]
  11. @V20Kai

    I’m Listening

    Monday, March 16 and Tuesday, March 17, I was able to listen in on different groups’ radio shows on DS106 radio (sadly, I was preoccupied on Wednesday and couldn’t tune in that night). There were a few comments I made on some of the shows, but one that I want to reflect on is When […]

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