1. Reverend

    Wire 106: S01E06 “The Wire”


    With this discussion of the eponymous episode of season 1, Paul and I wrap-up the pre-season for the Wire 106 class—a themed version of ds106 being taught at UMW, but up for anyone to play along. The class officially gets underway this coming Monday, the 25th. We’ll be continuing the …

  2. Reverend

    Institutional Noir


    A shot Paul Bond captured from episode 4 of The Wire, “Old Cases,” highlights the corporate institutional spaces much of the police work revolves around in this season. In his commentary for episode 1 of the season, David Simon refers to the office furniture as more akin to an insurance …

  3. Reverend

    The Wire Everywhere


    While walking around the new building I now work in at UMW—I realized I was seeing The Wire everywhere. Specifically, in the carpet.

    The carpet is a constant reminder, at least for me, of the iconic image that is associated with the series on its main Wikipedia page.

    So …

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