1. jhempe

    Remixing a DS106 Assignment!


    For this assignment, we had to take an original assignment and using one of the remix cards create a new assignment with it. The assignment that I had to do was take emojis and find actual pictures that look like them and create a story. Then remix it by …

  2. Ben Rimes

    Happy ThanksGIFing


    I’ve been known to GIF my day on special occasions. Alan Levine even created an honorary #ds106 assignment in my name for the practice. And in honor of the the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States, I thought I’d take a day to share what I’m grateful¬†…

  3. jthackoordeen



    I am a big believer of teamwork and with teamwork, comes great adventures! I created this poster in photoshop using a teamwork effort image, layering it over a sunset above the ocean and inserting the text: “TEAMWORK: Life’s Greatest Adventure.” Through out my life I have learned to be a team…

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