1. Chereese Sheen

    Peaceful Die-In at CUNY York College


    On December 15th, York College faculty, and students participated in a die-in for victims who have died from police brutality. Approximately 75 protesters shut down a third of Guy R. Brewer Blvd. For four and a half minutes protesters laid silently in the street, to represent the four and a …

  2. Blue Hair Bandit

    When Singers Collide Gif


    Can you guess who these two artist are? I bet you cannot. In class we chose two self portraits and combine the two together. I used two of my favorite singers. I combined Elle Varner and Jhene Aiko to create my animated gif portraits. The original face belongs to Jhene …

  3. jhempe

    Spongebob’s Worst Nightmare Becomes Reality!


    Recently at The Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs has been hinting at a promotion that is coming up that is between Spongebob and Squidward. Then one day after work, Mr. Krabs called Spongebob and Squidward into his office and told him that he will be making his decision on who gets …

  4. jlundberg

    Week 15 and Finals Submission, Finally.


    I’m sure that I’m not the only one that feels relieved that this class is finally over with. I will agree though that I have learned many interesting techniques, and will probably use all of them in the future. For my final project I decided to use Joe Pesci as …

  5. Reverend

    The Wire Come to Life


    For the final project in Wire 106 students were asked to chose a character from the HBO series The Wire and build an online presence for them across several social media sites. It’s been interesting experience these narratives because they hit me at the strangest times when I’m not looking …

  6. Chereese Sheen

    Untitled – August 2014


      Conversations became emojis Leaves give oxygen, trees suffocate it Knowledge is based on degrees Beauty is the numbers in your closet   Cost has catapulted to the Creator Cash is compressed to the craters “Light skin,” “Dark skin,” “Brown skin” Still considered the Wrong skin   Kindles and Nooks …

  7. Chereese Sheen



    The “Serial” podcast is a great example of terrific reporting. I wish I had discovered it sooner. Not only is the case intriguing, but the way Sarah Koenig goes about organizing all her information is incredible. I can tell this case took a really long time to unfold. I finished …

  8. Reverend

    Wire 106: Week 16 – Game Over


    Seemed like just yesterday we were preparing for the big adventure that was #wire106.

    But 50 episode of The Wire later, and 2336 posts of awesome, as of this moment, looks like the game is over.

    Given it is finals week, and ds106 has been a ton of work …

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