1. Chereese Sheen

    News Documentation: The 2014 Way


    The visual art exhibit, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot: Artists Respond,” is on display at Gallery FAB on the University of Missouri-St. Louis campus. The exhibition is presented by the Alliance of Black Art Galleries, and will end on November 7, 2014. Although these photographs, and art pieces, may not meet …

  2. mfieldswriter

    Painting with Light


    Today’s Daily Create: Painting with light. I found a free app, LuxDraw, to create this…piece…which I’m calling “Intra-verse” (Could that be a fallopian tube? Heck if I know.) Fun to be able to paint without getting out a single brush or palate. Besides, I really needed to use my creative …

  3. Chereese Sheen

    Not Digitally Inclined in Digital Storytelling


    CT 101 is not at all what I expected. When I read “Digital Storytelling,” the untold story inside of me, leaped from my dreams, and had hopes of being published. But, to my surprise, Digital Storytelling is not my type of storytelling. Even though, I did not like the hassle …

  4. Reverend

    Wire 106: Week 9 – Inspired


    This week will be dedicated to going back and looking through the work that’s been done in wire106 that has inspired you thus far. And if you have been operating in your own private Idaho, well then consider this the opportunity to break out of your own world and get …

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