1. jlundberg

    YouTube Genres: How-To Videos


    I love YouTube. I used to click around watching all the funny stuff and I still do on occasion. There are a ton of different genres on YouTube as well, everything from parody and life hacks, animation and mash-ups and so on. These genres have their own merit, and I …

  2. mfieldswriter

    Organizing Chaos


    Ah, Chaos, you mighty force of the universe against which humans have struggled for thousands of years–can you be organized? Whether its turning a wild, untamed wilderness into neat log-houses and gardens, or trying to pin down the nature of the wily quantum particle, we humans seem to think we …

  3. jlundberg

    Exploring a Great Movie Scene “Good Will Hunting”



    As I learned about some of the different techniques of filming in the provided links this week, I became aware of many aspects of a movie scene that I never really noticed before. The panning of the camera, the 180 degree rule, lighting, cutting, and zoom are all present …

  4. jlundberg

    Identifying the Genre of “Good Will Hunting”


    According to AMCfilmsite.com, Dramas are serious, plot-driven presentations, portraying realistic characters, settings, life situations, and stories involving intense character development and interaction. Usually, they are not focused on special-effects, comedy, or action, Dramatic films are probably the largest film genre, with many subsets. 

    This definition completely describes the film “Good …

  5. Reverend

    Wire 106: Week 10 – “Let’s Go to the Videotape”


    Actually, it’s not really tape, it’s all digital these days.

    So now it’s time to start putting all the different digital media we’ve been exploring this semester—photography, design, and audio—into motion. Video is a magical medium in that it combines so many powerful elements into one, but that’s also why …

  6. janellanderson

    Digital Storytelling #1


        As you can see this is my first ever GIF. It is of a Warlock class from the new game Destiny. I haven’t felt such a joy for a new game since Mass effect came out a few years ago. Making this GIF was a little simple then …

  7. jlundberg

    The 2014 Daily Create Signature Edition




    Signatures are a funny thing. No matter what we normal, un-famous people are signing, we somehow act like we are signing the Declaration of Independence. I remember when I was a teenager in the 1980’s I wanted my signature to look professional, and “classy” if you will. So …

  8. jhempe

    My Interesting Character- 4 Stars


    In this assignment, we had to create a page for any character that we chose. For me it was tricky at first because I never have been on Pinterest before. However, after playing around with the website it was easy to understand how to create a page. The challenging part …

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