1. lisadise

    Mona Lisa holding my cat


    So today’s Daily Create asks us to embed a famous painting in an everyday setting.  I chose to take a different route for this, and instead of embedding a famous painting of a person into a modern setting, I embedded something in my everyday setting into the famous painting.

    I …

  2. lisadise

    Is Cosplay really a remix? L&K Chapter 4 response


    In chapter 4 of Lankshear and Knobel’s New Literacies text, the authors speak to the concept of digital remixes.  We are now shifting from exploring single literacies, to mixing (or remixing) multiple literacies to create digital stories.  This chapter explores different kinds of remixing and goes into detail regarding certain …

  3. lisadise

    Humans Need Not Apply – A digital story critique


    This week I’m critiquing a digital video short story called “Humans need not apply”, uploaded to YouTube by a user named CGP Grey.  This video does not relate to my focal theme at all.  I chose this video because it relates more to the major theme in Lankshear and Knobel’s …

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