1. jbrooks5

    Dream Within a Dream


    Inception is a fun thriller movie involving dreams.  And dreams within dream.  And dreams within dreams within dream.  You get the point

    For the Minimalist movie poster assignment, it took me a while to think of a movie that could be summed up minimally.  Eventually I decided on Inception because …

  2. jbrooks5



    So I found a few things I think showcase basic elements of design.

    First off, this Nationals poster I have demonstrates proportion.  The purpose of the poster is to highlight the best moments of the 9 seasons of the Nationals’ history.  It’s difficult to read the words, but the purpose …

  3. jbrooks5

    Where’d the Donuts Go?


    “So I bought a big case of donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts to celebrate me getting my fishing license.  There was seriously around 30 donuts in this thing.  So imagine my surprise when I wake up in the morning to discover they’re all gone.  My first instinct?  Ghosts!  My logical instinct?  …

  4. jbrooks5

    The Complexity of Design


    Reading just the first few paragraphs of Massimo Vignelli’s “The Vignelli Canon” makes it clear just how much thought and effort goes into those small symbols and signs we tend to think nothing of.  It’s incredible how many intricacies there are in the world of design.

    The first part on …

  5. jasperbaun

    Unit Three: What is Digital Storytelling to You


    What is storytelling to me? In some ways that’s quite easy to answer. It’s the ability to take someone on a journey as seen through my eyes (or my mind).

    Such a succinct definition is wide reaching and perhaps not specific enough, then again, maybe that’s exactly as it should …

  6. jbrooks5

    Album Cover


    For this assignment, we were given a random Wikipedia article, a page of random quotes, and a random flickr image.  We needed to combine these things into an album cover.  Here’s my result.  The article name, which is supposed to be the band name, is in the lower left corner.  …

  7. jbrooks5



    So for this assignment, we had to make as many augmented versions of something in our house.  I chose this (totally copyright free) jar of Planters peanuts:

    Now I can imagine somebody might really kind of despise peanuts.  Just starts screaming at the sight of them.

    I could also imagine …

  8. Sandy Brown Jensen

    Moving Mickey


    Moving Mickey

    Our 89-year-old Mickey/Mom swore when she moved into this independent living apartment eight years ago that we would only take her out “feet first.” Over the last few years of a hip replacement and then open heart surgery, she felt so terrible that she was sure she …

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