1. Ben Rimes

    Ever Experience a Monday on a Wednesday?


    My “Monday on a Wednesday” mood captured and immortalized as a GIF.

    This animated GIF brought to you courtesy of phhhoto. It’s been an interesting new social space/app for creating and sharing animated GIFs. There’s a lot of really creative art there, and I hope the community that continues …

  2. Reverend

    Best Weekly Summary Post Ever!


    As part of the ds106 weekly process, students are expected to blog all their various assignments and then link to everything they have done and narrate their work what we call a “weekly summary post.” There is the expectation they narrate where they are in their thinking, creative process, problems …

  3. afanghel

    Daily Create: Potter and the Weasel.


    Given that his name is Grant Potter, I didn’t take long figuring out what to do to celebrate our awesome DS106 secret agent’s birthday! Hopefully my fellow Gryffindors will appreciate my punny-ness :).

    Potter is our King,

    Potter is our King,

    He didn’t let the virus in

    Potter is our

  4. Reverend

    Paul Bond’s Tales From the Animated Crypt


    There’s been so much awesome work coming out of ds106 the that’s it been a bit overwhelming. I want to write about EVERYTHING, but that often leads to me writing about none of it. Tonight I have decided to break that vicious cycle and start writing about as much of …

  5. afanghel

    Daily Create: Eternally Choosing JOY.


    I think people were judging me as they walked past me on the third floor of the library. I mean, hey; just another day in DS106, right?! T’was TOTALLY worth it for an awesomely executed stop motion-esque Daily Create, complete with a bit of typography and some Amy-made doodles.

    Also, …

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