1. Reverend

    Wire106: Weeks 13 and14 – Re-ups & Mix-mas


    Imran Ahmed Rules!

    Wire Episodes
    Season 4, episodes 5, 6 & 7 (week 13)
    Season 4, episodes 8, 9 & 10 (week 14)

    Video Discussions
    Week 13
    Season 4, Episode 5: Wednesday, 2:00 PM
    Season 4, Episode 6: Thursday, 7:45 PM
    Season 4, Episode 7: Friday, 10:30 AM

    Week 14 …

  2. janellanderson

    Digital Storytelling #2


    For my second digital storytelling I made a GIF once again. It was for one of the weekly reflections so I decided to also place the GIF here.   Tada this is my GIF! It looks simple yes but it still was a bit hard for a beginner like me …

  3. saratmcd

    Weekly Summary 11&12


    Oh my goodness, not only were these past two weeks stressful in DS106 world, but I had a super important, need-a-good-grade-on-this-to-pass, project/test/presentation/etc. in every single one my classes. Yes, that required bold & italics. I’m so happy these weeks are over, and I can finally take a second to breathe …

  4. jhempe

    Vine of My Sunday! – (3 Stars)


    When I saw this assignment, I knew I wanted to do this one. I was already very familiar with Vine and how it works, I had an account that I made last summer. So I used it and video taped, using my phone, what my Sunday morning to the …

  5. jhempe

    Having a conversation with Myself


    In this assignment,  we had to produce a video where we were talking to another form of us. We had too dress differently so it like two different people. This was the most frustrating assignment so far this semester. There was nothing easy about this the thought process and the …

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