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    Week 15: Final Project Part 2 (DS106 Finale)


    This week was the last week of classes, so it was safe to assume that my week was very busy. Whether it was for studying for final exams, writing 15 page papers, or preparing for professional business presentations; this week was one of my busiest and stressful weeks of this …

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    Digital Storytelling Course Advice


    Hello future DS106 student, here is what I have to say about taking this course this semester. This class is a lot more work than you are expecting. There are lots of time consuming assignments that will take you a little bit to complete. With the amount of assignments you …

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    The End of the Unexpected Gun (Final Project)


    After gathering evidence about the suspect of Crazy Joe Shooter, Buck had his gun ready as he entered the residence of Crazy Joe, expecting a full blown shootout. But it never came. Crazy Joe wasn’t there like Buck thought he would be, and the place looked like no one had …

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    Jimbo’s Perspective


    Sitting alone at a nearby pub was Jimbo. Having just had one of the most exhausting days of his life trying to help out Buck with apprehending Crazy Joe Shooter; he needed to have a drink to calm himself down. Then he heard loud shouts and hollering talking about Buck’s …

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    Week 14: Final Project Part 1


    This week, I started doing all the assignments involved with creating my final project of finishing the story about my created character of Buck Smith tracking down Crazy Joe Shooter after there was evidence that pointed to Crazy Joe being the person that shot Mr. Blackhawk. Over the next two …

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    Backup Phone Conversation


    Here is a phone conversation between Buck Smith and his good friend, Jimbo, about teaming up to go to Train Man Inc. to arrest Crazy Joe because it is thought that there will be much resistance if this company was evil enough to hire a man to shoot a innocent …

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