1. Reverend

    Piranha Attack at Lake Anna


    Image credit: lcrfs “PIRANHA IN AMAZON RIVER”

    I was talking with Martha Burtis in the office during the week, and she off-handedly mentioned a Pirahna attack in nearby Lake Anna. My imagination ran with the possibility, so today I did some research and found the orginal posting on the VA

  2. Reverend

    Calling Car 106


    Car 106 from the Bond film A View to a Kill

    For a long time I’ve wanted to get a shot of a police car numbered 106. There’s one in the Fredericksburg Police Department fleet that I see from time to time, but given I have no cellphone/smart phone, I …

  3. Sandy Brown Jensen

    Chetco River


    Over the intersession, Peter and I stayed at The Chetco River Inn, which is a wonderful place eighteen miles upriver of Brookings, Oregon. The swimming and underwater GoProing was great. We hiked up into the Kalmiopsis Wilderness one day, and spent another day down in the California Redwoods.

    While I …

  4. Sandy Brown Jensen

    Walking in the Air


    Last Feb. 2014, my Mom turned 88–and had open heart surgery for a leaky valve. Three months later, and she’s ready to rise above it all. She requested a hot air balloon ride for her birthday, so up, up and away with the whole family!

    If you have an eye …

  5. Sandy Brown Jensen

    64th Birthday!


    Me, lost in time somewhere in 2013…

    They say it’s my birthday…the dedicated digital storyteller must let no opportunity for digital storytelling to go by uncelebrated, even her own birthday. This video was originally targeted for the Vimeo Weekend Challenge, which was to make a video opening a window into …

  6. Reverend

    Network Randoms


    I’m just about finished with Katie Hafner and Matthew Lyon’s 1998 1996 history of the creation of the internet Where Wizards Stay Up Late. I’ve been enjoying it thoroughly, and while I was familiar with much of the general history presented, it’s the details and anecdotes that I find …

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