1. ryanseslow

    Cross CUNY Campus Collab ZINE Project


    Project Title – “Cross CUNY Campus/Course Collaborative ZINE”

    We will have a full lab session to work on and prepare our zine collaboration project this week and next during our class time. This project is a collaborative exploration with CUNY BMCC MMA100, Foundation of Graphic Design students.

    Design Project Specifications …

  2. Reverend

    Back in the Burg


    I’ve been back in the Burg for the last 10 days working from Reclaim’s HQ on a range of stuff. As a result the bava has been a bit quiet given the push to get as much done as possible in a relatively short time frame. I’ve been able to …

  3. @eafinto

    The World is Ending and Here’s How I’ve Prepared


    The apocalypse. Everyone’s heard of it. We’ve feared it’s arrival. And now… it’s here.

    When I was about fourteen-years-old, I was first introduced to what apocalyptic life might be like when I watched Shaun of the Dead (2004) with a few of my family friends. Of course this movie is …

  4. @shleighduque

    Week Fourteen: Distress Signal News!


    We had way too much fun with the final project.

    Alaina, Jordan and I immediately wrote our articles and filmed interviews after making an outline for the project. We created and customized a Tumblr page that provides background info and references our radio show. It was the perfect way to …

  5. @shleighduque

    DS106 Advice


    So… you wanna be a ds106er? Let me tell you what it takes.

    First and foremost, you will need to commit to what you signed up for. The workload may be intimidating, and there may be weeks that leave you feeling exhausted, but you just have to make the effort. …

  6. @shleighduque

    Week Thirteen: Progress Report


    Inspired by the “Save Yourself” prompt where our heroes lose their powers, Alaina, Jordan and I have teamed up to revisit the plot and characters in our radio show, Distress Signal. Only for this project, we’ll create a news series that investigates where our heroes– Ceto, Malevolent Melody and Little …

  7. @ashedwardz

    Kaleidoscope Saves the Day!


    Kaleidoscope wanted to spend the afternoon outside with her friends. Shortly after she left her house, rain clouds rolled in from the distance and it started to rain. All her friends were sad and were about to head home. But Kaleidoscope is not one to be defeated easily. She had …

  8. @ashedwardz

    Final Project Progress Report


    For my final project, I am creating a flip-book animation overlaid with sound effects, music, and dialogue narrating the story. ‘Kaleidoscope Saves the Day’ is a short story about the superhero I created earlier this semester. The scene opens up with Kaleidoscope getting rained on by a few storm clouds. …

  9. ryanseslow

    Discovering Your Classmates Websites


    During week #10 I asked each student to share their new website’s url in the comment section on this post

    37 out of 40 registered CT101 students participated. (You still can if you need to!) Now its time to explore and share our experiences visiting some of those websites.

    Part …

  10. @shleighduque

    America Runs on Ice


    I love coffee, but I really love iced coffee.  Every morning, regardless of the temperature, I grab an iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. That’s why my mind immediately went to Dunkin’ when I stumbled upon the Consumer Mashup assignment. This assignment required me to redesign a company’s logo by …

  11. @ashedwardz

    Week 12 Summary


    This week was filled with a lot of fun assignments. The Daily Creates were fairly quick and easy. I loved incorporating my favorite book into one of them, as well as my Bitmoji. I would not be surprised if a Bitmoji game were actually released soon.

    Daily Creates (29-30)

    I …

  12. @ashedwardz

    Remix #1


    Places I like to get wild with my friends:

    Wilderness Run Vineyards

    Karaoke night at Bourbon Room

    UMW Homecoming


  13. @ashedwardz

    Photo Mash


    In this assignment, we were required to incorporate two actors into an image. I chose to include several musicians as well. This picture features the two main characters from Back to the Future, Kanye West, Future the rapper, Phil of the Future and Tyler the Creator.…

  14. @shleighduque

    Week Eleven: Real Life Reflection


    I absolutely love video editing so this week has been fantastic. The only challenge has been with time management. I’m a bit of a perfectionist… if I have to create something, I want to at least feel proud of it, and so it takes time getting my videos to a …

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