1. Reverend

    My ds106 Valentine


    Been a while since I jumped on the Daily Create train, but I could not resist today’s OG throwback in honor of ds106 hall of famer Sarah Kountz:

    It is a testament to Sarah’s insanity that among all the things I could think about on Valentine’s Day, such as over-sized …

  2. @AceInquisitor

    The Seven Steps of Digital Storytelling


    Joe Lambert’s “The Seven Steps of Digital Storytelling” helps to describe a meaningful process that your story should go through, and also asks a lot of prompting questions that help develop stories as well. The first two steps asked to look at what kind of emotions and insights you were …

  3. Reverend

    Muhlenberg College: The ‘Berg Builds


    This post has sat in draft for almost three weeks while I finished traveling and decompressing from a month traveling. Like Cogdog, I have been a tired blogger these days, but unlike Alan I haven’t always been able to push through it. But maybe that’s not all bad, because …

  4. @AceInquisitor

    Response to A Road Travelled


    Many of our readings for our Digital Storytelling class focus on techniques, tools, technology, etc, but this week, our reading was a bit different. It told a story, by the workings of  Joe Lambert. This 3rd chapter in Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community relates how he ended up where …

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