1. chixie04

    Daily Creates-Unit Two!


    I have taken quite a lot of time on this unit, mostly because of work and all other things requiring my attention, probably what makes this course great I guess, being able to do things at my own pace. However, I didn’t want to feel totally left out so I …

  2. @CadillacezMedia

    Fourth Week: Visuals and Photography


    This week I kind of slacked off a little with assignments until the last day. Over the course the course of the week I did the assignments. It was just that I waited to post them all until the last day. But here is an overview of what I did …

  3. @CadillacezMedia

    Star Wars Recreation


    In this visual assignment, I had to recreate a famous scene from a movie with a picture. After choosing the famous scene where Darth Vader chokes someone using the force in Star Wars. I enlisted the help of my dad and mom for the picture. My dad is playing Darth …

  4. @CadillacezMedia

    Love & War


    Before the war, Ricky was a scrawny kid from Brooklyn just trying to fit in with the world. He didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life. Whether he wanted to work at the local bank or trying to work as a waiter at the jazz joint on …

  5. @CadillacezMedia

    The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (Cinematography)


    After watching “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”, I felt that it was a tremendous movie that used great cinematography techniques to inspire emotion into viewer. Whether it be that I haven’t seen that many black and white, or that I expected less during that time period in US History. …

  6. @CadillacezMedia

    Photography Reflections


    I used to love taking pictures with a camera, I would go everywhere with a camera and would take pictures of all sorts of things. I’d always fill up the little cameras with like 30 pictures each. I never really showed my enthusiasm for photography to others, but I described …

  7. @CadillacezMedia

    What’s In My Saddle Bag?


    What’s in my Saddle Bag for surviving in West as the Sheriff’s son? Here’s a list of things in my bag.

    The first thing I need in my saddle bag is my Water Canteen that has an image of a pistol on it. Water is important for staying hydrated and …

  8. @CadillacezMedia



    For this visual assignment, I had to take pictures of objects that dealt with each requirement in 20 minutes or less. It was fun, but also kind of tough because of my disability. But I got some nice pictures.

    The 1st picture I took was of the time I started,…

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